Nico Kim is an orthopedic surgery fellow at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.



When Nisha came into the ER with a bike attached to her after being hit by a car, Nico worked with Link on her. Link used his past experience working at a bike shop to take the bike apart to free her. They then took her into surgery to put an external fixator on her broken leg. ("With a Wonder and a Wild Desire")

Link was later angry to learn that Jackson had taken Nisha into the hyperbaric chamber without notifying him. Link and Nico watched as Jackson worked on debriding her wound. When Nisha started coding, Link figured out that the source was her external fixator, to which the infection had spread. Unfortunately, it was too late and Nisha died in the hyperbaric chamber. ("Broken Together")

Arthur KrugEdit

Nico examined Arthur Krug in the ER and told him that he hadn't broken any of the bones in his face. ("Gut Feeling")

J.J WilliamsEdit

Nico worked on the case of J.J. Williams, who broke his arm trying to climb a fence. His arm was broken, which they confirmed with an x-ray. However, the x-ray also showed a mass, which a biopsy confirmed was cancerous. They told him and his mother and J.J. was worried about going bald, prompting Link to cut his own hair and let J.J. help him. ("Flowers Grow Out of My Grave")

Wind StormEdit

During the wind storm, Levi was sent to the clinic with Nico to clear it of patients. He and Nico argued over a patient as they worked, but Levi insisted he could handle it because he had experience. After taking a patient to peds, Nico came back to make sure Levi got back okay. After Levi said he'd wait it out in the clinic, Nico went to leave and got swept away as soon as he took one step outside. Levi crawled to him and then helped him get into a nearby ambulance. In the ambulance, Levi said he didn't know he was gay when he was young because he didn't have opportunity to explore the feelings he had. After his speech, Nico kissed him again. Then they had sex in the ambulance. ("Blowin' in the Wind")



He winked at Levi Schmitt while operating, confusing Levi. ("With a Wonder and a Wild Desire") Later, at Joe's bar, Nico bought him a beer after a rough day. Levi wanted to pay him back and grabbed his wallet, but Nico touched his hand to stop him and said Levi could buy the next one. Nico then left, with Levi staring after him. ("Broken Together") Nico later came into the residents' locker room to shower despite having access to the fellows' lounge and Levi was shocked and distracted by seeing Nico with no shirt. ("Gut Feeling") Later, Nico then asked Levi if he would be willing to get that drink that evening, but Levi said he might have plans later. Nico just said he'd be a Joe's if his thing got cancelled. Later, Levi came to the bar for that drink, but Nico mostly brushed him off, confusing Levi. ("Everyday Angel") After working together on J.J. Williams, Levi and Nico ended up in an elevator together and they kissed. They stopped when someone else got on the elevator, but once they were alone again, Nico apologized for what he'd done. Levi said it was fine and also that it was his first time and he was happy to learn. However, Nico said he didn't want to teach him since he has already dealt with his coming out and didn't want to go through it again. ("Flowers Grow Out of My Grave")

After being trapped together in an ambulance during the windstorm, Levi talked about having feelings for men before, but never exploring it because he was a nerd and never considered sex much at all. After his confession, Nico kissed him and the two of them had sex in the ambulance.("Blowin' in the Wind")




As part of his training, he works closely together with department head Dr. Atticus Lincoln.


Nico is an orthopedic surgery fellow at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He is the first openly gay male surgeon in the show's history.
  • He is also the first known orthopedic surgery fellow in the show. Callie followed a specific orthopedic surgery residency, eliminating the need for a fellowship, and all other known orthopedic surgeons were introduced as attendings.
  • As a fellow, he wears a personal scrub cap. It is brown and has white and light blue patterns on it.



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