Phoebe Moss is a patient who was impaled through her head by a selfie stick.


Phoebe was impaled by a selfie stick during the wind storm while on her way to work. She was taken to the ER, where they assessed her condition. She was warned that removing it would be dangerous, so she called her mom and told her she loved her. Then she was taken to surgery, where the stick was removed. However, she started hemorrhaging upon removal and her brain herniated. She was pronounced brain dead. Since she was an organ donor, they looked into an organ harvest. Because of the storm, they had no way to transport her organs elsewhere, so UNOS approved a directed donation to Cece Colvin, who was not at the top of the list due to her risk of not surviving the surgery. Cece agreed to go forward with the transplant despite the risks, but as Phoebe was being taken to surgery, the power in the hospital went out. ("Blowin' in the Wind")

While the power came back on, the elevators did not, trapping Bailey and Taryn in the elevator with Phoebe. When they figured out that people were trapped in the elevator, Jackson and Link helped get them out and Phoebe to the OR so her organs could be retrieved. ("Shelter from the Storm")



She called her mother before surgery because she was worried she wouldn't make it.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She has a dog who gets one treat after dinner each day.
  • Her blood type is B-.



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