Paramedic John is a paramedic working in Seattle.


Ferry CrashEdit

After the ferry crash, John and Alex Karev brought in a pregnant Jane Doe. John commented that he'd never seen someone with crush injuries that bad survive. ("Walk on Water")

Nancy WaltersEdit

John was on the rig that brought in Nancy Walters after she was in a car accident. ("A Change is Gonna Come")

Rick JacobsEdit

John brought in Rick Jacobs after he survived a 12,000 foot free fall. ("Kung Fu Fighting")

Bus AccidentEdit

When a John Doe was hit and dragged by a bus, John brought him to the ER. ("Now or Never")


When a sinkhole opened up in the middle of the street, John brought in a patient who was injured by the sinkhole. ("Free Falling")

Susie KramerEdit

John brought in Susie Kramer, who was injured in an ATV accident. ("Idle Hands")

Tanker AccidentEdit

When a tanker was involved in an accident, John brought in Cam Miller, who had been t-boned in the chaos. ("Can't Fight This Feeling")

Tunnel CollapseEdit

After a tunnel collapsed, John brought in a patient who was DOA. ("Time Stops")

Matthew and AprilEdit

John and Grace brought in Matthew Taylor. When they learned April had been with him, they went back into the field and found her in a ravine. When they got her to the hospital, John believed they'd lost her. ("Cold as Ice")


John is a paramedic in Seattle. One of the hospitals his route services is Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, and earlier Seattle Grace Hospital and Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • John was credited as Paramedic #1, Paramedic #2, NR Paramedic, Paramedic, and John the Paramedic.



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