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Nothing Seems the Same is the first episode of the fourth season and the 44th overall episode of Station 19.

Short Summary[]

When the COVID-19 pandemic hits Seattle, the Station 19 crew leans on each other for support. Andy tries to make sense of her mother's return, while Sullivan settles into a new routine. And it's all-hands-on-deck when a group of teenagers unintentionally starts a wild fire.

Full Summary[]

Andy looks at her mother in disbelief. She starts to hyperventilate.

Three Weeks Later

Andy sits alone in a chair with a notepad. Ben asks her how the eulogy is coming and she tells him it isn't. He says a change of scenery might help and it's time for the clapout. Andy puts on her mask and joins him.

At Grey Sloan Memorial, new protocols have been put into place due to the pandemic. Ben and Andy walk up to the hospital entrance and stand nearby. Andy is in awe of all the changes. Ben comments that he misses his wife and then apologizes to Andy. She says it's fine because she and Robert chose to separate while he and Miranda didn't. Ben is surprised to see Rosalind approaching with Tuck and Joey. She says they wanted to see their mom. Tuck and Joey are enjoying Rosalind staying with them during the pandemic and want her to move in permanently. The rest of the firefighters arrive. Ben thanks them for getting up an hour early. Tuck and Joey see Bailey and call out to her. Bailey's happy to see all of them. Carina exits the hospital and seeks out Maya, who looks back at her and smiles. As Vic announces that it's time, the firefighters all begin to clap as hospital staff enters and exits the building.

Vic and Travis walk up to a house carrying boxes of supplies. Vic comments that Travis is giving them their toilet paper. Travis comments on the use of the plural and wonders if Vic is never going to find a place of her own. She says she's trying. They put the boxes on the porch and step back. Travis's mother thanks him for bringing it all to them while his father waves silently.

Jack places supplies in front of a door and knocks, then backs up. Marcus opens the door without his mask. Marsha says he doesn't like when they wear the masks because he can't read lips. Marsha thinks the masks are horse crap, but Jack says people said that about seat belts as well. Marsha then calls for Inara as she and Marcus go back inside with the supplies. Inara checks herself in the mirror and then greets Jack. They talk about how they miss hanging out with each other.

Sullivan announces to a group of inmates that they're going to be taught the basics of wildfire training. They'll be called to back up firefighters in case of a wildfire. Banks raises his hand and asks what fire station Sullivan works at, because he has a cousin who works at station 23. Sullivan says they work for a company called Mavis. It's a private fire company. Private clients pay them to protect their property. Today, they're going to learn an anchor, flank, and pinch drill.

Maya reminds everyone that the virtual memorial for Pruitt will be that afternoon. They're upset that after all the work they did to get him a line of duty funeral, they have to do it over the internet. They can't wait because they don't know when after lockdown will be. Dean comes in and Ben reminds him if he touches something, he has to clean it. The others make fun of him, but he says they still need to keep their distance, even though they don't have to wear masks at the station. Vic comments that she and Travis live together anyway. Dean asks when she's going to get her stuff out of his place. Before she can answer, a call comes for the aid car, so she and Travis leave. Dean then tells Jack that Sasha offered to stay with him and help out with Pru. Not moving in. Just quarantining together. Jack laughs and tells him he can tell the story however he wants. Andy comes by and Dean asks if she needs anything. She says she doesn't.

Andy has trouble believing it's real. Sandra reminds her that she wanted to know the truth. This is the truth. She asks Andy to hear her out. She calls out to Andy as Andy runs outside, still hyperventilating.

Travis swipes through his dating app as they drive to the call. He and Vic how dating during a pandemic works. They pull up to the call and get out. It's four teens and one of them has a burn. Billie stands up and shows Vic their arm. The kids all try to pretend they weren't breaking quarantine. Kayden says the car is his. Billie thought it overheated, so they opened the radiator cap, but got burned on their arm. Vic says to wait until the car has cooled down first next time. Vic asks if they've been drinking and learns that Billie is non-binary. As Vic switches pronouns, Travis awkwardly tries to joke with the teens, then goes to check on the car.

Sullivan is still working with the inmates. They decide to stop for a break. As they get water, Sullivan's co-worker, Fowler, says he hates working with criminals. Sullivan says they're human beings who made mistakes and now have the chance to help the society they hurt, but Fowler thinks he only thinks that because of his personal history. He wonders how Sullivan didn't end up locked up himself.

Mr. Nelligan is at the station, being checked by Andy. He's wearing three masks and wants a Covid test. Andy tells him they're in short supply and they are saving them for people with symptoms. He fakes a symptom, but she just tells him to go down to the hospital, which he doesn't want to do because he's scared he'll get Covid there. The best thing he can do is stay home and wear a mask when he has to go out. He gets up and angrily leaves.

Sandra apologizes to Andy for not telling her sooner. She wanted to see Andy, but didn't know what she could say. Andy asks if her dad knew that her mom was alive. Sandra says it's not her story to tell and begs Andy to listen to Elena. Andy starts to panic again and Sandra helps her drink some water. Sandra tells Andy she deserves to hear the whole story even if her mom doesn't deserve to tell it.

Vic talks about dating as Travis continues to flip through matches. Vic asks Travis what's going on with Andy and Sullivan, but Travis is shocked by something he sees in the app and doesn't reply. Before he can explain, they're called back to the teens at the rest stop, which now has a fire. As they get back to the kids, they hear Billie screaming as they kneel over Kayden, who is knocked out on his back and covered in burns as the car engine is on fire.

As they rush to get out to the fire, Dean asks Jack if he should let Sasha quarantine with him. It'd be nice to have the extra help with Pru as it's just the two of them. Jack asks Dean if he actually likes Sasha and Dean says he does as they climb in the truck.

Vic goes to Kayden. They were supposed to wait for a tow truck, but Kayden thought he could fix it and it blew up. Vic asks if the other two were hurt. They don't know because the others ran. Vic asks Billie if they're just scared or on something and Billie runs as well. Vic calls for additional help.

Maya tells Vic they're on their way and says to get Kayden ready to go in the aid car when they arrive. Maya calls dispatch for more aid cars. Andy asks Maya what her dad said before going up that ladder and Maya repeats it, though Andy already knows.

Andy asks if Pruitt was secretly a monster. Elena says no, she never planned to be a mother and she was overwhelmed by Andy. She thought she couldn't get pregnant and then she did. She loved Andy, but she resented her and she resented Pruitt because he got to do what she wanted to do. She felt like a failure and wanted to die because there wasn't a way out. She went to New York where her cousins lived, fought fires for two years, then injured out. Leaving Andy is the biggest shame of her life. Andy realizes that despite that, she doesn't regret it. Elena says she didn't fake her death. She just left and Pruitt did the rest.

The rest of the team arrives at the scene and Maya gives orders. Suddenly, the fire flares and spreads to nearby woods, so Maya calls for backup.

Sullivan and Fowler get called out in relation to the rest stop fire, so they have to leave the training. Banks wants to go with them, but Fowler tells him derogatorily to keep playing with his toy hoses. Sullivan calls Fowler out for mocking Banks, whom he thinks will make a good firefighter. Sadly, he won't be able to be a real firefighter once he gets out.

As they fight the fire, Travis brings Billie out from the woods.

Vic is working on Kayden in the aid car and calls for Travis to come so they can get him to the hospital, so he leaves Billie with a paramedic and gets in the aid car, commenting that the other two kids are still out there.

Sullivan and Fowler drive past the fire that station 19 is fighting. Sullivan tries to explain how his on the job injury led to his drug dependency and made him a person he didn't recognize or like. Fowler is also someone he doesn't like, but he was just born that way. Fowler laughs in response. They pull up outside a large house. They're there to protect it.

Vic reports on Kayden's status as they head for Grey Sloan. They're told that Grey Sloan is only taking covid cases, but that doesn't deter them.

Andy is still fighting the fire in the woods.

Sullivan listens to dispatch from the fire as Fowler talks to someone on the phone. He hears that they're struggling, so he takes the truck and leaves with it.

Sullivan arrives at the fire and asks Maya where she needs him. She sends him to the north side.

Andy spots Conor in the woods.

Andy tries to reconcile what her father told her about her mother with the reality. Elena talks about the double standard for mothers and fathers who leave their children. She doesn't know what was really wrong with her, but she was sometimes suicidal. Once she left, she missed Andy, but she felt free. Elena reveals that she sarcastically suggested that Pruitt tell Andy she was dead. He took it seriously as he knew it would be less painful for her to grieve her mother than to know she left.

Andy calls for a fire shelter for Conor. She's surprised to see Sullivan there with one. He puts it on top of Conor and tells him to stay on the ground until told otherwise. Sullivan then joins Andy fighting the fire.

Once the fire was more under control, Sullivan sent Andy to tend to Conor. Conor started talking about how he just wanted to see his friends since everything was cancelled and they're supposed to be graduating. He's also worried about Frankie, the other boy. Dean and Ben go to find Frankie while they evacuated Conor. As Conor is sent to an aid car, he says that Frankie has a lot of health problems and didn't even want to come out. Conor had to force him.

Dean and Ben find Frankie, who has part of a tree through his abdomen. Ben sees a scar near there and asks if he's had surgery recently. Frankie says he has.

Vic goes to drop of Kayden. Owen tries to stop her, but she says if he doesn't let her drop Kayden off, he'll die and then Owen will be a murderer. So Owen lets her drop Kayden off. She also warns him there are others coming.

Travis sanitizes the aid car as he talks about how much he hates teenagers because they're so stupid. He also hates how they're going to miss all the parts of high school that don't suck. Travis asks her what ever happened to her hot doctor lover. She says he's just a doctor, not lover anymore. Vic asks Travis again who he saw on the app, but he just goes to finish disinfecting.

Frankie tells the firefighters that he's not just a dumb kid. He would have been valedictorian if he hadn't missed so much school from being sick. He hadn't left his house since lockdown started. He just wanted to see his friends. Ben assures him that his father just wants him to get better and everyone makes mistakes.

The team has gotten the fire extinguished and they're ready to do Friday Night Lights. Dean talks to Jack about how he feels about Sasha and how it's a win-win. Jack asks if Dean loves her and he's not talking about Sasha. Dean says he's trying not to.

The firefighters drive down a street as the neighbors come out and waves to them, waving signs thanking them

Maya tells Andy her father said something else. She forgot because she was so focused on remembering the other thing. He told Maya he handpicked every member of the team, not because they were the best, but because he saw something in all of them that he knew would work as a family.

Andy talks about getting her first period. It was humiliating for her. She tried to wash her own sheets and made a mess. When her father realized what had happened, he told her he was leaving and he'd clean it up when he got back. He brought back 13 different kinds of pads and explained to her what was happening to her body. He cried for the entire thing and she always thought it was because she was growing up, but now she realizes it was because he knew her mother was out there somewhere, choosing not to be her mother. Elena says Pruitt came to get her when 9/11 happened. He showed up at her cousins' house and begged her to come back with him. He offered to take all the blame. Andy says she went to New York to get her father and they came home together. Elena apologizes for not being a good mother and for causing Andy pain. Andy gets up to leave, telling Elena to have Sandra call her as Sandra tried to stay a part of her life, unlike Elena.

Sullivan returns with the truck. He and Fowler argue. Sullivan doesn't like what they're doing there. Right or wrong is the point. He did what was right and he's good with being fired. He drops his gear and walks away.

Vic finds Travis in the shower. She says in three weeks, the entire world turned upside down. Miller kicked her out and then a pandemic hit. Her parents aren't working for the first time in her life. They're about to memorialize their captain on a video chat. And Travis won't tell her what he saw. She needs one thing in her life to be normal. He says it was his dad. In chinos and a belt. It was captioned, "Let me be your daddy." Vic starts to laugh. Travis says if he's into men, that's fine, but he shouldn't stay married to Travis's mom. Also, he inflicted his internalized homophobia on Travis. Vic laughs again and Travis invites Vic to move in with him and be the one normal thing in each other's lives. Vic hugs him over his objections that they're both naked.

Travis and Dean are dressed for the funeral. Jack said Pruitt was the only consistent father figure in his life. He gave Jack advice before he proposed to Andy, though Pruitt didn't know it was Andy. Pruitt told him to do what his heart told him. Now his heart is stupid, but if Dean thinks Sasha moving in is a good idea, it probably is. Vic peeks in and says he's moving in with Travis and will get her things from Dean's tomorrow. After she's gone, Jack laughs at him. Dean says he knows what he has to do.

Sullivan finds Maya getting ready in her office. She thanks him for the assist. He's there to be there for Andy if that's okay with Maya. Maya says she hates what he did, putting them all and the PRT in jeopardy. She hates that he may never be a firefighter again. She respected him and he let her down. He let himself down as well and he's sorry for all of it. Maya says they're good then.

Ben finds Andy and tells her she looks sharp. He asks if she's ready and she says that she is.

Andy speaks at her father's funeral about him being her hero as well as being a hero for many others. He was a great firefighter, but an even better captain. He brought the best out of others by demanding nothing less. He made future captains. He always did what he thought was best for her. As she speaks, hundreds of people watch, including Pruitt's old buddies, Carina and Bailey at the hospital, Sandra, and Elena. Andy goes on to say that her father made mistakes, but he always did the best he could for her. It was hard to grow up without her mother or any siblings, but her father did his best to give her family. He created a home at station 19 and everyone under his roof was his kid. He did his best and he loved her and he stayed with her every moment he could until he had to leave her to save her one last time.

Andy visits Robert in the hospital and tells her what happened with her mother. He then asks her for 90 days to focus on his sobriety before coming back to her. He took morphine when he woke up and he's worried he won't be able to control it. They shouldn't have gotten married, but he doesn't regret it. However, if he wants to stay clean, they need some time apart. 90 days totally separated. He wants to stay clean and live a long, long life, loving her for every minute of it. She kisses him.

Andy tells her dad she loves him and so do all the others. She tells him she's grateful for him because he did his job so well. The firefighters all cry as the bells start to ring.


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Travis and Vic on aid car were called out to a rest stop. When they arrived, they found four teens. They said they were driving home when their car broke down. One of the teens, Billie, thought maybe the car had overheated and they removed the radiator cap but got burned. Vic treated their burn while Travis checked out the car. Then they told the kids to wait for a tow and left, but soon after were called back to the area for a fire. They arrived to find Kayden on the ground severely burned with Billie kneeling over him. He'd tried to fix the the car and when it blew up, Conor and Frankie ran. When Vic asked Billie if they'd been using drugs, Billie ran as well. Vic believed they'd poured gas in the radiator, which caused a fire. Shortly after they arrived, the fire spread to the surrounding foliage. As they worked to put out the fire, Travis found Billie in the woods and handed them off to an aid car before taking Kayden to the hospital to be treated. Andy found Conor in the woods and Sullivan covered him with a blanket to keep him safe while they fought the fire around him. He had second-degree burns, so they got him out to an aid car. That left one kid still out there, Frankie, whom Conor said had multiple health issues. They found Frankie with a tree branch through his abdomen. They finished putting out the fire and took all the teens to the hospital.


Song Performer Scene
"Roll With Me" Davie
  • Travis and Vic make a delivery.
  • Jack brings a box to Marcus, Inara, and Marsha. He and Inara flirt.
"Change Will Come" Miss Me
  • Dean and Jack talk about Sasha.
  • The firefighters drive past people who are celebrating them.
"If We Make It Through the Night" The Rescues
  • Travis invited Vic to move in with him permanently.
  • Jack eulogizes Pruitt to Dean.
"Last One to Know" Leah Nobel
  • Andy speaks at her father's virtual funeral.
  • Andy visits Robert in the hospital and they choose to separate.
  • Andy expresses her gratitude to her father as the rest of the team cries.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 17 "OMG" Trailer (HD) Station 19 Crossover

  • This episode scored 6.59 million viewers.
  • This is the first episode of the series not to feature Miguel Sandoval as part of the main cast while also the first to include Stefania Spampinato as main cast. Stefania has been recurring as Dr. Carina DeLuca throughout the third season.


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