Pete is a man who was in a car accident with Gary Clark, who also shot him.


Pete was in a car accident with Gary Clark. When he got out to give Clark his insurance information, Clark shot him. He was taken to the hospital, where his injuries were assessed and he was taken into surgery after he started seizing. While they were operating, the hospital went on lockdown. Jackson Avery was called to the door of the OR to be informed about the situation and was told to wait until they were done operating to tell the other doctors and lockdown in the OR. They finished his surgery, but he was hypothermic, so they needed to move him to the ICU to warm him up, something they did carefully because Gary Clark had a gun in the hospital. ("Sanctuary")

While they were attempting to move Pete, they found a dead doctor, so instead of continuing, they called the police and arranged to take Pete out of the hospital. Once he was out, he was taken to another hospital. ("Death and All His Friends")



He is married to Shelley. Before his surgery, she was allowed a moment to say goodbye to him in case he didn't make it. ("Sanctuary")




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