Nicky Hoffman is a kid who was injured in the sinkhole damage while walking with his father.



While walking down the street with his dad talking about why people don't have gills, Nicky was pulled into a sinkhole along with his father.

He was initially buried in the rubble, but when Alex saw the Silly Bandz wrapped around his dad's fingers, he began to search for a kid and saw Nicky's hand poking out. He was able to reveal enough of Nicky's torso to give him oxygen. He had compartment syndrome, so Alex performed fasciotomies on both of his arms to relieve the pressure and restore circulation. They were then able to get Nicky out and take him back to the hospital.

From there, he was taken into an OR. Arizona and Alex operated on his abdominal injuries. Derek was later called in to work on Nicky's spinal fracture. ("Free Falling")

After Nicky's surgery, He was stable and his neuro exams looked good. Despite him being in recovery, Arizona brought his father in to see him. ("She's Gone")



Nicky was involved in the sinkhole along with his father, Jerry Hoffman, who was very concerned about his condition.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He wears Silly Bandz.



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