Principal Linsley is the principal of the Stratford Middle School, which had a false fire alarm.


Principal Linsley greeted the firefighters when they arrived at the middle school where she's the principal. She was certain it was a false alarm and wanted to help them get the kids back into the classrooms as quickly as possible. They quickly confirmed that someone had pulled the alarm.

Inside the school, her daughter, Ava, was in labor, which is why her friend, Tuck, had pulled the alarm. She labored and gave birth with Ben and Vic's help. After the baby was born, Linsley came in. Her daughter asked her not to be mad, but she just was glad that Ava was okay.



Her daughter, Ava, feels that her mother pays attention to every kid at school except her. Her mother didn't notice that she was pregnant and didn't find out until she'd given birth.


She is the principal of the Stratford Middle School.