Oliver is the estranged husband of Audrey.


Oliver found Audrey, his estranged wife, burning mementos of their life together, which upset him. They started to fight over it and walked away from the fireplace, which then sparked and started a fire on the carpet. Oliver then called the police because he believed Audrey was burning things that belonged to him. Audrey insisted that she hadn't and offered to show them, but when she went into the garage and tried to give the firefighters access, she ended up trapped inside with them while Oliver was outside. While they tried to free the trapped people, Oliver had a panic attack over Audrey being trapped and had to be given oxygen. After she was freed, he was relieved. He said he thought seeing all their stuff go up in flames was the perfect way to rip off the bandage. She showed him the one photo she was able to save from the garage.



He is married to Audrey, but they were separated. They got married in March 2002.


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