Gloria is a nurse at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

History[edit | edit source]

Burke's Donor[edit | edit source]

When Burke went to retrieve a heart for Denny, Gloria informed him that his donor flatlined before he could get it. ("17 Seconds")

Ambulance Crash[edit | edit source]

Gloria informed Erica that she was needed in the ambulance bay to tend to Ray Sutera. ("Crash Into Me, Part 2")

Derek and Zola[edit | edit source]

When Janet Meyers asked to see Derek, Gloria informed him of this in the OR. ("Free Falling")

Later, she went to check on why Derek's pager kept going off. She returned to the OR and told him it was about his baby. ("She's Gone")

Sponge Count[edit | edit source]

When Bailey was operating, Gloria informed her that the sponge count was off for the OR. They had counted three times and looked everywhere except inside the patient. The sponge was later found attached to Bailey's shoe. ("This Magic Moment")

Morgan Paging Alex[edit | edit source]

When Morgan repeatedly paged Alex while he was in the OR, Gloria read the texts off to him until he had her turn off his pager. ("The Lion Sleeps Tonight")

Prepping a Patient[edit | edit source]

When a patient came into the OR for surgery, Gloria told the doctors they hadn't been told what kind of procedure to prep for because the doctors couldn't agree on what they were doing. They compromised on both and told Gloria to prep for that. ("Moment of Truth")

Ben Paging Bailey[edit | edit source]

When Ben called the OR to check when Bailey would be done operating, Gloria informed Bailey of this. ("I Was Made for Lovin' You")

Vajazzling[edit | edit source]

When Bailey asked someone to look up if men bedazzle their penises, Gloria said she was on it. ("The End is the Beginning is the End")

Arizona's Nightmare[edit | edit source]

When Arizona had a nightmare about her leg, including a patient coming in with the same injury that caused her amputation, Gloria gave her the rundown. ("Walking on a Dream")

Meredith's Search for Richard[edit | edit source]

When Meredith came to the hospital looking for Richard to help with their proposal, Gloria told him Meredith needed him urgently. ("This is Why We Fight")

Matthew's Flashmob Proposal[edit | edit source]

When it was time for Matthew's proposal, Gloria informed Alex and Cristina that it was about to start. ("Readiness is All")

Updating Owen[edit | edit source]

While Owen operated, Gloria gave him an update on Richard Webber's condition, saying that Cristina was trying to place a balloon pump, but he kept coding. When he questioned her doing it bedside, Gloria asked if he wanted to get her on the phone, but he said no. ("Seal Our Fate")

Delivering Richard's Message[edit | edit source]

When Richard paged Meredith to ask if she had time for a surgery, Gloria delivered the message to Meredith, who was operating. ("Thriller")

NICU Emergency[edit | edit source]

When Arizona was needed for an emergency in the NICU, Gloria told her, as she was operating. ("Everything I Try to Do, Nothing Seems to Turn Out Right")

Getting Surgical Glue[edit | edit source]

When a patient needed a repair and bypass wasn't an option, Maggie suggested glue. Gloria told her they didn't have it on hand, so they sent her to get it. She returned quickly with the glue. ("One Flight Down")

Reading Alex's Text[edit | edit source]

While Alex was in surgery, he received a text. Gloria read it aloud to him, alerting him that Jo was safe with Taryn in a gallery. ("1-800-799-7233")

Career[edit | edit source]

She is a nurse at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. She previously worked at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, Seattle Grace Hospital, and Mercy West Medical Center.

Notes and Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Gloria has been credited as Burke's Nurse, OR Nurse, and Nurse.
  • She has a credit-only appearance in Flight.

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