Nicole Clemons is a runner who refused to take steroids to treat her bronchospasm.


Nicole had what she believed was a cold, but didn't want to take anything as she was afraid it would mess with her running. Coach Mike recommended Pete, who encouraged her to come by the practice to see if he could treat her without medications, which would not affect her running.

He did a treadmill test, but had to force her to stop running when her heart rate became erratic. He told her she had severe bronchospasms and would need inhaled steroids and nebulizers. However, she said that she couldn't use those as she had an Olympic qualifying meet coming up. They warned her that if she didn't get it treated now, it would take her out of running forever, instead of just temporarily.

Pete went to Nicole's meet and was shocked to see her running without any difficulty breathing. However, after she finished running, she collapsed on the track and had to be rushed to the ER, where she was found to be alkaloid toxic. Pete then had to break the new to her that she might not ever be able to race again, a future she didn't want to accept. He also asked her who gave her the drugs and she said that it had been Mike.



She is very close with her coach Mike, who practically raised her along with his wife because her family was absent.


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