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Liv is a nurse at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.


Frankie's DeathEdit

When fellow nurse, Frankie, was 28 weeks pregnant, she collapsed. Her spleen was twisted, but she refused surgery because she was worried about her baby. Her spleen started to un-twist, but then she had abdominal bleeding, so she was rushed into surgery. In surgery, the bleed was stopped, but then Frankie crashed, so they did an emergency c-section to deliver her son. After that, they tried to resuscitate her but they were unsuccessful. Richard then delivered the news of her death to Liv and the other nurses. ("Anybody Have a Map?")

After Frankie's death, Liv, along with the other nurses, continued to watch over her son in the NICU. ("Blowin' in the Wind")

Lining the Hall for AbbyEdit

When Abby Redding needed surgery after being raped, Liv was among the women who lined the hallway to the elevator to ensure that Abby wouldn't see any men's faces. ("Silent All These Years")

Gus CarterEdit

Liv was with Gus Carter when he rejected the blood transfusion given to him and she called for the doctors. ("The Whole Package")

Getting MaggieEdit

Liv came into the scrub room to retrieve Maggie when Josh Sterman collapsed after surgery. ("Head Over High Heels")

Cindy WrightEdit

When Cindy Wright came into the clinic, Andrew suspected she was a victim of human trafficking at the hands of Opal, who was pretending to be her aunt. He asked Liv to get Bailey, so they could take appropriate action to help Cindy. Liv was immediately suspicious that Andrew was seeing something that wasn't actually there, so she didn't take his concerns seriously. Later, to Liv's horror, Andrew lied and told Cindy she'd be having pro bono surgery with Meredith Grey. ("Give a Little Bit")


She is a nurse at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Liv is credited as Nurse, Circulating Nurse and O.R. Nurse.




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