Peter Gibson is a police officer who came into the hospital after being shot during a bank robbery.



When he and his brother, Brett, were kids, Pete used to follow Brett around, doing whatever he was doing. However, his mother said he eventually found his own way.

Pot LuckEdit

Some time before the shooting, Pete's mother hosted a pot luck for all the officers. While he was being treated in the ER, he told his mother they needed to hold another one and invite the doctors.

Bank RobberyEdit

Pete, along with his brother, Brett, and Dan Pruitt, responded to a call when a bank was being robbed at gunpoint. All three of them were shot. Pete was shot in the chest and abdomen. He had blood in his chest, so they started chest tubes and prepared him to be taken into surgery. He was awake and able to speak with his mother for a while before he had a traumatic arrest. They were able to restore his heartbeat, but he'd been without oxygen for 14 minutes and he was declared brain dead. After his mother consented, his organs were donated for transplant. Once his organ harvest surgery was completed, Jackson Avery worked on his body to make it look as good as possible for when his mom came to see him one last time.



Pete has a brother, Brett, who also died as a result of injuries sustained during the bank robbery. They were both close with their mother, who was devastated to lose both her sons in the same day.


Peter was a police officer in Seattle.

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