Paramedic Rodriguez is a paramedic in Los Angeles.


Frances WilderEdit

When Frances Wilder experience arrhythmias in prison, Rodriguez was on the rig that brought her to the hospital. ("The Hardest Part")

Joanna GibbsEdit

When Joanna Gibbs showed up at the practice badly beaten, she was rushed to the ER. Rodriguez was one of the paramedics on the rig. ("Losing Battles")

Erica and Mason's Car AccidentEdit

Rodriguez brought in Erica and Mason after they were in a car accident. ("The Time Has Come")

Domestic SituationEdit

Rodriguez and Scott Becker responded to a domestic dispute. They thought the husband was gone, but he wasn't and he attacked them along with some friends. Rodriguez had minor injuries, but Scott was brought in in serious condition. ("The Letting Go")

Drea SpencerEdit

When Drea Spencer was stabbed, Rodriguez brought her to the ER. ("And Then There Was One")


He is a paramedic in Los Angeles.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Rodriguez was credited as Paramedic and Paramedic #1.




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