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The Nurses' Strike is when the nurses of Seattle Grace Hospital went on strike in order to protest mandatory overtime.


The nurses, after being forced to work mandatory overtime to cover the shortage of nurses, decided to go on strike. Debbie came into the OR where Richard was working to inform him of their impending strike. ("Tell Me Sweet Little Lies")

The nurses picketed out the hospital, chanting, "Fair hours! Fair wages!" When doctors crossed the picket line to go to work, they had food thrown at them. George was reluctant to cross the line because both his parents were union workers. After watching him simply standing and watching, Olivia went to George and said he could pass without them throwing things at him. He declined and instead took a sign and joined the picket line.

Because they still cared about their patients, a few of the nurses decided to send George inside to take care of them. He did so, but refused to do any work other than what they'd sent him to do.

As a result of temp nurses losing her chart, Grace Bickham was intubated despite being DNR.

The strike was resolved when Richard Webber found room in the budget needed to hire extra nurses, realizing it was possible to save $2 million when Patricia reminded him about a surgical robot he wanted to buy.

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  • The nurses who went on strike are part of the Pacific Nurses Association.
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