As babies, we were easy. One cry meant you were hungry, another you were tired. It's only as adults that we become difficult. We start to hide feelings, put up walls. It gets to the point where we never really know what anyone thinks or feels. Without meaning to, we become masters of disguise. It's not always easy to speak your mind, sometimes you need to be forced to do it. Sometimes, it's better to just keep things to yourself, play dumb, even when your whole body is aching to come clean. So you shut your mouth, keep your secret, and find other ways to keep yourself happy.

Poker Face is the sixth episode of the eighth season and the 154th overall episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Short Summary[edit | edit source]

After being blackballed by most of the surgeons, Meredith uses Lexie to spark Derek's interest in her patient's rare brain tumor case and, in secret, gives guidance to April with Bailey's clinical trial. Callie's wish for Arizona and Mark to form a friendship comes to fruition and she realizes it's more irritating than helpful. Alex and Teddy research alternative surgeries for a very superficial patient and Callie and Cristina struggle with a very difficult spinal surgery.

Full Summary[edit | edit source]

Meredith, wearing pink scrubs, delivers a baby and hands it over to the mother.

Callie is sleeping. Arizona, who's lying next to her, whispers to wake up and kisses her on her cheek. Callie smiles and wishes her a good morning. Suddenly Mark appears, saying it is going to be a great morning and he serves her breakfast, in which he and Arizona put a lot of effort making, but Callie just wants coffee. They urge her to try the egg and Arizona feeds her some. Callie hides how she really feels and acts all enthusiastic. 

Richard wants to enter the research lab, but the key doesn't fit. He knocks and Bailey opens the door. He says his key is not working. She says she changed the locks. He knows it's not his trial anymore, but that doesn't mean she can lock him out of his own mouse lab. "My mouse lab," she says and closes the door in his face. She locks the door and takes a breath. April is in the lab too and tells her that about 20% of the mice with implants have diabetes again. She thinks they should tell Webber, but Bailey refuses. Bailey says it's exactly for challenges like this that she handpicked Kepner to assist her. April points out she did because Cristina, Jackson, and Alex all said no. Bailey replies she did because April goes beyond and above to solve problems like no one can. She convinces April to say "I solve problems like no one else can" to give her some confidence and tells her to get back to work.

As Owen tells the residents that every surgery they do this year comes on their record, both the wins and the losses, Meredith comes in late. She sits down next to Cristina. Jackson can't believe she's OB now, which Alex says she is because her uterus hurts due to missing Zola. Cristina tells Alex to leave her alone, but then tells Meredith she's emberrassing her. Meredith says she's making life, but she's also making Cristina gag. "Okay, slumming it in OB for a few weeks is okay, whatever, but wearing the vagina squad scrubs in public? We have standards, Meredith!" she says. Owen, who continued his speech while they were talking, says it's important they rack up as many good outcomes as possible for their boards, which is why he is implementing a new system. He'll receive an e-mail if any of them exceeds the number of 10 bad outcomes in their OR. Any more is unacceptable, he says, as April now comes in too. She apologizes and says she was in the lab with Bailey. He doesn't care where she was, he only cares she has had 2 bad outcomes in her OR. "Loser," Alex tells her, only to hear from Owen he's had an impressive 5 bad outcomes already. April looks at him and laughs. Owen tells them it's the point to keep their bad outcomes to a minimum, or they will be hard-pressed to find a fellowship next year. Cristina is meanwhile texting Owen. He reads her text and asks her if she's sure she's getting all this down. She does. Bad outcomes are bad, which is why she has 0 so far, a perfect record she plans to continue during her ortho rotation this week. 

Lexie is apologizing to Derek because she the scrub nurse didn't separate his macrodissectors from his micros. Lexie told her yesterday, but she must've forgotten, which sounds like an excuse, so apologizes for that too. Derek tells her to leave, now. Lexie walks up to Meredith at the other end of the nurses station and asks Meredith to go and have sex with him to make him nicer. Meredith told her Derek was going to be hard on her until she's learned all of his quirks. Lexie says they're not quirks, they're these scary, nitpicky rules just to drive her crazy. Meredith laughs and Lexie asks what the deal is with him needing 16 towels in the OR at all time. Meredith refuses to give her the answers, as Lexie will otherwise never learn on her own. "You're just as mean as he is," Lexie says and leaves. Meredith walks up to Derek and asks how his day is going. His OR is a mess and his caseload is an exercise in boring. Meredith knows he can't talk to her about it as they don't talk about neuro. He knows something else they can do and starts kissing her, but no kissing in the hospital. Just as he questions why, as they don't work together anymore - she's just his wife - she gets a 911 page. He kisses her one last time and then allows her to go.

On their way to a patient, Callie is talking to Cristina about how she does not like Arizona and Mark's newfound friendship. Cristina is busy on her phone and Callie grabs it and reads a sexual text from Owen out loud. Callie is jealous, because she and Arizona haven't had much alone time lately. They agree it's depressing that all they do is eat. They then decide to talk about the case, which Cristina expects to be a routine ortho procedure, but Callie decided not to bore her with routine stuff since it's Cristina first time co-piloting with her.

They enter their patient's room, greeting the parents. Mrs. Moser urges her husband to get out of the bed, as it's their son's. They start fighting until their son comes out of the bedroom. Tyler introduces himself and Callie informs Cristina he's suffering from cervical spondylosis. Due to a car accident, his neck was injured more, so they are gonna build him a new one in a three day three-part surgery. 

As his wife is wheeled into the delivery room, a man keeps on filming her, despite her angry protestations. Meredith enters the room. As the attending is stuck in the OR, she'll have to deliver. As Meredith gets ready to, the wife yells at her husband that he has stop filming. He doesn't listen to her, so she calls brain tumor to make him stop. It works. Meredith is surprised to hear about the tumor and the husband tells her she has a grade IV astrocytoma. Meredith replies he could have led with that, but he says things have been hectic. As the woman keeps on screaming, Meredith starts delivering as a nurse closes the door.

The parents are looking at their newborn, named Emma. Outside the room, Meredith and Lexie are watching them and Meredith is informing Lexie on the sort of tumor Mary has - it's called a butterfly tumor because it extends into both sides of the brain, and she will die in 6 months, which is the reason they decided to have a baby now. Meredith gives her all Mary's scans. She wants her to talk to Derek about Mary and get him to do a consult. Lexie says she's better off taking the scans herself because Derek hates her, but Meredith reminds her the only thing keeping their marriage from falling apart is not to talk about neuro, which is why he can't know she has anything to do with it. Lexie realizes she's being used, but Meredith says that inspiring Derek will make him stop hating her.

Cristina wants to trade services with Alex, arguing that he needs a good outcome. He says there's no such thing as an easy neck surgery and he knows she's afraid to tank her winning streak and she wants to trade to get back on the easy train. It's not happening. Altman joins them and asks what easy train. Cristina says Alex is calling her service that, but Alex says it's a compliment that her patients never die. Teddy asks if it has nothing to do with him piling up bad outcomes. Alex responds that they were 'dud' patients. She and Alex walk into their patient's room. Chuck Cain came into the E.R. after a syncopal episode and he requires a valve replacement in an open heart procedure. He cares about the scar and asks how big it'll be. 10 inches at most, Alex says, which makes Chuck refuse to have the surgery. Alex says a scar is only a small to price to pay for how much better he'll feel. The man is obsessed with his age and his good looks, to which the ladies agree. There won't be any more meeting up women at the pool with a scar from an open heart surgery. Alex wants to convince him, but Teddy says they'll investigate alternatives. Chuck requests an extra pillow. 

Owen is in a conference room texting Cristina. He hides his phone as Derek comes in, asking if it's July yet, because he needs new residents. Lexie is still drowning and he didn't know how lucky he was until Meredith got off his service. Owen asks if he knows how to read budget reports, but Derek gave up the job for things like that. Mark comes in carrying home made maple-ginger scones and he offers them to try them, but they decline. He starts talking about how difficult it is to make good scones, but realizes he's being a bore when Owen and Derek start talking about Derek's house. Avery is doing all his surgeries so he turned to cooking to keep his mind sharp for when the next big case comes in. A nurse appears and tells Derek that Dr. Grey is looking for him urgently, and not his wife. Derek leaves as Mark manages to convince Owen to try a scone.

Callie is in the OR with Cristina and explains her how they'll handle the case. She hands Cristina the drill while Cristina asks why they didn't do a fusion. They're going for a long-term solution with their approach, Callie says, and only lame surgeons do fusions. They're not lame, they're fun and bad-ass. She shows Cristina how to properly use the drill. Cristina's phone goes off; Callie can't believe she's sexting during surgery. Cristina replies it could be anyone, so Callie asks Melanie to read the message out loud, because it could be Chief Hunt needing her in an urgent matter. While the phone keeps on going off, Cristina orders Melanie to just turn the phone off.

Cristina enters a conference room and she tells Owen not to text her anymore in the OR. No one noticed, she says, which is good, because it's the only thing keeping him going through the budget reports. They start kissing, but Cristina wants to check on her patient because she doesn't want Callie to give her a bad outcome. He promises to be quick and they get down on the floor behind the table. Richard comes in to talk to Hunt and apologizes when he sees what they were doing. While Owen buckles his belt, Cristina tells Owen to keep his phone on on her way out. Richard tells Owen to act like a Chief of Surgery and can't believe they wanted to do it in a conference room.

Derek asks Lexie if she's found the article he asked for two days ago. She's close to that, but now she has the scans of a woman with a so called butterfly tumor. Derek says those are inoperable and she can't convince him for a consult by telling him about the patient. He gets on an elevator and tells her to find the article. Lexie tells April she can't cover the ER as she needs to do research for Shepherd. April starts to object, but Lexie says she'll have to take it up with Shepherd. Bailey comes over and asks April where her mouse labs are. April was stuck in the OR, trying not to fall behind on her surgeries. Bailey asks if she rather fall behind in her opinion of her then, which April definitely does not want. She'll get the labs right away. Bailey yells after her that it's hard to be a team when only one player cares.

Callie tells Tyler Moser that they removed all the old hardware today, so they're all set to implant the cage tomorrow. Callie advises Tyler to rest and the parents start arguing over who will stay with Tyler. An annoyed Tyler asks if the visiting hours aren't over already and Callie supports him. The parents leave and Callie says surgery brings out the worst in people, but Tyler says it's marriage that does. He's grateful they dropped everything to take care of him, but the second he's better, he's moving out. He needs some peace and quiet. Callie will help him to get him some now. Tyler falls asleep, but is soon woken up by Cristina, who is coming to check on his reflexes every half hour to make sure there is no nerve damage from the surgery. 

Meredith is brushing her teeth and Derek comes into their bathroom. Him being home already is an advantage of his boring caseload, he says. Meredith pokes around to found out if Lexie did what she asked her to do, but Derek reminds her off no more work talk. Meredith will be right back.

Meredith finds Lexie in the shower and asks about Mary's tumor. Lexie says she did and Derek said it was inoperable, but she didn't get the chance to show him the scans and tell him it was in the frontal lobe. She reminds Meredith that she's naked and wet in the shower. Meredith says Derek is a tumor junkie who needs to see the scans and meet the patient in order to spark the case, the same way he needs a 16th towel in the OR to position his arm on the microscope. Meredith asks if she needs to write this all down. "Naked and wet in the shower," Lexie repeats, which makes Meredith realize that she needs to write it down.

Alex is urging a lab tech to give him the labs of Chuck Caine. April comes over and tells him she needs him to cover the ER, but he refuses. He pushes the tech again, while April tries to make him agree to do it, saying that people will die if he's not there. Alex says this would be her fault, not his. The tech finds the labs and April asks Alex to be a person for one second. He says she doesn't deserve this job because she's bad at it. She gets all stressed out and frantic and nobody wants to listen to her. She has no authority, and he imitates her nervous voice. He concludes she's annoying, so no, he can't be a person for a second. She's left devastated.

Cristina checks Tyler's reflexes again. They're good. He asks if she knows she snores. She does, and she's been told it's adorable. Tyler tells her it's not. His parents come in and the mother blames his father for being late. She wants to offer him donuts, but Cristina says he can't eat before the surgery. The father says he told her so, while she thinks one donut won't hurt. Cristina says it will and she takes away the donuts. 

Lexie tells Derek she confirmed a consult for him and shows him the scans of the butterfly tumor. He's mad that she still hasn't found the article, but takes a look at the scans. He gets inspired, just like Meredith predicted he would.

In Mary's room, Derek proposed to get another set of scans. Clay says other surgeons told them the surgery could kill her or put her in a coma. Mary thinks it'll be good for him to spend some time alone with Emma, their daughter, so she can die knowing he won't drop her on her head. Clay agrees to the scans.

Meredith is following April, telling her she has no time for this as two more moms came in. April says she'll be fine as long as no one's crowning. They enter April's office, where Cristina is feeding a mouse a donut while researching an alternative surgery for her neck guy. April snatches the donut and says it could kill the diabetic mouse. Cristina asks why the mouse is in her office. So that Meredith can run tests on it. Meredith says Bailey blames her for making Richard lose his trial, so the last thing she wants is Meredith working on the trial. April says that is why she can do it in secret, which Cristina finds the worst idea ever. Meredith agrees. "I am your chief resident, Dr. Grey!" April yells, making both Meredith and Cristina laugh. "Which means if you cross me, I will make your life a living hell," April says with a lower, more forceful voice. She tells how she will do that, impressing Cristina and making Meredith agree to the plan. Before leaving the office, April asks if it worked because she changed her voice, but Cristina tells her to walk away now before she embarrasses herself. Cristina gets another text from Owen and says duty calls. Meredith asks if they're talking again or if it's just sex. "Hot, dirty, stand on my head sex," Cristina replies, which Meredith interprets as no. Cristina doesn't care about talking. If Meredith wants to talk, Cristina suggest they talk about Meredith wasting her fifth year with vaginas and mice. 

Alex presents a minimally invasive surgery to his patient with Teddy watching. He shows him pictures of the scan, but the patient himself has a picture of a friend's groin. His friend had the same problem with his valve last year and his doctor replaced it with a catheter through the groin. Barely any scare. Alex explains that this procedure is a TAVI, which is experimental. Alex starts to name the numerous risks and he suggest the patient get a rash guard so no one will notice the scar of the surgery he advised, but the patient claims only "fatties" wear rash guards. He wants a TAVI. Alex tells Teddy he can't get through to the patient, but she tells him to look into it and see if the patient could be a candidate. Alex tells the patient he will do that, which the patient approves.

Meredith locks up Bailey's mice lab. Richard appears and drags her with him, saying he saw Kepner take a mouse out of the lab, but Meredith claims not to know about it. He drags her into a room and when he promises Bailey is not gonna find out about this, she reveals some of the mice are hypoglycemic and they're running tests to find out why. He tells her to run tests on a healthy mouse and compare the stats, then page him for the results. She doubts because of April, but he tells her she can handle Kepner. Meredith leaves the room, and suddenly the lights go on. Turns out they were talking in a patient's room. He makes up an excuse and quickly leaves.

In surgery, Callie finds out the cage won't fit. Mark wants to step in, but Callie declines. The bone is so damaged that the screws won't hold. Cristina suggests they do the fusion, which she researched. She pitches an alternative, but Callie rejects it as Arizona comes in to talk to Mark. Arizona tells him her surgery got pushed and she can't pick up the short ribs. They could roast a chicken. Callie asks them to shut up about dinner, and then decides they're gonna close up the patient to give them time to come up with a game plan that's not a fusion. Mark is happy because he can now go to the butcher and leaves.

Derek is talking to Mary about her tumor, which is unlike every tumor he's seen before. He thinks he can remove her tumor. Lexie agrees with the couple that Derek is pretty amazing. Mary wants to do the surgery, but Clay wants more time to think about it. If she got to call brain tumor, he gets to call Emma. He wants his wife to think about Emma, who needs the six months with her mother. Mary is doubting and looks at Derek.

Meredith is sitting in April's office, working on the mice problem when Alex walks in, asking if she's planning to be a vet now. Meredith tells him April dumped the trial on her, but she's not annoyed because she turns out to be good with mice and she found April's secret snack drawer. April comes in and closes the drawer, then notices her entire office has post-its on the walls. That's Meredith's way of helping her, so she'll have to get over it. Meredith asks her to steal a healthy mouse, but April says she can't because Bailey hasn't left the lab in 48 hours. Alex imitates her voice, which makes April decide to go for it anyway. Cristina comes in, asking Alex to tell her what it feels like to have a bad outcome as she takes a snack out of drawer. Cristina asks what would happen if she took her name off the case. Alex says she can have his old guy asking for a TAVI, which Cristina says is just asking for a bad outcome. Lexie comes in and tells Meredith that Derek found a way to remove the tumor, but Mary decided not to do the surgery because Clay is afraid of the risks. Meredith asks Lexie if she told them how good Derek is. Lexie says she kind of did, making Meredith question if she has to do everything herself. She leaves, followed by Lexie. Meanwhile, Alex comments that Cristina's texts to Owen are hot.

Bailey is looking through her microscope in the lab while April tries to secretly take a mouse. Bailey notes her voice doesn't whisper, so April makes up an excuse about having to run a test on mouse G, which Bailey replies is healthy, so there's no need to. April claims she's onto something, which she'll tell Bailey about once she figures it out. She then quickly leaves with the mouse.

Alex tells Chuck, his patient, that after research and conversations with other surgeons, he decided not to do a TAVI on him. Alex says it's his final decision and walks off to give the man some time to think about his options, when the patient tells him he saw him as a man who had a pair on him. Alex asks Chuck if he really wants to die because of a stupid scar.

Callie comes home and apologizes for being late, but she was busy figuring out tomorrow's schedule. Sofia is already asleep, so Callie starts kissing Arizona. They fall onto the couch as Mark comes in with a fresh cooked meal and wine. Arizona gets up and starts complimenting the food, while Callie only gets more irritated.

Cristina and Owen are making out in an on-call room. A pager goes off, but they conclude its none of theirs. "It's me," Richard says from the top bed of the bunk. Cristina and Owen cover up with the blanket as Richard gets out of bed. He looks at the embarrassed couple, sighs and leaves. Cristina and Owen laugh.

Meredith finds Clay in the parking lot. He's trying to put the baby seat into the car, but it's not going well. He gets frustrated, so Meredith helps him out. She brings up Derek. Clay says he knows Derek is good, but they've seen a lot of good surgeons. He knows he's the bad guy here, but they just had a baby. He just wants to be happy, at least today, or a couple more months. Meredith says Mary wants more than that, but Clay says they made the decision a long time ago as they knew they would be too emotional after Emma's birth. Meredith says Mary has now seen and held her baby, and now she can't imagine not being here. She wants more time, and so does Clay. He doesn't want her to die. Neither does Mary, Meredith says, which is why she wants to fight.

Mary is being transported to the OR. She's holding Emma and talking to Clay about women he could marry after she dies. Derek informs them it's time to say goodbye. Clay sits down on the gurney and Mary says she's gonna beat this and she'll see him soon. They kiss and she hands over Emma after a short goodbye. Derek continues his way to the OR with Mary. He stops and turns around, nodding at Clay to tell him that Mary will be fine.

In Callie's OR, things aren't going as planned. Cristina once again suggests they do a fusion, but Callie is determined not to give up. The patient starts deteriorating, leading to Cristina telling Callie she's taking her name off the case. However, turns out there was just an elektrode off, which Callie reconnects. The patient is doing fine, but Cristina is now off the case. Callie then comes up with something to make it work, amazing Cristina. Callie doesn't care and tells her to go.

In the dark OR gallery, Meredith shows Richard that it looks like the islet cells are being rejected. He's relieved it's not the device. They overthink the problem and he says it may not be that the cells are being rejected. Maybe they're not surviving due to other causes. Meredith concludes they need to look for signs of rejection. Exactly. They bump fists.

Meredith tells April that the device is working, but something is hurting the islet cells. April asks how she figured that out, but she replies that doesn't matter. Just as Meredith tells her she needs to tell Bailey to look for signs of rejection, Bailey appears in the doorway. Bailey tells Meredith she must think she's God, or she is the most reckless, arrogant resident Bailey has ever come across in her entire career. Putting her hands on a clinical trial after she already ruined one is a level of stupidity so high that she can't even imagine it. April says it was her who delegated it to Meredith, which makes Bailey fire her from her trial. Bailey wants to take back her mouse, but Meredith won't allow it until she's read her research. Meredith makes Bailey take the documents and Bailey then leaves with the mouse and the research. Meredith tells April that altering your voice works.

In surgery, Derek tells Lexie how smart the tumor is. Lexie thinks this means he's stopping the surgery and tells him there's no shame in that, but Derek tells her they're not stopping. They're smarter than the tumor.

Cristina finds Callie in the scrub room and explains she did what she did because it's the fifth year. She'll have to defend every decision she made in the OR during her boards. Callie says she picked Cristina to be her co-surgeon on this case because she takes crazy risks in the OR, but the surgeon she worked with for the past three days was safe, boring, a B minus version of herself. She understand Cristina's career depends on her fifth year, but if she's not careful, she's gonna wake up one day and realize she's no longer the badass, hardcore, spontaneous, take charge, crazy, fun person she thought she was, but instead, she's a sad, sorry wife, who stays in every night and talks about food like it's an orgasm while it's clearly not an orgasm. An orgasm is an orgasm. Cristina lost track. "Don't let fifth year get to you," Callie says before walking out. 

Meredith meets Clay in the waiting room and sits down with him. They look at Emma while Derek and Lexie continue their operation. Suddenly, Mary starts deteriorating. A vessel leaked, causing the tumor to swell. They need to drain the ventricle. He has no choice but to go in blind. 

Derek leaves the OR and gets on an elevator. He looks disappointed and constantly sighs. He gets off the elevator and walks up to Clay and Emma. They got the whole tumor, Derek tells him. Clay is relieved and thanks him. Derek smiles as an emotional Clay tells Emma she'll have mommy. Meredith watches from a distance how the two men sit down.

Alex walks past Chuck's room. Chuck is wheeled out and Teddy tells him he'll be brought to the cath lab, where she'll perform his TAVI. Chuck tells Alex the lady had a bigger pair than him, but no hard feeling about that. Chuck asks a nurse how old she thinks he is as they continue their way to the cath lab. Alex tells Teddy he wants his patient back, saying she can't punish him for being cautious. Actually, she can. His problem is that he let his bad outcomes get to him and now he's scared. The only thing worse than a bad surgeon is a scared one. She walks off.

Callie tells her patient that pretty soon, he'll be able to do everything by himself. The parents starts fighting each other about whether or not their son is allowed to do sports, until he yells at them to get a divorce. He gets how they stayed together for him through college and through his neck thing, but those are all over now. They're free to leave each other now. He says it's obvious they hate each other, so they should each go their separate ways. "Just get a divorce!" Tyler yells again. Callie suggest they give Tyler some space and the parents leave the room. Callie stays behind and asks him how that felt. "Awesome," he says, making them both laugh.

Richard enters Bailey's mouse lab, where she paged him to. She informs him 8 of the mice are hypoglycemic. He pretends to be surprised to hear this. She's been locked in this lab all day and night, hiding it from him and trying to figure out why, and then Meredith Grey figured it out. Now she's got weeks worth of tests to run and mice to monitor and real patients to check on. Richard suggests she gets help, but Bailey doesn't know from whom, as she fired Kepner and refuses to put Meredith on the trial. Richard promises her help will show up, as it always does. Now he orders her to go home and get some rest. Work will still be there in the morning. He pushes her out of the lab and tells mouse Q he's got his back.

At Joe's, Lexie is telling Jackson and Alex about how incredible the neurosurgery was. Jackson says Mark only talked to him about chicken. Alex says Altman called him a chicken. April appears and tells Alex that what he said to her the other day was horrible and mean. "You're doing it again, you're like a freaking mosquito," Alex says, refering to her voice. Lexie and Jackson laugh. April says it's all changing tomorrow. Lexie will be leading pre-rounds, Jackson will be mentoring med students, and Alex is looking towards nights in the ER for the next week. If they argue with her, she'll take them off the OR board, indefinitely. She on the other hand just got fired from Bailey's trial, so she'll spend the night drinking and flirting with boys. She drinks Alex's entire beer and walks off to a guy.

Cristina meets Owen in the ambulance bay. He tells her there can't be any more sex in the hospital because he's Chief now, and he has to act like it. She's fine with it. They're feeling a little awkward and still refuse to talk about their problems. He suggests they go and have dinner somewhere, but she proposes they just go home and have sex there. He agrees to that. They walk off together.

Arizona and Mark are cooking together at Callie and Arizona's apartment. Callie comes in with pizza and beer. Mark doesn't understand why she brought pizza, as he just made them coq au vin. Callie takes the pan and dumps it in the trash can. She tells Mark she loves him, she loves how great he is with their daughter, she loves that he and Arizona are friends now, but he needs to leave tonight, because she needs to eat pizza and drink beer in bed with her wife, tell her about the neck she built today and then they're gonna have lots and lots  of sex. They're great parents, but they're more than that. They're hot, and sexy, and their new hobby is getting in the way of their sex life. Arizona is impressed with Callie as Callie asks Mark to start having sex again. But not tonight, because tonight, he's babysitting. He asks if he can at least have some pizza. Callie gives him one slice, and then shows him the door. She and Arizona start making out as Mark leaves.

Meredith is reading in bed. Derek lies down next to her. His day was so good that he wants to break their rule and tell her about it. She tells him not to and they start making out as well.

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Medical Notes[edit | edit source]

Fran[edit | edit source]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Pregnancy
  • Treatment:
    • Delivery

Meredith assisted in the delivery of Fran's baby.

Tyler Moser[edit | edit source]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Cervical spondylosis
  • Treatment:
    • Spinal fusion
    • Surgery

Tyler had cervical spondylosis and then was in a car accident, which further injured his neck. Callie developed a surgical plan to build him a neck in a three-day, three-part surgery. The first day was for them to remove the old hardware, then Mark would take down the old scar tissue, and the third day would have them implanting the new cage. He'd already had four spinal fusions, which is why Callie was looking into a long-term solution. After the old hardware was removed, Tyler had to have his reflexes checked every half hour all night, to make sure there was no nerve damage. During his second surgery, Callie was forced to close early and reframe her plan. When they went back in, Callie was still having trouble getting her plan to work. When he lost neuro function on one of his leads, Cristina decided to leave and take her name off the case. Then a scrub nurse said that the lead had just become disconnected. She continued the surgery and it was a success.

Mary Rolich[edit | edit source]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Pregnancy
    • Grade IV astrocytoma
  • Treatment:
    • Delivery
    • Surgery

Mary gave birth two weeks before her due date. While she was laboring, Meredith was informed that she has a grade IV astrocytoma. Meredith sent scans of her brain to Derek through Lexie. Once he saw the scans of her brain, he went to Mary and her husband to say that he could operate to remove it. Mary immediately agreed, but Clay was more reluctant, saying Emma needed the six months with her and the surgery could take those away. Despite it being more difficult than he initially thought, Derek proceeded and successfully removed her tumor.

Chuck Cain[edit | edit source]

  • Diagnosis:
    • Narrowed aortic valve
  • Treatment:
    • Transcatheter aortic valve implantation

Chuck, 71, came into the ER after a syncopal episode. When Alex told him of their plan to replace his valve in open-heart surgery, he declined to have the surgery, not wanting a scar on his chest. He proposed that they do a TAVI instead, so he wouldn't have the large scar. Alex refused after doing research on it, so Chuck had Teddy perform the TAVI instead.

Music[edit | edit source]

Song Performer Scene
"Holy Moses" Washington
  • Meredith delivers Fran's baby.
  • Arizona and Mark wake up Callie for special breakfast.
  • Richard finds he's locked out of his mouse lab.
"Daydreams" Olivia Broadfield
  • Meredith is working on the trial in April's office.
  • April is encouraged to steal a healthy mouse from the lab.
  • Cristina and Alex talk about their day and send naughty texts to Owen.
  • Lexie tells Meredith about Mary.
  • April steals a healthy mouse, but Bailey notices something's up.
"Blood Bank" Bon Iver
  • Derek decides to continue operating on Mary.
  • Callie tells Cristina not to let fifth year get to her.
  • Meredith sits with Clay during Mary's surgery, where Derek has to take a risk to fix a complication.
"Got It, Lost It" Big Scary
  • Derek seems to feel bad on his way to the waiting area.
  • He tells Clay they got the whole tumor.
  • Alex learns Teddy is going to the TAVI on Chuck.
  • Teddy tells Alex not to let his bad outcomes get to him.
  • Tyler yells at his arguing parents to get a divorce.
"For You" Tin Sparrow
  • Richard tells Bailey to go home.
  • Lexie, Jackson, and Alex talk about their day.
  • April comes over manages to get some respect.
  • Cristina and Owen go home together and agree on no more sex in the hospital.
  • Callie comes home with beer and pizza and throws Mark out so she can have sex with Arizona.
  • Derek wants to tell Meredith about his good day.

Notes and Trivia[edit | edit source]


Grey's Anatomy 8x06 -

  • This episode's title originated from the song Poker Face, originally sung by Lady Gaga.
  • This episode scored 9.54 million viewers.
  • Owen mentions being confused and stressed about the budget a few times during this episode, marking the first time the budget has been mentioned during his tenure as chief. Later, Seattle Grace doctors are involved in a plane crash that is reportedly the result of Owen switching to a cheaper airline company because of budgetary constraints.

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

Mark: Try a scone, you know you want.

Meredith: Derek's a tumor junkie!

Cristina: Wearing the vagina squad scrubs in public? We have standards, Meredith.

Meredith: Are you two talking yet or just having sex?
Cristina: Not just sex. Hot, dirty, stand on my head sex.
Meredith: I'll take that as a 'no'.
Cristina: Come on, who cares if we talk. Besides, if you wanna talk about somethin', how about the fact that you're wasting your fifth year playing around with vaginas and mice, huh? Wanna talk about that?
Meredith: Do you really stand on your head?
Cristina: I'm very talented.

Alex: Look, I want my patient back. I was being cautious. You can't punish me for that.
Teddy: Actually, I can. You've had some bad outcomes, we all get bad outcomes, your problem is that you let it get to you. And now? You're scared. The only thing worse than a bad surgeon is a scared one.

Callie: Mark, I love you. I love how great you are with our daughter. I love that you and Arizona are friends but you… You need to leave. Because tonight I'm gonna eat pizza and drink beer in bed, with my wife, and then I'm gonna tell her all about the neck I just built and then we're gonna have lots and lots of sex. Okay? We're great parents, but we are more than just Mommies and Daddies. We are hot. And we are sexy. And your new hobby? The hollandaise and the short ribs and the coq au vin? It's getting in the way of our sex life. So please, start having sex again. But not tonight, 'cause tonight, you're baby sitting.

Jackson: Your O.B now? Well, the mighty have fallen, huh?
Alex: She misses Zola. Her uterus hurts.

Cristina: It is my fifth year and I have to defend every decision made in my O.R on the boards.
Callie: Do you know why I picked you to be my co-surgeon? Because you, you take crazy risks in the OR. But the surgeon I've worked with the past last three days? Safe, boring, a B-minus version of herself. I get it fifth year is competitive. Your whole career depends on it. But if you're not careful you're going to wake up one day and realize you are no longer the bad ass, hardcore, spontaneous, take charge, crazy, fun person you thought you were. But instead some sad sorry wife who stays in every night and talks about food like it's an orgasm when it's clearly not. An orgasm is an orgasm.
Cristina: I'm sorry. What?
Callie: Don't let fifth year get to you.

Lexie: Hey, can you go have sex with him and make him be nicer?

April: I am your chief resident, Dr. Grey! (Meredith and Cristina laugh) Which means if you cross me, I will make your life a living hell. I will put you on-call every night. I will assign you dumb interns and I will make sure that you get every exploding bowel and rotting limb that comes into this hospital.
Meredith: Okay, relax. I'll do it.
April: Okay. It's 'cause I made my voice different, right? That's why you--
Cristina: Go away before you embarrass yourself.

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