Pete Willoughby is a police officer who came into the ER with a gunshot wound.


Pete was in his first month on the job as a police officer when he was shot in the chest. He came into the ER, where he was quickly transferred to surgery.

While he was being moved to another floor, the power went out in the hospital, stopping the elevator, trapping him with George and Alex. Pete's conditioned worsened while they were in the elevator, but there was nothing they could do without medical instruments. The maintenance crew was only able to move the elevator doors a few inches. Pete started hallucinating and his condition declined, so they had to pass instruments through the gap and talk George and Alex through a procedure to stabilize him. Alex froze when offered a scalpel, so George took over and cross-clamped the aorta and then plugged the hole in Pete's heart until they were able to restore open the elevator and move him to surgery.


Pete is a police officer. During his first month on the job, he was shot in the chest when he froze after a perp pulled a gun.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He was 25 at the time of his hospitalization.