Reid Kim is a patient who came into the ER after hitting Maggie's car with a scooter in the parking lot.


Reid was riding a scooter in the hospital parking lot when he ran into Maggie's car, which was not moving. He was taken into the hospital, where they discovered some ribs were broken near his sternum, but said he was otherwise okay. They were surprised when he then coded. They had to open his chest in the ER to stop the bleeding into his chest that had been caused by a broken rib hitting his heart. They then defibrillated. After sixteen shocks, he was still coding. Tom Koracick pressured them to give up, but they didn't and he returned to sinus rhythm. His girlfriend was then told he'd be okay.



He is dating Tara, though she expressed disbelief that she was still with him, as he had stolen her credit card to rent a scooter and then crashed it as well as living with her and eating her food.

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