Dr. Russell examines samples from Janell Barnett's ovary.

Pathology (or otherwise known as General pathology) is the medical specialty that is concerned with the diagnosis of disease based on anatomical and clinical factors.

Anatomical basis include the gross, microscopic, chemical, immunologic and molecular examination of organs, tissues, and whole bodies (autopsy).

Clinical basis include laboratory analysis of bodily fluids such as blood and urine, and tissues using the tools of chemistry, microbiology, hematology and molecular pathology.

Notable PathologistsEdit

Notable CasesEdit

Grey's AnatomyEdit

Season 1Edit

  • Jordan Franklin: Cause of death was initially cardiopulmonary arrest complicated by liver disease. However, an autopsy and labs revealed the patient had hemachromatosis that resulted in heart failure.

Season 7Edit

  • Mary Portman: Multiple organ failure, unknown cause of death after a standard colostomy reversal. After an autopsy was performed, the cause of death remains inconclusive.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • In the real world, pathologists are separated into anatomical pathologists and clinical pathologists that focus on their respective factors to form the basis of disease diagnostics. In Grey's Anatomy, this distinction does not exist as pathologists practice both.
  • Pathologists often practice in hospital labs and/or hospital morgues.
  • Pathologists don't wear surgical masks when performing autopsies.
  • Pathology is also a diagnostic specialty as pathologists wear gray scrubs in Grey's Anatomy.
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