Olivia Davis is the child of Maya Bennett and Fillmore Davis and the grandchild of Sam Bennett and Naomi Bennett.



When Maya was three weeks before her due date, she went into labor. She then decided that she wanted to go to the hospital instead of having the baby at the practice like she originally planned. On the way to the hospital, she was in a car accident. ("In the Name of Love")

When they learned that Maya had a spinal fracture that threatened her ability to walk, they decided to operate and deliver the baby. However, before that could happen, they discovered that the baby was keeping Maya's spinal fracture stable, so they couldn't move the baby without risking paralysis. Gabriel then suggested hypothermia, which would give them more time to repair Maya's spine and hopefully save the baby as well. During Maya's surgery, Addison delivered the baby. She had to be resuscitated because she wasn't breathing, but she quickly stabilized. ("The End of a Beautiful Friendship")


As a newborn, Olivia lived with Naomi and Maya at Naomi's house, primarily cared for by Naomi as Maya was recovering and Dink was scared of Naomi, who didn't believe he was prepared to take care of Olivia. Dink, encouraged by Sam, stood up to Naomi and insisted that he was ready and would be taking care of Olivia and Maya. ("Take Two")

Move to New YorkEdit

When Maya got into Columbia, Olivia moved to New York with her family. ("...To Change the Things I Can")

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