Piper is a woman who was caught in a sinkhole.


Piper's best friend, Finley, told her she'd gotten a job in New York and was thinking about taking it. Finley believed Piper wasn't supportive because she wasn't excited. Piper was really worried because she was in love with Finley and hadn't told her. She later went to go back to Finley's home to tell her, but fell into a pothole while crossing the street and became stuck. The firefighters arrived and blocked traffic while they figured out how to free her. Her leg was trapped and scratched, so they began to ship away at the concrete around her leg. While they were working, Finley came to the scene, worried about Piper. Piper confessed her love and the two shared a kiss. Then Piper said her leg was starting to feel tight, so they quickly pulled her out and put her in an ambulance.



She had a crush on her best friend, Finley. When Finley told her she was considering a move to New York, Piper decided to confess her feelings. This was temporarily stalled when she fell into a pothole, but when Finley came, she confessed her feelings and the two shared a kiss.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She used to live near Finley. After she moved, she still came back every morning for coffee and a walk with Finley.
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