Oliver Lebackes is an attending pediatric surgeon and principal partner of the Lebackes Pediatric Surgery Clinic who comes to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital to help out on a case.


Consulting on an AnoplastyEdit

Oliver was invited to Grey Sloan hospital to consult on one of Arizona Robbins' cases, a patient who needed an anoplasty, his specialty. ("You Be Illin'")

Firing AlexEdit

When Maggie Pierce came into the OR where Alex and Lebackes were operating, she inadvertently revealed to Lebackes that Alex was vying for a spot on the board, which caused Lebackes to fire him on the spot for going behind his back. ("Puzzle With a Piece Missing")


Oliver is a funny, caring doctor who's maybe a little too confident with his work, but overall, personable. He is well aware of the humorous connotations surrounding his specialty and took no offense when Alex referred to him as Dr. Butthole.



He worked closely together with Drs. Robbins and Karev during his time in Seattle. He seemed to have some close history of working with Arizona as she refers to him as Ollie. Taking an interest in Alex, Oliver offered the open partner position on his practice to Alex near the end of his fellowship. The relationship was positive at first, however, at the revelation of Alex's intentions to sit on Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital's board, the relationship instantly became acrimonious.


Oliver is an attending pediatric surgeon working in at his own private clinic in Seattle, this clinic's name is Lebackes Pediatric Surgery Clinic . He sometimes consults on cases at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. He specializes in anoplasties, having created a technique that is now taught to medical students in medical school.

Oliver makes a lot of money at his practice, but for him, making a lot of money means being able to donate more money to do more outreach. That's why he plans to take a month off so he can go to Mafraq to help Syrian refugees. 

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He loves to hear music with a beat during surgery, preferably from the '80s.[1]
  • He loves golf. He has a golfing video game in his office, which he played while trying to recruit Dr. Karev.[2]
  • Oliver's personalized scrub cap is themed with green tall grass.
  • Although not stated in dialogue, Oliver is married as he can be seen wearing a wedding band.
  • He owns a boat.[3]



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