Paramedic Nicole outside her ambulance

A paramedic is is a healthcare professional who primarly works outside of the hospital, as part of emergency medical servcies (such as ambulances). They are trained in primary care and triage in case of mass casualties.

In Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice, the paramedics work for the city's emergency response services, meaning they transport the injured to the nearest hospital with a trauma center. At the hospital, the paramedics update the doctors on the patient's status and sometimes help doctors with the patient intake before heading back out.

In some situations with mass casualties, such as the ferry boat crash or a tunnel collapse, paramedics take doctors with them to the field. In such cases, doctors either take over primary care or work alongside paramedics.

Known ParamedicsEdit

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • When Seattle Grace Mercy West's ER was closed down, April accompanied her then-boyfriend Matthew on a ride, as she needed some way to practice on trauma victims.
  • The majority of paramedics on the shows are credited as "Paramedic", "Paramedic #1", etc. Therefore, most paramedics' names are unknown.
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