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Ginger is a nurse at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.


Jimmy Harper[]

Ginger was part of the code on Jimmy Harper when he had a clot. She talked Izzie through cracking his chest in order to evacuate the clot, encouraging her to stay calm. ("If Tomorrow Never Comes")

Train Crash[]

After the train crash, Ginger was working in the ER when Yvonne collapsed from her internal bleeding. She examined Yvonne and noted that she'd been bleeding internally for hours. ("Into You Like a Train")

Constance Ferguson[]

Ginger was one of Constance's nurses. She had to inform her that she couldn't have any food because she was scheduled for surgery. ("Owner of a Lonely Heart")

Pruitt Byrd[]

When Pruitt Byrd was in the hospital to have a cardiac tumor removed, Ginger was one of his nurses. Estelle Byrd, Pruitt's wife, yelled at Ginger, saying her husband needed his pills hours ago. ("Let the Angels Commit")

Preston Burke[]

When Burke was in the hospital, Cristina stole his food tray in an attempt to get Burke to cave and talk to her, but he paged Ginger, who took the tray from her and gave it to Burke, before asking him if he wanted her to call security. ("Six Days, Part 2")

Ambulance Crash[]

Ginger informed Izzie that there was no OR available for Ray's surgery. When Izzie said it was for the Chief, Ginger said she'd do what she could. ("Crash Into Me, Part 2")

Frankie's Death[]

When fellow nurse, Frankie, was 28 weeks pregnant, she collapsed. Her spleen was twisted, but she refused surgery because she was worried about her baby. Her spleen started to un-twist, but then she had abdominal bleeding, so she was rushed into surgery. In surgery, the bleed was stopped, but then Frankie crashed, so they did an emergency c-section to deliver her son. After that, they tried to resuscitate her but they were unsuccessful. Richard then delivered the news of her death to Ginger and the other nurses. ("Anybody Have a Map?")


She is a nurse at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Previously, she worked at Seattle Grace Hospital.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Ginger has been credited as Older Nurse.
  • She has Peppermint Patty underpants.[1]
  • She gave Debbie crocheted booties and a bottle of gin for Christmas.[2]