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No One is Alone is the ninth episode of the fourth season and the 52nd overall episode of Station 19.

Short Summary[]

Vic and Travis' friendship is put to the test as they respond to calls to help two best friends in need. Meanwhile, Jack realizes he has a greater impact on Marcus than he realizes, and new details about Travis' late husband's tragic death are revealed.

Full Summary[]

Travis realizes that Theo was the guy Vic met while running. He then flees the room, followed by Vic. She tells him she didn't know, but he says she did and still she comforted him because he was sad that he killed Travis's husband.


Theo lays out a scenario for Michael to practice rescuing someone in a burning building. Travis is with them, pretending to need rescue. Michael successfully rescues Travis. Theo asks if it's weird that he wishes they could stay in the academy forever. Michael and Travis agree that it is.

Theo enters the break room, but leaves when he sees Vic and Sullivan in there watching television.

Travis continues avoiding Vic.

The team is eating in the beanery when Maya come in and says Wiggins took another shift off, so she asked Ruiz to cover again. Andy questions why Vic is eating day-old sushi for breakfast. The others think it's weird. Travis then comes in and is asked if he'd eat day-old sushi for breakfast. He says he has and he would again. Maya says the two of them are soulmates and they're on the aid car together.

Vic finds Travis in the locker room and tells him them driving to work separately is bad for the environment. Travis claims that he's perfectly capable of working together with her. She wants to talk about it, but he says she's made her stance clear, so there's nothing to talk about. They argue about Theo until a call comes in for an Aid Car. Vic insists they're going to talk about it, but Travis says they won't.

Theo finds Jack in the barn. Jack asks about his foot and he says it's just bruised. It's also not the first time his foot's been run over and not broken. He tells of a time in high school where a similar thing happened and his foot was just bruised then as well. Jack gets a call from Inara, who says Marcus is freaked out because he saw a fire truck drive by. Once Marcus sees that Jack is okay, he apologizes and leaves the frame. Jack says he'll talk to Marcus when he gets home. After hanging up the phone, Jack tells Theo it's his girlfriend's son, who's been a little nervous lately. He's worried about fires and won't sleep without a bowl of water and a cloth by his bed. Jack doesn't now what to do because firefighting is his job. He then asks Theo about his life and mentions he heard tumors about Theo and Vic. Theo says it's not a thing because Vic found out he's the guy who killed Travis's husband.

Vic tries to talk to Travis in the aid car. He shows her a scar from a scab he wouldn't leave alone, then shows her his chest, where there's no scar because he left the wound alone. Vic takes that to mean he doesn't want to talk about it.

They arrive at the scene to find Libby screaming for Charlie to wake up. Travis recognizes him as the same kid from three days ago.

Travis tries to put a mask on Libby, but she pushes it off and tries to get to Charlie again. In the process, she knocks a lit candle off a table. Travis quickly extinguishes that and the other candles. Libby says Charlie was going to get better. She was going to take him to detox that night, but he wanted to get high one last time. Vic gives him naloxone, but he doesn't immediately wake. Libby asks why it's not working and Travis questions how often this happens. Libby says Charlie really was going to get better because they did their phone ritual. She has a really old cell phone in her hand and explains that Charlie helped her get through her first breakup, which was done on that phone. Now they use it to rehearse all hard things. He was finally going to do the phone thing for the drugs. Vic gives Charlie more naloxone and he finally wakes. He sits up, asks for Libby, and then passes out again.

On the way to the hospital, Vic gives Charlie another dose. Travis wonders why they even bother, when they're just going to do it again and again. Vic tells him to keep his opinions to himself. Charlie wakes up and asks for Libby again. Vic tells him Libby's not there and they're taking him to the hospital. He wants to go home, but Vic says they're going to the hospital. He lies and says it was his first time doing drugs, then says he was trying to quit when Vic tells him she knows it's a lie. He says they were doing the whole phone thing. Vic tells him it's not too late and he can still quit tonight. He says it's not so easy and he's tried lots of times. Travis asks how many times he's overdosed. Charlie then learns that Travis saved him the other day in his car and apologizes for running over his foot. Travis says it was actually Vic's boyfriend's foot.


Travis comes in with a bouquet of flowers for Michael, saying he found a spot right in front of Michael's house to park. This leads to a discussion of how their relationship is like a romantic comedy. They start kissing and Travis asks if Theo is there. Michael says Theo's his best friend and roommate, so he probably already knows. From another room, Theo confirms that he does. He congratulates them, but asks them to keep it down as he's studying for the lieutenant's exam.

At the hospital, Zander greets Charlie by name and says it's his third visit in a month. As he goes inside, Travis and Vic go to clean the rig. Vic says they were saying goodbye and Theo was upset. That's what Travis saw. Theo was upset about losing Michael. Vic says their problem is that Travis stuck his head in the sand with Michael's death, same as he did with his dad. They hear a call on the radio to go back to the apartment and realize that means it's Libby this time.

A bystander tells Vic and Travis that Libby stumbled out of the building and collapsed as she was passing by. Libby is passed out on the sidewalk in front of her building. Vic gives her naloxone and she wakes up asking for Charlie. They tell her he's at the hospital and they're taking her there as well.

On the way to the hospital, Libby asks about Charlie, if he's alive. Vic says he is, so the two of them can go to rehab together. Libby claims she's not as bad as him, so she doesn't need it, but the marks on her arms indicate otherwise. Libby doesn't know what she'll do if he dies. She doesn't want to have to say goodbye to her best friend.

Jack finds Theo working out in the gym. Theo says Michael's death was the worst day of his life and wonders if this is the end of him and Jack being buddies. Jack says it's not. Theo explains that his dad died when he was eight. He was a firefighter as well. It made him a pretty nervous little kid. Several guys stepped up, including his uncles, his father's firefighter buddies, and his eventual stepfather, but he was always terrified he was going to lose another dad. He advises Jack to keep reminding Marcus he's not going anywhere and he'll relax.

Vic and Travis drop Libby off. Zander's not surprised to learn she's Charlie's friend. As they go to leave, Emmett asks them how it's going. Emmett tries to get Travis to give Vic a break, but Travis is still angry. Emmett says it'll be a lonely life if he doesn't start trying to let it go.


Michael takes a bite of his meal and loves it. Theo is pleased as he made it from his mother's recipe. Travis says his mother hides her recipes from him because she's afraid he won't visit if he can cook her food for himself. The only think Michael's mom knows how to cook comes from a box or a can. Travis says at least their kids will have two dads that can cook. He tries to backpedal, but Michael gets down on one knee and pulls out a box. Before he can finish, Travis fetches his own ring and the propose and accept each other's proposals at the same time. They celebrate with a group hug.

As they drive, Vic tells Travis he has a crush on Emmett. Since she can't talk about the other thing, she's going to talk about this instead. When he shuts it down, Vic asks how long until they can go back to being them. He was the first non-blood person to become her family. She's ripping off the scab. They get out of the aid car. Vic is upset because it seems like Travis doesn't want to try to fix their relationship, even after being friends for so long. Travis grabs a stick and starts hitting a tree with it as Vic tells him how unprofessional he was with Charlie and Libby. Vic says she knows Michael's death screwed him up and his dad screwed him up, but he has to understand they're all screwed up. Travis reminds her of when Ripley died and she tried to get the owner of the coffee plant jailed for code violations. But she can just magically move on from a loss. Vic says that's better than the alternative. She couldn't find a single shelf in his place to store her grandmother's tea cups because they're all full of Michael's things. Travis says he's not over Michael, not even a little bit. He hates that every morning still feels awful as the first one. He wonders if she really cared about Ripley. She says she did so much she's scared she'll never feel like that about someone else again. Hoping for that is the only thing that has kept her going. She hoped Theo might be that, but as soon as she found out who he was, it was over because Travis is more important. The most painful part is that he hasn't thought about hers at all. Another call comes over the radio and Vic tells Travis to get in the car.


Theo brings a bottle of champagne to Michael and Travis's place. After some preamble, Theo announces that he's up for captain. He might even get to stay at station 54 because their captain is up for battalion chief. Travis is shocked because he's only been a lieutenant for about six months. Michael says that's the lifespan of a water filter. Travis is confused by that, as he thinks they're meant to be changed monthly. They stop their bickering to celebrate with Theo. Then Michael checks the box and learns they're meant to be changed every two months. They playfully bicker about it for a few moments and then kiss again.

Vic and Travis bring a gurney into the park, where Libby is slumped up against a tree. Vic checks for a pulse and doesn't find one.


Michael finds Travis cleaning. He knows Travis is thinking about work. Travis says he's thinking about Michael at work. He's worried about Theo being Michael's captain because they're friends and Theo is so new. Michael tries to reassure Travis that it'll all be okay, that firefighters get hurt sometimes, but Theo is good at his job. Michael asks Travis if he promises never to love again if he ends up not being okay. Travis promises to die a lonely, withered old man.

Vic is angry that Libby died. She and Travis begin restocking the aid car. Travis admits that Vic was right. He's addicted to being furious. It feels tied to Michael, like if he lets it go, he lets Michael go. He apologizes to Vic for accusing her of not caring about Ripley. Vic says she learned how to self-soothe when she was two years old, the only upside to parental neglect. Ripley's gone and that sucks. She's done a lot of things to try to make it suck less. It hasn't always worked, but she's always trying. Maybe Travis is right that it's always going to suck a little, but Vic thinks that's okay. Just then, another call comes in, sending them back to the same park.

They arrive at the park and a woman directs them to a vehicle. Behind the wheel, Charlie is slumped over. They see that he's not overdosed, just high. Vic tells him he's going to come with them.

In the aid car, Charlie asks for Libby. He starts to fight against Travis and says he came home and a neighbor told him Libby was dead. Charlie wanted to say goodbye to her. Travis looks at the phone in Charlie's hand and suggests that he say goodbye now. Charlie tries to denounce the phone ritual, but Travis says it's not stupid because it was their thing. Libby was his best friend, the most important thing in the world. He tells Charlie to say what he needs to say to Libby, that he's sorry and he'll do better and get well. Vic tells him her life has to mean something and her death has to mean something. It has to change him. If he lets it, it can change him for the better. Charlie picks up the phone and tells Libby he has to be done. He doesn't know how to do it, but he's going to try. He's going to go to rehab, but he doesn't know how to do it without her. He starts to cry and apologize to her.


Travis sits up against the wall in tears. Theo knocks briefly before coming in. He has also been crying. He tries to comfort Travis. He asks Theo what happened because the department wouldn't tell him. Theo admits that he made a mistake and that's why Michael died. He apologizes to Travis. Travis opens the door and asks Theo to leave, even as Theo says they have to go through it together. When Theo doesn't leave right away, Travis yells and orders him out. Once he's gone, Travis slumps to the floor and cries some more.

Jack is FaceTiming with Marcus and Inara, showing Marcus the station. He says the trucks are sleeping and haven't seen a fire in days. He assures Marcus that they don't fight fires every day and even when they do, he's a good firefighter and the people he works with are even better. With that, Marcus is ready to go to bed. Inara says it was a good idea and Jack credits it to Theo. Once they hang up, Jack tells Theo he knows how it is. Losing a dad, but also being responsible for the death of a brother. He tells Theo about Rigo and understands if Theo hates him after learning that. Theo says it's a tough job and he doesn't have it in him to hate Jack.

Vic and Theo meet in the locker room. Vic is wearing only a towel and some sandals. Theo asks Vic if she was the one who was dating Ripley when he died. There were rumors. He didn't put it together until today. He remembered Travis ringing the bells and had a hard time watching him up there. He almost left. Vic is surprised he was at the funeral. Theo says Ripley made him captain and after Michael, when he asked for a promotion, Ripley tried to talk him out of it, but he understood. He was a good guy. Vic says she's sad. Theo says it's normal to feel sad about a breakup. Vic's not sure they can call it that because it was never really a thing. He says it might be worse that way. As Theo goes to leave, he passes Travis. Travis tells Vic that Theo was for Michael what Vic is for him. They went through academy together. They were probies together, roommates. Theo got promoted quicker because he was a legacy, but the three of them were best friends. And then Michael died and it was Theo's fault. Vic says it must have sucked to go through that without his best friend. Travis nods. He says he hates the weird part after a friendship fight where you both still feel icky and awkward. In a relationship, you just have sex. She looks over at Travis, who says for the millionth time, he's not going to have sex with her. She asks why not and they both laugh.


Vic finds Travis at station 19, crying on a bench. She introduces herself as the probie. He introduces himself as well and insists that he's fine when she asks. She asks if he wants to talk about it as she's pretty good at listening and even better at not listening. That makes him laugh and he suggests that she take the locker across from his, because it's empty. She stows her things away as he welcomes her to 19.

Travis sits down on the bed in his bunk. He picks up his phone and starts to talk to Michael. After a false start, he shares a memory of Michael teaching him to enjoy the moment instead of being upset about not having much time left for things. He apologizes for forgetting that advice over the years. He tells Michael he'll work on not fixating on the end of things.


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Vic and Travis responded to a call to an apartment, where they found Charlie, who had overdosed on opiates for the second time in three days. He was still breathing and had a pulse, so they gave him naloxone and bagged him. After a few moments, Charlie finally woke up, but quickly passed out again. They loaded him into the ambulance, where Vic ended up giving him a second dose of naloxone on the way to the hospital. He woke up again. They dropped him off at the hospital, where they learned it was his third overdose within a month. After he was released, he did drugs again, but didn't overdose this time. They took him back to the hospital to be treated again.


Shortly after dropping her best friend off at the hospital with an overdose, Vic and Travis also picked up Libby, who had overdosed herself. They gave her naloxone and took her to the hospital. However, they later found her in a park, dead at the base of a tree after another overdose.


Song Performer Scene
  • Travis avoids Vic.
  • Maya enters the beanery.
"What They'll Say About Us" Finneas
  • Travis and Michael talk about their relationship being like a romcom.
  • Theo interrupts and says he's studying for the lieutenant exam.
"The Mourning" Meghan Linsey
  • Travis and Vic go to the park and find Libby leaning against a tree.
  • Vic determines that she's dead.

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  • This episode scored 4.78 million viewers.


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