No Days Off is the eleventh episode of the third season and the 38th overall episode of Station 19.

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While at a lunch seeking Pruitt's blessing for their relationship, Andy and Sullivan jump into action when ICE attempts to raid the restaurant. Meanwhile, Travis gets roped into an awkward lunch with Chief Dixon, Emmett and Emmett's girlfriend and Ben invites Grey-Sloan Memorial surgeons Owen Hunt, Teddy Altman and Jackson Avery to get a sneak peek of the new PRT vehicle.

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Travis enters the station and answers the phone. It's Maya, who’s supposed to be on vacation and points out that he's supposed to be off shift. He says he needed his headphones and she says she needs someone to grab the fire prevention file and read the quarterly numbers to her. Travis tells her to take the break because she needs it. After he hangs up, Carina asks Maya if she's ready and then realizes she isn't. Carina opens her towel to reveal her bikini and says all of that and some fruity drinks would be waiting for her by the pool.

Jack brings two cups of coffee to Andy's room, but finds she's gone.

Vic is singing to Pru to try to get her to sleep. Dean asks her not to sing a song about the fact that her mother abandoned her and Vic didn't realize she was. Pro continues to cry.

Owen brings Ben a portable ultrasound, which he got from Pac-North before he left. Ben offers him a tour of the PRT, but he's more eager to slide down the pole, so Ben takes him to do that.

Sullivan and Andy are on their way to lunch with Pruitt and Andy tells him to relax. Sullivan explains that he's nervous about the lunch because they're planning to tell Pruitt about them.

Travis is on his way to get the headphones when he runs into Emmett. He asks what Emmett is doing there and Emmett just apologizes as Chief Dixon walks in with a woman. She hears Travis's name and realizes he's the one mentoring Emmett. She hugs him and then introduces herself as Alicia, Emmett's girlfriend. Dixon and Alicia then ask Travis to join them for lunch. Alicia wants to hear stories because Emmett never tells her any. Emmett tries to give Travis an out, but Dixon insists. An alarm comes out for a structure fire and b-shift responds to it as they head to lunch.

Pruitt asks why he's there with them. Andy tells Pruitt that she and Sullivan are dating and are in love. They know he's suspected. Sullivan says they wanted to tell him first before going to the department. Sullivan is prepared to ask for a transfer to another battalion so they can be together. Andy and Pruitt talk about how it was with Pruitt and her mom. Pruitt defends that he was never her authority and says he did not force her out of the academy. Andy believes she didn't really have a choice.

Vic is reading about solutions for Pru's colic. Jack arrives with coffee and says Vic and Dean do not look good. Dean takes Pru out of the carrier and hands her to Jack, who takes her after initial reluctance. Pru quickly stops crying as Jack holds her. Jack says he's in love. Dean asks why Jack isn't spending his day off free and childless and Jack says he's there because he was bored.

Owen pokes through the PRT. He's surprised that Bailey signed off on it without a trauma surgeon running it. Owen doesn't think he's prepared for a massive trauma. Ben says he's already been in the field. He even did REBOA. Owen continues to poke through things as Ben scratches Owen off a list of doctors.

Sullivan is on his way back to the table when he sees flames rising in the kitchen and goes in to check it out. He walks in to find Dominic making a call while yelling at Beto, who says he just went to get some garlic, which is why the steak burned. Sullivan points out the fire to Dominic and then hears that Dominic is talking to ICE, telling them to come get Beto. Sullivan grabs a pan and quickly extinguishes the fire, over Dominic's objections. Sullivan asks if he really called ICE or if it was just a show. He suggests that Dominic call them back if he really called because he can get in trouble for employing undocumented workers, in addition to the fire hazard citations he'll issue himself. He can see enough to shut him down for at least a couple weeks. Dominic picks up his phone to call back.

Alicia explains that she met Emmett in an Art History class. He was two years ahead of her. She found the class boring and spent all her time staring at the back of his head. Emmett helped her with the class, but she didn't think she had a chance with him because all the girls on campus were after him. They hear an alarm come in for additional units at the same fire as before. Alicia continues to tell the story about Emmett, saying after graduation she saw him at a museum sketching one of the paintings. She bought a membership and kept going back. The next time she saw him there, she sat down next to him and said hi. It took him a second to remember her.

Pruitt is upset with Andy for not learning her lesson. She defends that her mom would want her to be happy and not to be alone after Pruitt's gone. Sullivan rejoins them at the table and explains what happened in the kitchen. Pruitt surprises them by asking if the line cook was there illegally. Andy corrects that it's undocumented. Pruitt says ICE is made up of government employees, like firefighters and they're just doing their jobs. Sullivan says Nazis were just doing their jobs. Pruitt says comparing the two minimizes the atrocities of World War II. Sullivan agrees, but there are similarities and he has strong feelings about it because his grandfather was a Nazi.

Carina and Maya drink and talk by the pool. A man named Todd sits down near them and flirts. He and his friends want to buy Maya and Carina some drinks. Carina says in Italian that men are idiots without fail. Todd think it's Spanish and says he took Spanish. He poorly asks her how she is. Maya then challenges Todd to a push-up contest. If he can do more, he gets to buy them drinks. If she can do more, he'll buy them drinks and leave them alone. He says he'll do them one-handed to keep it even. They get into position and start doing push-ups. After a few, he puts his second hand down. After a few more, he drops to the ground. Maya orders another round of drinks on his tab. Carina adds fries and mozzarella sticks. Maya then leans down and kisses Carina as the men gawk at them. Maya admits that vacation is fun.

Ben explains to Teddy what features the PRT has. She's impressed. He asks her to run it with him and she makes a face. She says she's already running a department with Maggie and she has Allison, who is changing every day. She talks about Allison and then stops and apologizes to Ben. He says it's okay for her to talk about the girl she loves as long as it's okay for him to talk about the one he lost. Teddy says she's way too tired to join the PRT with him.

Alicia shows Travis one of her favorite pieces of Emmett's on her phone. He likes it, too. She invites Travis to come to the museum with them. Dixon says that's enough of the art talk and asks how Emmett is shaping up on the job, if he's going to make lieutenant on his own or if he'll have to pull some strings. Dixon wants him to be lieutenant within six months. Travis says that would be fast. You have to learn most of the job while running into burning buildings and saving people. Dixon asks if Emmett has enough grit for that and Travis suggests that a few decades on the job will toughen him up.

Jack pulls a snack out of the fridge, but Dean makes him put it back because those are expensive. He then reveals to Jack that his parents cut him off. Jack says at least he has Pru and Vic. He says Pru's his child and Vic just lives there. Vic comes out of the room in just a towel. Dean objects, saying they have company, but Vic says it's just Jack. He sees her in a towel all the time. Vic goes to change into clothes. Dean asks if that therapist got into Jack's head at all and Jack and Dean both deny that she did.

Sullivan tells Pruitt and Andy about his grandfather, who lived with them when he was a child. When he was 12 years old, he had to do a book report and decided to do it on a war memoir written by a Nazi. He brought the book home and his grandfather went dead white and started to cry. He told Sullivan that was the day he would start to hate his grandfather. He cried not because he regretted what he did but because Sullivan found out. His grandfather tried to explain it to him, saying a country in crisis sometimes needs patriots to do the unspeakable. Sullivan started to hate him that day. Sullivan lived there for six more years and never spoke to him again. The Nazis were law enforcement, government employees, who ripped families apart. People like to think that can't happen in the US, but it already is. Just then, two ICE agents walk in. Sullivan gets up and follows them to the kitchen. After a second, Andy gets up and follows him.

Travis grabs his headphones from his locker and is surprised by Alicia. Alicia asks if guys every tell each other relationship stuff. Travis says he doesn't know what straight guys do. Alicia is surprised to learn he's gay and says she always wanted a gay friend. She says she and Emmett have been together for six years and she really wanted to get married. He hasn't proposed and she thinks maybe she should do it herself. Travis tells her she's young and she's in no rush. She says she loves Emmett so much and she wants to be there to take care of him when he's old. Travis says that's wonderful, but firefighters don't always get to grow old. Emmett will have to do the hard stuff. They lose people all the time, people they love. Alicia asks who Travis lost. Travis tells her his husband died. Travis tells her marrying Emmett is signing up for a lifetime of heartbreak. Alicia asks Travis to look out for him so she doesn't lose him.

Jack sings Pru to sleep. Jack is happy that Pru likes him. Jack says he misses living on the house boat. He lives with Andy, but she's never home because she's seeing someone. Dean asks for the gossip, but Jack doesn't know anything about it. Dean offers to trade with Jack. He can live there with Vic and Pru and Dean will go to his place and get some sleep. Dean then tries to go back to sleep.

Dominic tells the agents he had no idea Beto was undocumented. Agent Prine says he has to decide whether or not he's going to arrest Beto as well as deciding if he's going to write Dominic up. Dominic steps out of the kitchen. As he leaves, Sullivan steps in, saying someone called in a kitchen fire. Andy tells Beto in Spanish that he doesn't have to say anything without a lawyer present, nor does he have to sign anything. Sullivan says it smells like there was a fire. Beto confirms that there was a fire and when Sullivan asks if he's injured, he goes along and says he got burned. Andy goes to check him out, saying she sees a second degree burn. Prine tries to re-take command of the scene, but Sullivan says he can't. Andy covers his "burn" with a towel and says it needs medical treatment. Prine says they'll get him medical attention at the detention center, but Sullivan asks what crime he's being charged with. Prine says his boss reported him. Sullivan reminds him he doesn't have proof he's undocumented. Prine orders everyone to get their IDs out. Sullivan reminds him again that it's his scene. Beto quietly tells Andy that he's worked there for years and has a wife and two daughters. Pruitt enters the kitchen and asks if Sullivan needs help. Sullivan sends him to check on the other kitchen staff. Sullivan calls for an aid car to pick up Beto. Prine again asks for IDs. Sullivan asks what cause he has for them to show him their papers. Agent Baxter tells him he's out of his lane, but Sullivan says in America, people have rights and they've given him no cause to have to show them anything. If they wanted to run, the agents would have no cause to chase them. The kitchen staff takes the hint and all but Beto run out. Prine and Baxter start to chase them, but Sullivan stops them, claiming he just slipped on the floor.

Jackson checks out the PRT and is impressed. Ben makes his pitch to Jackson. The Klaxons sound and PRT is called out to the restaurant. Ben throws a uniform to Jackson and tells him to get changed on the way.

Prine asks why Andy's not treating the burn if it's so bad. She reminds him that it can't be exposed to air. Baxter's never heard of that before and suggests putting butter on it, which Pruitt says is literally the worst thing you can do for a burn. Baxter asks where he's from and Pruitt says Seattle. Prine asks his ethnicity and he says he's an American citizen. Prine asks if he has proof of that. Sullivan reminds Prine that Pruitt doesn't have to speak to him. Prine puts his hand on his gun and orders Andy to take her hands of Beto. Pruitt tells him that's a mistake. They don't need the bad PR and the paramedic is his child and he'll be the first to go to the press if Prine pulls a gun on her.

Travis tries to excuse himself from the conversation with the others. Dixon himself leaves. The fire is up to three alarms now and he has to make an appearance. Travis sends out a text to Vic.

Vic is sleeping, still in her towel, and doesn't see that Travis is telling her about the fire getting worse and telling her not to get cozy.

Ben and Jackson come in and prepare to tend to Beto. Prine wants to ride with them, but Jackson says their patient doesn't have to speak to him without an attorney present, so there's no need for him to ride with them. He offers for them to meet him at the hospital. Sullivan and Andy get notified that the fire is up to four alarms and know it'll get to five. As they leave, Prine asks what if he came to a fire scene and tried to tell him what to do. Pruitt casually says he'd turn the fire hose on him. He then notes how he misses fighting fires.

Carina and Maya are making out on the bed. Maya's phone chimes and Carina tries to stop her from checking it. She sees that it's a four-alarm fire. She can't help from 1,000 miles away. Carina tries to reassure her that everyone else will respond to it. Maya starts to hyperventilate and say she should be there. Carina tells her she's having a panic attack and tells her they'll get the fire put out. Carina reminds her there are emergencies every day in every state and country and they all get fixed even without her there. She holds Maya's face and has her take deep breaths, which helps calm her down.

On route to the hospital, Beto says he didn't break any laws. He and his wife both work hard. In his country, he was a teacher until the war. Then they had to flee for their lives with their children. He's not a criminal. He works hard and he's so tired. Ben and Jackson believe him. Beto says it's rare to have someone who doesn't look or talk like him look him in the eye. Jackson suggests not taking him to the ambulance bay. Instead, they'll go to the parking structure where all exits lead to the street. Jackson says they're doctors, not cops. It someone jumps out and runs, there's not much they can do. Ben grabs the radio to change the plans.

Emmett and Alicia send Travis to enjoy his day off. Then the alarm comes in saying it's now a five-alarm fire and all units are being recalled.

Nico peeks into the PRT at the hospital and is impressed. He offers to let Nico take a shift whenever he wants. Jackson climbs back into the PRT and Ben asks about Beto's arm, saying he has to put something in the record. Jackson says he was able to keep his arm and his skin. Ben says he's sorry Jackson's first run was so lame, but Jackson didn't think it was lame. They saved his life and his family. That's a pretty good day for a doctor. Ben gets the call for the five-alarm fire and says the tour's over. Jackson goes to leave, but Ben asks if he wants to come to the scene. Jackson jumps at it.

Jack and Dean wake up to the news. They call for Vic, who still isn't dressed. They tell her there's a five-alarm fire. They rush to get ready to go and then do rock, paper, scissors to see who's going to stay with Pru. After two draws, they just decide to bring her to the station.

As they drive, Sullivan tells Andy her dad is kind of a badass. Andy thinks Pruitt likes Sullivan, too. They get the note that it's a five-alarm now. Sullivan tells Andy it was his idea for Ripley to ask Vic to marry him. It would have worked if they'd gotten the chance to get married. They could have kept their jobs and their titles. It might be nice for her dad to get to see that. Andy smiles, but doesn't say anything.

Emmett apologizes to Travis. He tells Emmett he should be apologizing to Alicia instead. Travis says they're done. He doesn't care about the closet Emmett's living in, but Alicia thinks she knows him and wants to marry him, and Emmett's cruel. Travis doesn't care how mean his dad is or how bad his panic attacks are, if he doesn't tell Alicia the truth, he'll never talk to Emmett again.

Vic asks if anyone from C or D shift is there, but everyone is already at the fire. There's no one left to watch Pru. Dean looks at Pru and says she's his kid and he's going to stay with her and watch the front desk. As Vic and Jack leave, Dean tells Pru she's lucky she's cute.

At the scene, the fire is raging as firefighters continue to fight it. Dixon welcomes them to the scene and says they've been battling the fire for five hours. It's a fire in a pile of titanium shavings. Some employees were injured and have already been taken to the hospital. Jackson is surprised to see so many firefighters there and realizes what five-alarm means. Dixon tells them to stay safe and don't get killed because it'll be murder on the city's insurance.

Sullivan tells Andy she hasn't said a word since what he said in the car. She tells him they should just get the fire put out.

As Travis drags a hose, he says he just wanted his headphones.


  • Andy Herrera
  • Ben Warren
  • Robert Sullivan
  • Jack Gibson
  • Victoria Hughes
  • Travis Montgomery
  • Dean Miller
  • Maya Bishop
  • Pruitt Herrera
  • Owen Hunt
  • Jackson Avery
  • Teddy Altman
  • Carina DeLuca
  • Michael Dixon
  • Emmett Dixon
  • Agent Prine
  • Agent Baxter
  • Nico Kim
  • Beto
  • Alicia
  • Chef Dominic
  • Todd
  • Waitress

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Structure Fire at 2914 Fulham RoadEdit

Station 19's B-shift was called to a structure fire at 2914 Fulham Road. Later, a call came in requesting additional units. When the fire was upgraded to three alarms, Dixon went to make an appearance. It was quickly upgraded to four and then five alarms, which meant all of station 19 was called to the scene. When they arrived, they learned that the fire started in a pile of titanium shavings and had been raging for five hours. Dixon told them to stay safe and not get killed as they prepared to enter the fire.


Song Performer Scene
"Now That I Found you" Prty Trcks
  • Travis answers the station phone and it's Maya.
  • She tries to get him to help her work, but he tells her to vacation.
  • Carina comes in and shows off her suit to get Maya to change.
  • Jack brings Andy coffee, but she's gone.
"Didn't Leave Nobody But the Baby" Cast (Barrett Doss)
  • Vic sings to Pru to try to get her to sleep.
"Feel the Same" Scott Ruth
  • Sullivan is nervous to have lunch with Pruitt.
  • Andy tries to reassure him.
  • Sullivan and Andy tell Pruitt they're dating.
  • He asks for their plan to tell the station.
  • Andy's surprised to learn he's applying for a transfer.
"Wife" Gaspar Sanz
  • Maya and Carina drink by the pool.
  • A man comes and hits on them. Maya proposes a push up competition.
  • Maya easily beats him and then kisses Carina.
"Pru's the Cleverest Girl I Know (to the tune of "Mary Had a Little Lamb")" Cast (Grey Damon)
  • Jack sings Pru to sleep.
"Lions Roar" Speak, Brother
  • Emmett apologizes to Travis, but he tells Emmett to apologize to Alicia.
  • Dean decides to stay back and watch Pru himself.
  • Station 19 arrives at the scene and Dixon explains what they're doing.

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Station 19 3x11 Promo "No Days Off" (HD) Season 3 Episode 11 Promo

Station 19 3x11 Promo "No Days Off" (HD) Season 3 Episode 11 Promo


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