Kevin Clarke is a paramedic in Seattle.


William DunnEdit

After William Dunn was stabbed in prison, Kevin brought him into the ER. ("Wish You Were Here")

Tanker AccidentEdit

When a tanker was involved in an accident and leaking gas, Kevin brought in Rachel Dawson, who was involved in a car accident in the chaos. He said she had a closed head injury. ("Can't Fight This Feeling")

Apartment FireEdit

Kevin brought in Hattie and Norris Straughn after they were in an apartment fire. ("Could We Start Again, Please?")

Martin DavisEdit

When Martin Davis was in a car accident, Kevin was on the rig that brought him in. ("Don't Dream It's Over")

Robbie ReevesEdit

When Robbie Reeves and his father were in a car accident, Kevin brought him to the hospital. ("Roar")

Colin AndersonEdit

Kevin brought in Colin Anderson, who had been shot in the chest while performing in a parade. He told the doctors the bullet had gone through his hand into his chest. ("I Walk the Line")

Lizzie HallEdit

Kevin brought in Elizabeth Hall, who had been in a car that rolled over during an accident. He told the doctors she was oriented to person at the scene. ("And Dream of Sheep")

Jai PrishnaEdit

He and Victoria Hughes brought Jai Prishna, who had slipped off a cliff and hung there for hours, to the hospital. ("Nothing Left to Cling To")

Paul CastelloEdit

When Paul Castello collapsed at Meredith's hearing, Kevin was on the rig that took him to the hospital. ("My Shot")

Train AccidentEdit

Kevin brought in Brad Spencer, who had fallen onto a train track and been electrocuted. ("Life on Mars?")


He is a paramedic in Seattle.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Kevin is named after the actor who portrays him, Kevin Clarke.
  • Kevin has also been credited as Paramedic, Paramedic #1, and Paramedic #2.



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