Nicole Cummins is a paramedic in Seattle.


Ferry CrashEdit

Nicole drove a rig full of supplies and doctors out to the site of the ferry boat crash. ("Walk on Water")


Nicole brought in the fourth climber, Lonnie, whose friends had believed he was dead. He had an ax imbedded in his head. ("Testing 1-2-3")


When Helena Boye and Jackie Escott were injured getting into a fight over a wedding package, Nicole was on the rig that brought them to the hospital. ("Kung Fu Fighting")

Timothy MillerEdit

When Timothy Miller was crushed by a garbage truck and impaled on himself, Nicole was on the rig that brought him into the hospital. ("These Ties That Bind")

Arthur SoltanoffEdit

Nicole brought in Arthur Soltanoff, who had fallen from a second-story window while sleepwalking. ("In the Midnight Hour")

Beth DearbornEdit

When Beth Dearborn seized and was trampled during a marching band performance, Nicole brought her to the hospital. ("I Will Follow You Into the Dark")

Anthony MeloyEdit

Nicole brought in Anthony Meloy, who'd been hit by a car. ("Sweet Surrender")

Jodie CrowleyEdit

After Jodie Crowley lost consciousness and hit a parked car, Nicole brought her into the hospital for treatment. ("I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watchin' Me")

Roof CollapseEdit

When the roof collapsed at Grandinetti's, Nicole brought in Frankie, whose arm had been traumatically amputated. ("Valentine's Day Massacre")


Nicole brought in Nick Kelsey, who had been injured in an avalanche while skiing. ("Suicide is Painless")

Lucas and Reilly NashEdit

When Lucas and Reilly Nash were in an accident trying to outrun a train, Nicole was on the rig that brought them to the hospital. ("Slow Night, So Long")

Trina PaizEdit

When Trina Paiz fell 100 feet, Nicole was on the rig that brought her into the hospital. ("Adrift and at Peace")

Convention StampedeEdit

After a stampede at a convention, Nicole brought in a "sexy zombie nurse" who was unconscious. ("What is It About Men")

Dog AttackEdit

When a kid was attacked by a dog and had half his face ripped off, Nicole brought him into the hospital. ("Dark Was the Night")

Valentine's DayEdit

On Valentine's Day, Nicole brought in Charlie Bilson who was hit by a car after running into traffic after his girlfriend. ("All You Need is Love")

Dominic ZicaroEdit

When Dominic Zicaro came in with his hand stuck in a meat grinder, Nicole cringed when Callie made a joke about the day being a grind. Callie replied that Nicole was thinking it too. ("Have You Seen Me Lately?")

Lion AttackEdit

Nicole brought in Paul, who had been mauled by a lion. She said his arm looked like a chew toy. ("The Lion Sleeps Tonight")

Car AccidentEdit

Nicole brought in a kid who had been in a car accident and had arrested twice before arriving at the hospital. It had taken over an hour to get him out of the car. ("Moment of Truth")

Motorcycle ClubEdit

When the Seattle Stormchasers, a motorcycle club, were involved in a large pileup, Nicole brought in Stuart Loeb, who had a de-gloved arm. She and Owen were both shocked that he was part of the club. ("Things We Said Today")

Sheila and Leonard OlsenEdit

When Sheila and Leonard Olsen were injured when she fell off a pole onto him, Nicole brought Leonard into the ER with crush injuries. ("The End is the Beginning is the End")

Rich CampionEdit

Nicole brought in Rich Campion, who crashed while slaloming down a hill. She said she suspected cardiac trauma. ("Bad Blood")

Matthew and AprilEdit

When her partner, Matthew Taylor, started seeing April Kepner, she witnessed several "dates" between the two of them, talking and eating in between his ambulance runs. ("The Face of Change")

Secret TraumaEdit

When April came along when Nicole and Matthew when they responded to a call, they picked up a kid. Dispatch was sending them to Redmond, but April believed the kid wouldn't survive that long. They secretly re-opened the closed ER at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital in order to bring in the kid, though Nicole was opposed to the idea. Despite her opposition, she helped them work on the kid. ("The Face of Change")

Tanker AccidentEdit

Nicole and Matthew responded to a tanker accident. Matthew, against protocol, used his own body to shield a kid from the blast, which resulted in him being seriously burned. ("Can't Fight This Feeling")

Flashmob ProposalEdit

When Matthew decided to propose to April, Nicole, among others, helped him plan and execute a flashmob proposal, set to the song, "I'm Gonna By (500 Miles)" ("Readiness is All")

John, Jerry, and Jake DoeEdit

When a car holding three junkies ran into a tree, Nicole brought them in. None of the three had ID, so the paramedics dubbed them John, Jerry, and Jake Doe. ("Puttin' on the Ritz")

Matthew and April's WeddingEdit

Nicole stood up for Matthew at his and April's wedding. However, the wedding was interrupted by Jackson professing his love for April. ("Get Up, Stand Up")

Multi-Car PileupEdit

When Robert Fischer's cat-like appearance distracted a driver and caused a multi-car pileup, Nicole brought in a little girl. ("Take It Back")

Stephanie's Gurney AccidentEdit

While bringing in a patient with tightness in his chest, Nicole told Stephanie that news that she'd hit Arizona Robbins with a gurney was all over the radio. She told Stephanie to try to hit April next time. Stephanie then hit Jackson with a gurney, which Nicole said would work. ("Throwing it All Away")

Mall ExplosionEdit

After an explosion at the mall, Nicole worked on a kid in the decontamination showers, doing CPR before calling for help, which Alex provided. He then took over for her. ("Fear (of the Unknown)")


When Melissa was severely beaten during a carjacking, Nicole brought her into the ER. ("Don't Let's Start")

Apartment FireEdit

When Hattie and Norris Straughn were in a fire in their apartment and Norris grabbed Hattie and jumped out the window to save them, Nicole brought them into the ER. They believed Hattie was dead, but Norris refused to let her go. ("Could We Start Again, Please?")

Tunnel CollapseEdit

After a tunnel collapsed, Nicole brought in Joan Paulson, who was 40 weeks pregnant and in labor, along with Andrew DeLuca, who had treated Joan in the field and the ambulance. ("Time Stops")

Jessica and AliyahEdit

Nicole was in the rig that brought in Jessica Tanner after she and Aliyah Hamed were injured by a train in an attempted suicide. ("Sledgehammer")

Roller Coaster DerailmentEdit

When a roller coaster carrying Cleo Kim and Gregory Williams derailed, Nicole brought them in on a truck because a field extraction was deemed too risky due to Greg's unstable crush injuries. ("Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story")



She got along well with her partner Matthew Taylor, even standing up for him at his failed wedding to April Kepner. ("Get Up, Stand Up")

When April left Matthew at the altar, she called April a name when telling her Matthew had quit. ("Throwing it All Away")


She is a paramedic in Seattle. Matthew Taylor was her partner until he quit after being left at the altar.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Though always the same actress, the character has also been credited as Jill the Paramedic, Paramedic #1, Paramedic #2, EMT, Paramedic, and Paramedic Nicole.
  • Several of the doctors have commented that Nicole is very attractive.[1]
  • She was the first person to refer to April as Red.[2]



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