Patricia Murphy was Richard's administrative assistant when he was Chief of Surgery.


Rape CaseEdit

Meredith came to the Chief's office with a cooler containing the piece of penis her patient had in her stomach. Patricia asked to see it, but quickly took it back. Meredith wanted to leave the box in the office, but Patricia and Richard informed her that, because the police hadn't arrived at the hospital yet, she had to carry the piece of evidence with her until the police came to pick it up. Later that day, she showed Meredith where to sign the documents that said that the evidence was handed over to the police. ("The First Cut Is the Deepest")

Syphilis OutbreakEdit

When there was a syphilis outbreak among the staff at the hospital, all the doctors were called in for a demonstration on proper condom usage, which Patricia led. ("Who's Zoomin' Who?")

Richard's HospitalizationEdit

When Richard was hospitalized to have a tumor removed, Patricia talked Burke through all the Chief's responsibilities, as he'd been chosen to fill the position temporarily. She delighted in his inexperience. ("Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head")

Patricia continued to help Burke as he continued to work as the chief of surgery. She was amused by Mr. Hubble's bowel obstruction and joked at the x-ray. ("Enough is Enough")

Train CrashEdit

During the train crash, Jana Watkins and Brooke Blanchard asked for a lawyer to guarantee that Jana would get her and Brooke's son if she died in surgery. Patricia couldn't get a lawyer, but as she was a notary, she said the hospital's paperwork would be sufficient. ("Into You Like a Train")

Addison's ContractEdit

Patricia was there when Addison signed her contract to join the staff of Seattle Grace Hospital permanently. She congratulated her and welcomed her aboard. ("Much too Much")


Patricia relayed a message to Richard from his wife, saying that he needed to attend their niece's holiday pageant because of what he'd done on Thanksgiving and then she used words Patricia didn't feel comfortable repeating. She also threatened divorce. ("Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer")

Nurses' StrikeEdit

When Richard cut hours for doctors due to exhaustion, he had to raise the amount of hours that the nurses worked, without raising pay, causing the nurses to start to complain. Patricia relayed these concerns to the Chief, warning him that his arrogance was part of the problem and they needed more nurses. ("Tell Me Sweet Little Lies")

Patricia, as she was not working as a nurse at the time, did not participate in the strike, instead continuing her work inside the hospital, teaching the temp nurses how things work, while trying to show Richard how much he needed nurses. The strike was ended when Richard agreed to hire more nurses to eliminate the need for mandatory overtime. ("Break on Through")

Grace BickhamEdit

Patricia is the one who informed Meredith Grey that Grace Bickham was a hospice patient after she intubated her. ("Break on Through")

Denny's DNREdit

When Denny Duquette, Jr. decided to sign a DNR, Patricia brought him the paperwork. ("17 Seconds")

Richard's MarriageEdit

Patricia delivered the news to Richard that Adele had actually made an appointment to see him. ("Time Has Come Today")

Chief AnnouncementEdit

Patricia came into the ER to ask Richard, who was with Adele, what he wanted to do about the Chief of Surgery announcement. ("Didn't We Almost Have It All?")

Intern ExamEdit

Patricia delivered the results of the intern exam to the interns. ("Didn't We Almost Have It All?")

Jordan Kenley's DeathEdit

After Jordan Kenley died, Richard holed himself up in a room and had Patricia put a "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door. ("Wish You Were Here")

Meredith's HearingEdit

On the day of Meredith's hearing to determine if she would lose her medical license, Patricia testified as a witness. She told the board that Meredith was not originally matched with Seattle Grace, but Richard made it happen. ("My Shot")


Patricia was Richard Webber's administrative assistant during his tenure. She also was the point of contact of the National Residency Matching Program, meaning she was the first person to see who had matched. She previously worked as a nurse, and said she stopped being a nurse because of doctors who don't know how to pitch in.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • According to Richard Webber, she's an excellent forger.[1]
  • Her favorite place to have sex in the hospital is the conference room early in the morning.[2]
  • She was mentioned in season six following the merger, implying that she survived the cutbacks.





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