Vivian is a nurse at Seattle Grace Hospital.


Katie BryceEdit

During Meredith's first shift, Vivian was part of the team working on Katie Bryce when she coded. ("A Hard Day's Night")

Annie ConnorsEdit

When they ran out of blood while operating on Annie Connors, Vivian brought more blood to the doctors, but was intercepted by Alex in the hallway, who took the blood and ran it to the OR. ("If Tomorrow Never Comes")

Joe's SurgeryEdit

When Joe was hospitalized with an aneurysm, the entire floor of nurses pitched in to buy him a gift basket, which Vivian presented to him. ("Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head")

Ellis GreyEdit

When Ellis was admitted to the hospital, Vivian was one of the nurses who took care of her. When Ellis went into a rage while George was trying to take care of her, Vivian offered her assistance. George sent her to get haloperidol to calm her. ("Make Me Lose Control")

Kalpana VeraEdit

Vivian was the nurse in the room when the doctors did a diagnostic test on Kalpana. She noticed that Kalpana's urine had turned blue and alerted the doctors. ("Deny, Deny, Deny")

Ward LawsuitEdit

When Addison agreed to tie the tubes of Rose Ward without any documentation of her consent, her husband, tipped off that something was amiss by Alex Karev, requested a meeting with the Chief, which Vivian informed him of. ("Blues for Sister Someone")


She is a nurse at Seattle Grace Hospital.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Vivian has been credited as Nurse #2, Cardiac Nurse, and Nurse.




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