Raul Aranda is a patient who was coughing up blood and was found to have a fir tree growing in his lung.


Raul came into the ER coughing up blood. While interviewing for Chief Resident with Owen, April went over the checklist she'd developed and said that Raul was headed for bronchoscopy to rule out cancer. His family overheard and was worried bout him having cancer. She assured them that that was a small chance. Cristina took over the case and took him into bronchoscopy, where she found out that he had a tree growing in his lung. She wanted to take him into surgery to remove it. However, because she'd broken protocol by doing the bronchoscopy without Teddy's authorization, the Arandas were offered another surgeon. However, they wanted to stick with Cristina, who had found the tree because he'd seen three doctors before for the cough and she finally gave him the right diagnosis.



He is married to Annette Aranda.


His son, Miguel, was worried about him. Miguel's grandfather had had cancer and died from it.

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