Nova Jenkins was a patient at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital who had a hippocampectomy to treat her epilepsy.



Nova had epilepsy which was causing seizures that were so frequent that Derek Shepherd decided to do a hippocampectomy to treat her. With his busy schedule, he kept having to reschedule. When he came into Nova's room one night, her friend, Chelsea, yelled at him, saying that it was cruel to keep rescheduling Nova's surgery because she kept having more seizures and she hadn't eaten in two days. He insisted that the surgery would happen that night, in the middle of the night.

The surgery was performed. While assisting Dr. Shepherd, Leah Murphy made a mistake that could have caused permanent brain damage. After surgery, Nova was reluctant to wake up, but she ultimately opened her eyes and spoke.


She is shy and reserved, which led to Chelsea standing up to Dr. Shepherd for her.



Chelsea AnsellEdit

Chelsea is Nova's best friend. She came to be with Nova in the hospital before and after her surgery.


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