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The Non-Fraternization Policy is a policy at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital enacted after a resident anonymously complained of sexual harassment.


When the board learned a resident had made a complaint against an attending about being sexual harassed, they decided to take action by enacting a non-fraternization policy, stating that all relationships between co-workers would be discouraged and those between superiors and subordinates would be forbidden. Exceptions were made for existing marriages. ("You've Got to Hide Your Love Away")

Alex was suspended due to the policy for continuing his relationship with Jo. Arizona was then informed that HR wanted to talk to her because the report came from Leah. When she went to HR, she learned that the complaint was against Callie, not her, claiming Callie jeopardized Leah's education. After they talked to HR, Callie was left with a letter in her file about the issue. ("Throwing it All Away")

Jo and Alex solved their problem by signing a form Meredith found declaring their relationship to be consensual. ("We Gotta Get Out of This Place")

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