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Poor Wandering One is the ninth episode of the third season and the 36th overall episode of Station 19.

Short Summary[]

When an Army veteran threatens to blow up a pawn shop, Sullivan reflects on his time as a Marine to deescalate the situation. Meanwhile, Vic and Dean try to reason with a man battling Alzheimer's disease and Pruitt takes a stand to honor fallen firefighters.

Full Summary[]

Sullivan and Andy have sex.

As Pru cries, Dean asks Vic if she regrets moving in. She says she doesn't and then he reminds her that it's her shift and she admits she kind of regrets it. He thanks her.

Carina talks to Maya in Italian, then translates it to tell her to go out and speak her truth. Then they start kissing.

Andy tells Sullivan she doesn't want to go to work and have to pretend to hate him. He says she should pretend to respect him instead. They start kissing again.

Pruitt finds Ben working out. The PRT is down for maintenance, so Ben is surprised to see him. Ben notices he seems to be in pain and asks if he's receiving any palliative care. He says he isn't, but he needs Ben's help.

Travis tells Jack Rigo's going home and then asks how Jack is doing. Jack says half the team still won't look at him, but the black eye is gone. Travis then leaves and Andy comes up. She and Jack talk about her not having come home the previous night. He asks if she met someone and she says she's not ready to talk about it. She warns him not to get weird. He asks her to text if she's going to be out all night and she agrees, but asks that he do the same. Andy then gets called away by Sullivan, calling from afar. Andy says her father used to summon people the same way.

Sullivan tells Andy that Maya requested a meeting with the two of them. Maya tells them Sullivan made a mistake and gave her a job she didn't earn. She believes that Andy should get the job of captain, a job she doesn't want anymore. Sullivan says he'll take it into consideration. For now, he sends her to do her job. A call comes in and Maya says Andy and Jack will take it.

On their way to the call, Jack and Andy learn that the injured person is the employee of a military surplus store. Jack asks Andy what the meeting with Sullivan and Maya was. He thinks he's getting fired, but Andy says he's not getting fired because Rigo is okay and going home today. Jack still thinks he deserves to be fired. If he doesn't get fired, he thinks he should put in for a transfer. Andy tells him not to do that, that they'll get through it as a family.

They arrive at Major Surplus & Survival and go inside, where they find Jimmy with a bat, swinging at Kyle Rexton, who is holding a knife. Andy calls for backup while Jack orders bystanders out of the store. Jimmy tells them Kyle cut him and needs to be arrested. Kyle explains that he sold his knife there a week ago for $20 and now Jimmy wants him to pay $40 to get it back. Jack tries to diffuse the situation by offering Kyle the extra money to buy it back, so that Andy can treat Jimmy's arm. Andy calls over the radio specifically for Sullivan, as they're dealing with a troubled veteran. While Kyle is distracted considering Jack's offer, Jimmy hits him with the bat and then they get into hand-to-hand. In the struggle, Kyle gets hold of a grenade and pulls out the pin. He holds it up in his hand. He tells them if anyone goes out of the shop, he'll blow up the hole block. Jimmy sells lots of explosives at his shop, including land mines.

Vic sees a man come in pushing his walker and asks if she can help him. He tells her he's looking for the Chief. He won't tell her his name and insists on seeing the chief. Vic flags down Dean and says he's the Chief. Then she suggests taking him to Dean's office.


Vic comes home from school and hugs her grandmother, Marion Hughes. Marion asks her how she did on her math test and she says she got a B-. She's disappointed, but Marion says she's a math genius because Marion herself never passed a math test in her life. Vic says her dad says she should get As, but Marion says her dad has never been very good at fun. Marion says they're going to watch Pirates of Penzance and sing along. They'll call it a party and no homework tonight.

Vic and Dean lead the man to the lounge, then watch him from outside the room. Vic says they need to play along and try to get him to tell them his name.

Pruitt and Ben have packed the car and head to the next stop. Pruitt won't tell Ben what they're doing, but Ben says that's okay because he's keeping too many secrets.

Sullivan puts on a vest and tells Maya to handle the perimeter. She tells Sullivan there's a troubled veteran inside, so he heads inside to talk to Kyle. Maya orders Emmett and Travis to disperse the crowd. Emmett isn't sure what to do, so Travis tells him to have them back up and try not to sound like he's new at it.

Kyle stops Andy from treating Jimmy, saying he's a parasite and should bleed out. Kyle becomes agitated when he hears Sullivan enter the store. They establish that they're both Marines and Kyle says the body armor won't protect him from the grenade. Sullivan asks Kyle to let them treat Jimmy and himself. He agrees to let them treat Jimmy, but not him. As Andy and Jack walk out with Jimmy, Kyle says to tell them if anyone else comes into the store, no one is walking out.

Andy tells Jack to take Jimmy out, but she's going to stay inside. Jack and Jimmy walk out with their hands up and Andy closes the door.

Vic offers to take the man's coat and finds a card inside saying that his name is Earl Davis. Earl then asks Vic for coffee and Dean piles on, treating Vic like a secretary. Earl asks Dean how he got the top job, as a colored man. He says times have changed and Dean agrees. Earl says he marched with Dr. King and got hit in the head a couple of times, but Dean's Chief, so he guesses it worked. Vic brings in the coffee and suggests that Earl call his secretary and let her know he's going to stay for lunch. Dean offers Earl his phone, but Earl says the phone lines are out.

A teenage Vic comes home and declares her life over. She says a senior got mono, so she has gotten the lead with only two days to prepare. It's a disaster. Marion tells Vic to sing one line. Vic says she doesn't even know the lines, so Marion asks her what the show is. She says they're doing West Side Story, but Marion starts to sing "Poor Wandering One" from Pirates of Penzance instead. Vic corrects her that they're doing West Side Story. Vic then notices a pot on the stove with just boiling water, despite her grandma saying dinner was nearly ready. Vic starts singing and subtly turns off the stove. Marion tells her she'll bring down the house.

Pruitt starts coughing and says he's not okay, he's dying. He says he has to own it. He's not quite sure why they can't just name it. Ben tells Pruitt about Chad, a neighbor of his who was loud and obnoxious and intentionally hurtful. If he were to give death a name, it would be Chad. Pruitt laughs and tells Ben they need to swing by City Hall, as he has a few things to do before Chad shows up.

Sullivan is still trying to calm Kyle down. Kyle doesn't believe that Sullivan really served, but Sullivan insists that he did, as a scout/sniper. Kyle says he was just a grunt. He got blown up three times by IEDs and has traumatic brain injury. Sullivan says he got blown up twice and rinsed off what was left of his friends more times than that. He tells Kyle to put back in the pin so they can talk.

Maya orders them to move the perimeter back and has Emmett and Travis sweep the adjacent structures for people. Emmett's not happy to go toward danger.

Dixon then approaches Maya and demands to know what's going on. He thinks it's a police matter, but Maya disagrees. Dixon tells her to swap out with PD, but she asks if their negotiator is a veteran, because her guy is and so is the subject. They're problem solvers and they're handling it. Dixon tells her to handle it quickly.

Sullivan offers resources to Kyle, but he's been waiting six months at the VA. He has blinding headaches and he can't remember what he had for breakfast. His fuse is short and his friends won't talk to him anymore. Sullivan suggests that Kyle put the pin back in the grenade and call them. Kyle is angry with Sullivan, saying his tribe is dead. He then throws the pin away.

Maya calls into Andy and tells her PD is chomping at the bit to go in, but Andy tells her it's a bad idea. Andy says Sullivan just needs more time, as much time and she can give him.

Earl talks about police work while eating his lunch. Earl insults firefighters without realizing what he's doing.

Vic gets out her grandma's meds and gets her some water. She's dressed up because it's opening night of Pirates of Penzance. She gets to play Mabel. She wishes her grandma could come. Marion says Vic looks like somebody she used to know. Vic puts the tickets for her parents on the fridge and tells Marion they'll come pick them up soon. Vic asks if Marion will be okay alone. Marion says she will, but asks where Vic is going. Vic repeats that it's the opening night of her show. She gives Marion her water so she can take her pills. Once she's gone to bed, Vic puts the pills away in a locked cabinet and checks to make sure the stove is off before leaving.

Travis tells Maya the adjacent structures are clear and she sends him and Emmett to clear houses behind the store and then report back. Emmett hears that order and says the whole block couple explode. He wonders when they save their own lives. Travis tells him to pull himself together. Emmett thinks Travis is making it personal, but Travis thinks that Emmett is just used to getting whatever he wants because his father's in charge. It's not personal. He's just failing at the job.

Kyle points out a pair of boots his friend Sara sold there so she could pay her rent. It's the last time Kyle talked to her because she completed suicide last week. Sullivan tells Kyle the story of a kid in his unit named Lowry who took a wrong turn and hit a mine, which killed two other people. He never forgave himself. A couple months later, he walked into a port-a-potty with a gun and never came out. It makes both of them angry. Sullivan says because Lowry dishonored those who had already lost their lives by wasting the one he had. He let the enemy take one more. He tells Kyle not to let the enemy win. Kyle says he's tired of the fighting and the pain. He just wants it to stop. Sullivan wants to help, but Kyle doesn't think he can. Sullivan tells Kyle he's there and he's listening. As he says that, he grasps his fist around Kyle's, holding tightly to the grenade.

Pruitt places the last few pairs of boots on the steps of City Hall. He and Ben stand by to watch and Ben asks if all the boots really belong to dead firefighters. Pruitt says they represent firefighters. Ben says it's poetic. Pruitt says Chad's an artist. He makes you think about everything, question everything. He asks what mark you want to leave on the world. Ben asks if Pruitt's sure Chad's a he, because he sounds a lot like his wife.

Dixon tells Maya it's gone on too long and tells her to get his son off the scene. She tells him it's her team and making Emmett watch from the sidelines is not what's best for him. Dixon gives the order for PD to go in. Maya tells Dixon he's putting her team in danger, but Dixon says she's the one who did that. Once SWAT's in position, PD calls the shots on going into the store.

Sullivan continues to talk to Kyle about his past as they hold the grenade together. Kyle feels useless now and says people don't look at him the same way. Sullivan tells him there's other ways to serve his community. It worked for him and it can work for Kyle, too. Kyle begs Sullivan to leave and promises he'll hold the grenade until he's gone. Sullivan says he won't because a Marine doesn't leave another Marine behind. Kyle hears the footsteps outside and becomes angry with Sullivan. They start to struggle. Sullivan asks if there's anyone he loves, a brother or sister or a girl. Kyle says there's Ashley, but he's not sure if they're together anymore. He's been lying to her about things. Sullivan says he gets it because he's been lying, too. He points out Andy and says he's been lying to her about his chronic nerve condition and self-medicating. Andy tells Kyle to tell Ashley, not to bottle it up anymore. Kyle agrees to do that.

Vic's called the nursing homes, but no one has heard of Earl Davis. Dean suggests dropping him off at the hospital, but Vic doesn't want to do that because he's someone's family and they don't abandon family. Dean starts playing Chopsticks on the piano. Vic thinks maybe music could help Earl remember. She asks Dean to play. He sits down and starts to play "Beautiful Dreamer." Vic starts singing and Earl joins her.

While Vic is singing Poor Wandering One, her grandmother arrives and starts to sing along with her.

Missy then comes into the station and says she's looking for Earl.

Andy tells Kyle the truth is right out the door. He just has to walk through it. Kyle says he can't retreat, but Sullivan tells him he's not retreating, just attacking from a different direction.

Earl and Vic continue to sing together.

Marion joins Vic on stage and they sing together.

Earl and Vic are singing together when Missy comes into the room. Earl suddenly loses his balance and falls. When he gets back up, he slaps Vic.

Sullivan leads Kyle out of the store, still holding his hands.

Missy hugs Earl as Dean checks on Vic.

Once they're out, Sullivan takes the grenade and hands it off to them.

Vic and her grandma sing together.

Vic apologizes to Earl.

The grenade is neutralized and Kyle is arrested.

Vic starts to cry as she and Marion sing.

As they arrive back at the station, Andy loudly congratulates Maya on an excellent call, while Dixon stands nearby. Maya says a captain's only as good as their team. Dixon then threatens to bury Maya in desk duty if she puts his son in danger again.

Sullivan quietly checks on Andy, who says she didn't realize he was dealing with so much. She's afraid he's not dealing with it, but he says he's fine. She offers her help and he says she is helping. He tells the rest of the team they did good worker.

Missy apologizes to Dean and Vic, saying she just needed a break, a cup of coffee by herself. She thought they could just watch him. Vic, who is holding an ice pack to her face, tells Missy she understands needing a break. Missy says Earl just gets so angry and doesn't know who she is most of the time. She tries, but she snapped. Dean says they'll need to file a report, but Vic says they're not doing that. Missy didn't abandon him. She just needed a break and she came back. Missy promises never to do it again. Vic knows she can't promise that, but asks her to give them a head's up next time. It gets worse before it stops and when it stops, you'll give anything for the bad times again.

Travis asks Emmett if he doesn't want to run toward explosives, as that's kind of a prerequisite of the job, to want to run toward explosives. Emmett says he was an art history major. The fire academy was his father's idea, something he pushed on Emmett because he wants to run for office someday. Travis tells him people will die unnecessarily because he's doing a job he's not cut out for to try to please his daddy. Travis tells him to sleep on that, because Travis knows he couldn't.

Dixon walks through the boots as he enters City Hall.

Ben shows Andy, Jack, and Travis the news, which talks about Kyle and the boots Pruitt placed on the steps. Andy is proud of what her father has done. They watch Pruitt talk about how the boots represent the firefighters they've lost to cancer within the year. They only represent because they didn't have enough boots for all of them. There's not enough space on the steps to show how many have died. He tells everyone that the fire department is not covering their medical bills. He wants to know why they're failing to help those who put their lives on the line to save others.

Dean is working out when Jack comes in. Dean makes a comment about Jack sleeping with other men's lives. Jack says he doesn't do that anymore and says Dean doesn't have to forgive him because he hasn't forgiven himself. He asks Dean what he's working out, JJ feelings? Dean says it's not okay to leave someone who is depending on you to take care of them. Jack tells Dean he should cry, because it'll make him feel better, but Dean says he can't just do that. Punching the bag is not the same as crying. Dean starts laughing and then notes that he's crying from laughing so hard.

Pruitt tells Ben that Dixon didn't approve, which is a bonus. He hands Ben the PRT uniform, saying he can't keep up and doesn't want to cost a life. He needs to find a new partner. Ben says he hates Chad and Pruitt agrees. Ben says when Pruitt meets Chad and he takes him wherever he's going to go, there's a little girl he never got a chance to meet and if Pruitt sees her, Ben would appreciate him giving her his love. Pruitt agrees to do that. He says he's going to miss the superhero suit as he walks away.

Andy is surprised to find Maya cooking, saying the captain doesn't make the soup. Maya says she misses it. Andy tells her she was an excellent captain today. Maya's glad to go out on a high, but Andy says she can't quit. If Maya fails, every woman fails. Dixon won't let another woman take her place if she steps down. Andy says her dad had a rough start when he made captain, with people throwing racial slurs at him, but he changed minds and became a legend. Maya reminds her that everyone hates her, but Andy says everyone is fighting some kind of battle. This is Maya's. Andy says when she makes captain, it won't be because her friend gave her the job. She's too proud for that and so is Maya. Maya says she misses Andy and she's sorry she broke them. Andy blames her for the fact that she lives with Jack now. Andy says Maya's her tribe. They're not all the way through this, but they'll get there. In the meantime, she has to tell Sullivan she's not quitting. Maya wonders why she couldn't say that before Maya made enemies with Dixon. Travis then comes in and says split-pea soup is disgusting when Maya says that's what she's making. When he realizes she's not joking, he tries to backpedal. Sullivan then comes in and tells them Eva just called and Rigo died. Maya says he was getting better and was going home. Sullivan says he didn't make it home. He's gone.


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Kyle Rexton[]

Jack and Andy responded to a call at Major Surplus & Survival, a military surplus store. Inside, they found Jimmy swinging a bat at Kyle Rexton, who was holding a knife. They called for backup as the assault was ongoing. Jack also ordered everyone else out of the store. Jimmy told them to arrest Kyle, who had cut him. Jack tried to diffuse the situation and found out that Kyle was upset because he sold a knife there a week ago for $20 and came to buy it back to find that Jimmy wanted double that amount. Jack offered Kyle the money needed to buy it back. While Kyle was distracted, Jimmy took advantage of him being distracted and swung the bat at him, causing a struggle. Kyle then grabbed a grenade and pulled out the pin, saying he'd blow up the whole block if anyone tried to leave. When backup arrived, they secured the perimeter as Sullivan went in, hoping to be able to help as a fellow veteran. He went in and started talking to Kyle, sharing his military experience. He got Kyle to agree to let Jack, Andy, and Jimmy out so Jimmy could be treated. Andy decided to stay behind, but remained hidden. Outside, the rest of the team moved people back and evacuated surrounding structures while Dixon tried to convince Maya to hand the call over to the police. As Sullivan continued to talk to Kyle, Kyle became agitated and threw the pulled pin away. Sullivan later took a moment of distraction to wrap his hands around Kyle's, holding the grenade. Outside, Dixon tried to order Maya to remove Emmett from the scene. When she refused, he sent SWAT to get into position, saying PD was going to call the shots once they were in position. Sullivan tried to convince Kyle that his life was worth living and he should keep fighting. Kyle tried to convince Sullivan to leave, so he wouldn't get caught in the blast. Sullivan then confessed to Kyle that he had his own struggles, which caused him to be dishonest with Andy, like Kyle had been with his own girlfriend, Ashley. He was able to convince Kyle to walk out with him, where the grenade was neutralized by the bomb squad and Kyle was arrested.

Earl Davis[]

Earl wandered into the station looking for the Chief. Vic quickly realized that he had some sort of dementia and pretended Dean was the Chief. They then led him to the lounge, where Vic learned his name, but he was still unable to give them any way to contact his family. She tried calling every senior home in the area, but no one had heard of him. Vic then had the idea to have Dean play music in the hopes it would help him remember. He sang along when Vic started singing Beautiful Dreamer, just as his daughter arrived. When he stumbled, he became agitated and hit Vic in her face. His daughter, Missy, then explained that she'd just snapped and needed time to get a cup of coffee by herself. She promised Vic that she wouldn't do it again, but Vic knew she couldn't make that promise and just asked her to give them a heads up next time.


Song Performer Scene
"Vroom Vroom" Danny Ayer
  • Sullivan and Andy have sex.
  • Vic gets up to take care of Pru.
  • Carina speaks to Maya in Italian, then translates it.
  • Andy wants to call in sick.
"Poor Wandering One" Cast (Elayn J. Taylor)
  • Vic's grandmother sings to her.
"Poor Wandering One" Cast (Elayn J. Taylor)
  • Vic's grandmother sings her to her, confused about what she's singing.
"Somewhere" Cast (Michela Crayton)
  • Vic sings to her grandmother while subtly turning off the stove.
"Beautiful Dreamer" and "Poor Wandering One" Cast (Okieriete Onaodowan, Barrett Doss, Elayn J. Taylor, and Grinnell Morris)
  • Dean and Vic sing to Earl.
  • Vic performs in her play.
  • Her grandma arrives and starts to sing along.
  • Sullivan starts to lead Kyle out.
  • A woman arrives to find Earl.
  • Earl's daughter arrives for him.
  • Vic continues her performances with her grandma.
  • The grenade is neutralized.
"Home Again" Aron Wright
  • Pruitt tells Ben he'll miss the superhero suit.
  • Andy and Maya talk while Maya cooks.
  • Andy tells her she did a good job and she can't quit.
  • Maya says she misses Andy and she's sorry she broke them.
  • Travis joins them to help cook.
  • Sullivan comes in to tell them Rigo died.

Notes and Trivia[]


Station 19 3x09 Promo "Poor Wandering One" (HD) Season 3 Episode 9 Promo

  • This episode scored 7.39 million viewers.
  • This episode features the 150th appearance of Jason George as Ben Warren.
  • In the first scene with Maya and Carina, Carina says, "Basciami," which was improvised by actress Stefania Spampinato. Maya's response, asking if that meant kiss me, was also improvised.


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