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It doesn't actually take that much to start a fire. You need three things: heat, oxygen, and fuel. Lots of fuel. And after that fire started once, it needs even less to catch fire again. Most people don't realize that fire can reignite itself. All it takes is a fuel source. The tiny, tiniest flame and poof, the whole world can explode in your face. All it takes is a single spark to restart a fire. Sadly, reignition usually starts at the most inconvenient moments. It catches. It takes hold. And if we aren't careful, it'll burn everything in its path. Because the fire has been here before. The fire knows what it's doing. The fire knows its way, where to go, how to move. It's already taking the path of least resistance. The fire is hotter this time. Bigger. Stronger. More powerful. And so much more dangerous.

Reignited is the fourth episode of the first season and the 4th overall episode of Station 19.

Short Summary[]

As if being co-captains weren’t hard enough, Andy and Jack find themselves in disagreement over spending decisions at the station. Meanwhile, the firefighters respond to a structure fire at a brand-new bed-and-breakfast and Ryan calls Maya when he finds her brother in some trouble.

Full Summary[]

In their B&B, Deborah is organizing bottles of wine while Sue is pouring herself another glass. Deborah reminds her they open tomorrow. This is not how Sue imagined this when Deborah suggested the idea. Deborah forbids her from opening more wine and orders her to put the bottles in the racks. She's going to bake more welcome cookies. She swears Sue is the worst sister. Deborah goes to the kitchen and ignites a flame in the oven. Meanwhile, Andy's voice over talks about how the tiniest flame can start a big fire.

At the station, Andy yells at Jack for ordering new boots. Jack says they needed some and everybody wanted them. Travis seconds that. Andy says it's a big expense. She reminds him he's not Captain yet. Jack follows Andy into the captain's office. Inside, a loud discussion ensues. The rest of the team are tired of their bickering. Victoria asks Maya to interfere and talk to Andy, but Maya is backing off per Andy's request.

Andy is yelling at Jack for the steak dinner he gave the crew. They now need to re-stock the pantry with a limited budget. She hates that he pulls those fun dad moves when they both know she has a bigger hill to climb with Frankel. Jack says he also told Frankel that she would make an excellent Captain and that she should have been made lead Lieutenant a long time ago. She says she doesn't need him propping her up. Jack knows she can fight her own battles, but he needs her to stop fighting now. They then passionately kiss. They enter the Captain's bunk room.

Travis mourns the loss of the new boots. Dean asks advice about his situation with JJ. He asks about the appropriate waiting time. Pruitt comes up and asks what's going on. He wants to give advice. Travis says Dean wants to get laid. Pruitt walks off.

Victoria is instructing Ben on hanging the lines. Once they're done, he asks if they can use the VR fire simulation goggles that Jack got. Victoria says this is not an amusement park. She's not up for extra drills with him.

Andy and Jack are getting dressed. They agree they should talk about this, but not right now. She instructs him to slam the door on his way out.

Ben, Andy, Victoria, and Maya are shopping. Victoria notices that Andy seems more relaxed than this morning. She asks if Jack did that to her. Andy dodges the question. Victoria wants to know what happened, but Andy walks off to get corn. Ben comes up with truffles. He makes a mean risotto, but Maya says they are dipping into reserves following Jack's big steak dinner. Maya walks up to Andy and asks what's up with her, but then remembers she has to stay in her lane. They then are paged to respond to a fire. They leave their full cart, but Victoria yells they are coming back.

The team arrives at the B&B. Victoria and Ben get the line hooked up to the hydrant. Meanwhile, Deborah explains to Andy and Maya that huge flames shot up out of the oven and her mit caught on fire. She threw the mit instead of putting it in the sink, Sue says, making the flames even crazier. Deborah finds that a normal reaction at huge flames shooting up at her face. Sue says there's no one else inside. Andy thinks it's a structure fire. She asks Travis and Dean to run a hose line inside. Sue approaches Dean and says that every dime they have is in that place, so she wants them to avoid using axes and water. Andy asks Jack to secure the lines. The team enters. Travis says the line is secure, but outside, a car drives over the line, damaging it. Inside, the team keeps waiting for the water until Victoria informs them that the line's been compromised. She and Ben rush to run a new line. Before entering the kitchen, Andy reminds everyone of their limited resources at the moment, so they can't get spray happy. If the flames are too big, they get out. They enter the kitchen and find a burning mit in a pot. It's easily extinguished with one blast from the fire extinguisher.

The team has returned to the station. Andy yells at Jack for his failure to secure the line. They enter the office as he asks her not to blame him for something he can't control. Once the door is closed, they wonder if the crew bought it. They found themselves to be very convincing, but they throw in some more loud insults just to be sure. Victoria is listening. They start kissing.

In bed, Andy says she missed the sneaking around. She enjoys the secret, sexy bubble. He says they can go back to that. However, he thinks they have an expiration date since one of them will lose the race for Captain. Until then, they will enjoy the bubble. There's a call for the Aid Car. That's not them. They start making out again.

Travis and Maya arrive in Edith's room. She dislocated her shoulder again. Travis says this is her fourth fall in the last month. He notices her foot keeps shaking. He asks if she went to the doctor about her tremor. She hasn't and she's not interested. Maya wants to take her to the hospital, but Edith doesn't want to. People her age never leave hospitals alive. Reluctantly, Travis reduces the shoulder with Maya's help. Maya thinks Edith is a badass.

Victoria is doing the VR simulation by herself. Ben enters the room and watches her as she kicks open a door, revealing a room ablaze. She's startled and takes off the goggles as she gasps for air. She claims she's okay, but he notices it must have been intense, because she's sweaty. He offers some tricks to bring her blood pressure down, but she refuses help from the rookie.

Dean sits down with Pruitt at the reception. He wants to set the record straight. He would never use being a firefighter to get laid. Pruitt has been around for a very long time, longer than any of them ever expected, so Dean really values his advice. The others joke about it, but he really wants to stay respectful to JJ while also letting her know he's interested. He's never had those problems with other girls before. Pruitt says they have never spoken about their private lives. He doesn't want to start doing that now.

Maya instructs Edith on how long to wear the sling. Travis asks about the new bed that her grandson was going to get her. Edith says he's too busy. Travis says she needs a bed that adjusts. A next fall could end dramatically. Her grandson needs to take care of her. Edith doesn't want to hear it. Travis says he's concerned. Her grandson can't neglect her needs. Edith says she didn't tell her grandson about the bed, nor her symptoms. He finally found work and keeps telling her how happy he is when he visits. She doesn't want him worrying about her or scrapping his future to prolong hers. Her husband died of Parkinson's. They tried everything and it took years. She knows what's happening to her and she doesn't want to draw it out. Travis again suggests she tell her grandson, but she tells him to mind his business. They can leave now.

Jack and Andy are cuddling in bed. They can't fall asleep. If he stayed, people would find out. He wonders if that's the worst thing. Andy says that is against the rules. Jack says those are her father's rules, so technically, they can make their own rules. Andy says it's frowned upon. Frankel would flip. So, they have to keep it to themselves. People would judge and if people know, her dad will, too. He says she's right. He brings up the B&B and suggests they go there sometime. Andy says it wasn't her style. He admits to thinking about how his home will be one day. He knows that's strange, given that they both know how quickly it can burn down. He wonders if, once Frankel chooses a Captain, it'll burn down what they have or if they'll make it. Andy has fallen asleep.

Travis and Maya are driving back to the station while Travis vents his concerns over Edith. She's in danger of choking to death. Maya has been on her phone the whole time, but she agrees. If you're going through something big and you have people who care, you should let them in.

At the station, Maya looks around for Andy.

Victoria and Dean are playing foosball in the break room while Ben admires the VR equipment. He's curious, especially seeing after how Victoria was drawn totally into it. He can't wait to try it out for himself. Dean scores as Ben's talking distracts Victoria. Maya comes in to ask if anyone has seen Andy. Dean says she's doing paperwork in the office. Maya has to head out for a bit, so she needs to let Andy know. She'll be back soon.

Maya's on the phone as she walks up to the Captain's office. She tells the caller she can't stay long, but she's on her way. She notices the blinds are closed. She decides not to tell Andy and walks out.

Maya is at the police station. Ryan is waiting for her there. Maya tells him they are not supposed to leave during shift. They walk up to a cell. Maya looks inside and confirms it's definitely him. Ryan figured, because of his name and the fact that he looks just like her. He tracked down her number and called. He hopes he didn't overstep, but if it were his family, he would want to know. Maya says the man in there looks thinner and asks if he asked for her. Ryan says he's been sleeping it off. The man was shoplifting for art supplies. The owner is not pressing charges, so Ryan can let him go in the morning. He recognized the man from his patrols. He lives on the street. Maya says her brother likes to keep for himself and doesn't make the best choices, but he's definitely not homeless. However, they haven't spoken for at least a year. Ryan says a lot can happen in a year. Maya says she can help her brother, who can move in with her. Ryan says not when he's like this. Her brother's safe for now and reminds her she needs to get back to the station. She thanks him and leaves.

Maya enters the Captain's office to talk to Andy. She wants to knock on the bunk room door, but she then notices Jack's shirt on the ground. She figures out what's going on and leaves.

Andy is woken up by the alarm. She's relieved to see that Jack is gone. She rushes to get dressed.

In the barn, the crew puts on their gear. Jack and Andy cross paths and smile. They head out.

While driving, Maya says she tried to find Andy last night. Andy says she was crashing early. Maya says that's unlike her and asks if she wants to talk. Andy asks why she wanted to find her. Maya says she had to take off for a bit. Andy asks, but Maya claims there's nothing to talk about.

The team arrives at the B&B. There's much more smoke now. It looks like it's coming from the kitchen. The sisters aren't out yet. They might be unconscious inside due to the smoke and CO. Andy appoints Victoria and Ben for search and rescue. Andy asks Travis to run two lines. As they approach the front door, Sue comes running out. She was looking for her sister, but she wasn't in her bed. The firefighters rush inside.

Andy, Jack, Maya, and Dean have entered the kitchen, half of which is engulfed in flames. Victoria updates them that upstairs is clear. Andy says they need to extinguish the fire before it extends to the second floor. Maya manages to extinguish the fire with the hose.

Ben and Victoria enter the kitchen as they continue their search for Deborah. They take off their helmets to hear better. As Victoria approaches a door, a fire erupts right in front of her. She and Ben duck. Ben notices she's panicking. As Ben drags Victoria away, the others extinguish the new fire.

Ben and Victoria exit the house. They update Travis. Sue asks about her sister. They are startled by explosion sounds.

Inside, the team hears muffled screams coming from the same direction as the explosion sounds. Andy wants to go check, but Jack stops her. They need to find the source that keeps re-igniting the fire. Andy says thinks there's no time and she opens the door, revealing a passageway where the bottles of wine are stacked. They are exploding because of the heat. Deborah is trapped in the room across the passageway. She begs them to get her out. Maya warns Andy that the glass will cut right through her turnout. Jack leaves to go turn off the gas valve, while Dean and Maya are on standby for possible re-ignition. Andy runs across the passageway and reaches Deborah. She has a shard of glass embedded in her upper leg. Andy applies a tourniquet.

Meanwhile, Jack and Ben start looking for the gas valve.

Andy helps Deborah get up. She grabs a platter to shield Deborah from the explosions.

Jack finds the valve and turns it off.

Andy and Deborah made it through, but Deborah starts gasping for air. Andy figures she inhaled some glass. She and Maya rush Deborah out of the house. They call for a med kit and put Deborah down on the lawn. Sue begs for her sister to make it. Maya attempts to intubate, but there's an obstruction. Travis and Andy take care of the leg. Maya uses the Ambu bag while Sue begs her sister to yell at her again. Deborah starts turning blue, so Maya decides to perform a crike. Jack makes sure Sue stands back. Once she's finished the crike, she starts performing CPR. Andy asks to prepare her for transport. Sue breaks down. Maya keeps performing CPR until Deborah breathes again. Deborah is put on the gurney while a crying Sue tells her he she almost left her alone. She can't live without her. Andy wants to tell Maya she was incredible, but Maya ignores her and walks off.

As the Aid Car drives off, Andy asks Maya if she's upset because of the coaching thing. Maya denies that. She can't help people who don't want it. Andy says it was an offhanded comment. She was tired and frustrated at the time. She wasn't trying to pull rank. She says Maya has been out of sorts all day. Maya replies Andy has been out of pocket. Andy asks if it's about something she did or said. Maya says not everything is about her. Andy asks to talk to her about what's going on.

At the park, Maya says her fathe spent all their money on her and her training. The winning and the medals were like a drug. Her brother Mason was left behind. He tried, but he stopped running and tried other things. He got into art school, but his parents wouldn't pay for it. She could see he was in pain, but they grew up embracing the pain. She thought it would make him stronger, like it did her. She won an Olympic gold medal. The very same day, Mason OD'd for the first time. Nobody knew about it because he was home alone while she was abroad with her parents. She feels responsible. Ryan says he can keep an eye out for him on his patrols. She appreciates that.

Pruitt sits down with Dean in the kitchen. He was Captain for a lot of years, so he's not used to being part of the group and the conversation. He's used to looking in from a distance, which you have to have to lead. However, he doesn't want to be someone who shuts people out. He doesn't lead anymore, so his advice is to go the woman and bring her a new incident report since the old one was damaged. Dean says it wasn't. Pruitt demonstrates with his glass of juice that accidents happen. Dean understands.

In the locker room, Ben approaches Victoria. He brings up the experience of blue fire. He's sure it's not unusual for that to rattle someone. He brings up her reaction to the VR and her reaction to fire at the B&B. He offers to help her work through it. She denies having fear of fire. A fear of fire is not something you work through, it's something that turns firefighters into postal workers. So she wants to be clear it is not a problem she has. Victoria says she was the rookie five minutes ago and she's still building her reputation. A fear of fire is not something you come back from in the eyes of the team. And unlike him, she does not have a medical degree to fall back on. She walks off.

Travis visits Edith. He came to check after being called in for another resident. She knows why he's here, but the answer is still no. Travis knows she wants to spare her grandson. Grant, her grandson, appears in the doorway with Jell-o and asks from what she wants to spare him. Travis is struck by his beauty. Edith tells him to pick up his jaw. She knows Grant is a looker. Grant and Travis introduce themselves. Grant asks what Edith is not telling him. Edith allows Travis to explain. Travis says Edith needs to see a physician soon. He's noticed symptoms.

Maya is outside her brother's cell. Ryan is in there talking to Mason. He suggests Mason let Maya in to talk, but after looking at her, Mason turns his back at her. Maya is hurt.

Andy and Jack enter the Captain's bunk room. She wants to get it on, but he stops her. She feels he's about to pop the bubble. He says this is not enough for him. She doesn't want to talk. He says they are just delaying the inevitable. He's been going along and it's been fun. It makes her happy, but it does not make him happy. He had a ring and he still wants more. She doesn't want more. Not yet, not with anyone. Maybe not ever. He imagines the home he'll build with someone one day, but she has her home already. This station, these people, they are the home she knows. She's not looking for more. She asks what changed since this morning. Jack says he saw how those sisters couldn't live without one another and he realized that's how he feels about her. However, he knows she does not feel like that about him. She says she does care about him. She just can't waste time not being true to herself. He can't waste time in a bubble. Andy says that is who they are. They met in a bubble and fell for each other in that bubble. They work great in a bubble. They are so good at taking off their clothes and having fun. She unbuttons his shirt. They are so good at grabbing those moments when they can. She wants to continue that. As she's trying to talk him into it, Pruitt walks into the office to grab some forms. Since they failed to close the door to the office, Pruitt sees them standing there. Andy and Jack realize they are busted.


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The Sunken Meadow Inn Bed & Breakfast[]

Station 19 responded to a call at a B&B that had a kitchen fire. The oven had caught fire and caught an oven mitt with it. At the scene, they tried to put out the fire with a hose, but the hose was compromised by someone running over it with a car. When they found the source of the fire, they learned it was small and contained to the stovetop. They put it out quickly and left.

They were later called back for a second fire. This one was much worse and both sisters were still inside when they arrived. Sue came out of the house as they approached, but she didn't know where Deborah was. She'd looked for her, but she wasn't in her bed. They searched the house and found the kitchen engulfed in flames. They put out the fire and continued their search for Deborah. They had a re-ignition, which they then put out. Andy found Deborah trapped with an injured leg down a hall with a row of wine bottles bursting from the heat. Andy ran through to get to Deborah and then helped her get out. She had a wound in her leg caused by glass from the bursting bottles that was bleeding heavily, so Andy applied a tourniquet. Deborah started having trouble breathing, so they attempted to intubate her but it was unsuccessful. Maya then criked her and they sent her off to the hospital.


Travis and Maya responded to Edith, who had fallen and dislocated her shoulder. They quickly reduced it, but Travis was also concerned about her repeated dislocation, especially after seeing a tremor in her foot. She insisted she was fine, so they let it go. Travis also asked her about the new bed her grandson was supposed to be ordering for her. He hadn't ordered it because she hadn't told him she needed one.


Song Performer Scene
"I Can't Lose" Rayelle
  • Deborah lights a pilot light for her stove.
  • Andy yells at Jack about his approving the new boots. They get into a fight.
"Better Than You" Billy and the Firm
  • Jack and Andy fake a fight to get it on in secret.
"Smoking Gun" Valen
  • Maya leaves during shift and decides not to tell Andy.
  • She arrives at the police station, where she identifies her brother. Ryan tells her that he is homeless.
  • She returns to the station and finds Jack's shirt on the floor.
"All of the Love in the World" Lily Kershaw
  • The team works to resuscitate Deborah.
  • Sue breaks down and begs her to yell at her.
  • Maya performs a crike.
  • Deborah is taken to an ambulance.
  • Andy compliments Maya's work but Maya ignores her.
"Wildfire" Natalie Taylor
  • Travis tells Grant about Edith's medical problems.
  • Mason refuses to talk to Maya.
  • Jack pops the bubble as he wants more. Andy tells him she doesn't want more.
  • Pruitt discovers what they have been up to.

Notes and Trivia[]


Station 19 1x04 Promo "Reignited" (HD) Season 1 Episode 4 Promo

  • This episode scored 5.09 million viewers.
  • The table read for this episode took place on February 1, 2018.
  • The B&B in the episode, The Sunken Meadow Inn, is named after the street Ilene Rosenzweig grew up on on Long Island.


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Behind the Scenes[]


Dean: You think we won't get the new boots now?
Victoria: No, new boots are not worth this. They've been bickering all week. Bishop, you speak Herrera. Go make it stop.
Maya: Well, she is tired of me interfering. She told me to back off. You were there. I'm backing.

Dean: So, I got this friend who's sort of interested in somebody. But she just broke up with somebody else. Now, my friend wants to know....
Travis: By "friend," do you mean you? And by "someone," do you mean JJ?
Dean: Maybe.
Travis: So, by "broke up," you mean died?
Dean: What's the appropriate waiting period on that? Do you think she needs time to to get over her, you know...
Travis: Her bang-buddy. Her booty cutie.
Dean: Never mind.
Travis: Sex amigo!
Dean: Forget I asked.
Pruitt: Asked what? I know many things about many things, Miller. Hazmat indicators, disaster response team, containment initiatives a wealth of knowledge sitting at reception all day, every day. So, how can I help? What did you want to know?
Travis: Basically, he wants to get laid.

Jack: Let's think about it. Once this race is over and one of us wins, it'll be different between us. No matter what.
Andy: You mean we have an expiration date?
Jack: These are our last days on Earth. How do you want to spend them? Fighting, or...
Andy: Or in a sexy bubble?

Dean: I'm not just trying to get laid.
Pruitt: Okay.
Dean: But you do know things. You've lived a lot longer than anyone else here. Actually, longer than any of us here expect to live.
Pruitt: Thank you, Miller, for pointing out my impending mortality. Always appreciated.
Dean: I respect your advice. And the other guys, they make a joke, but I'm serious. I want to stay respectful to this person and also let her know that I want to take her out on a date. And I usually don't have this trouble. You know, I save a cat or a dog or a laptop, and the rest is like a self-cleaning oven. You know, it just takes care of itself.
Pruitt: Okay.
Dean: Look, this this this is different, sir. This is new for me.
Pruitt: Miller. Have you and I ever spoken about your private life?
Dean: No. Not really.
Pruitt: Has it ever been my business where you put your business?
Dean: No.
Pruitt: Let's not start now.

Jack: I think about it all the time what I want my home to be one day. Which is strange, I know, considering I also know how quickly it can all burn down. What's gonna happen, Andy? With us? And once Frankel chooses a captain, if one of us is really in charge and the other isn't will we be okay with that? Or do you think it has to burn us down?

Maya: My dad spent all of his time and his money on me and my training. The winning and the medals, they were like a drug. And Mason, he just... He got left behind. And he tried. He stopped running, started trying other things. He got into art school, but my parents wouldn't pay for it. He wasn't the prospect. And I could see he was in pain, but we grew up embracing the pain. I guess I thought it would make him stronger like me. I won an Olympic gold medal, and the day I won was the first time that Mason OD'd. And no one even knew about it because he was home alone, and I was abroad with my parents. I feel like it's all my fault. He's my fault.
Ryan: I can keep an eye on him. When I'm on patrol. If you'd like.

Pruitt: I was Captain for a lot of years. And I'm not used to this, being part of the group, part of the conversation. I've gotten used to being outside the conversation, looking in at a distance.
Dean: Sir, you don't have to explain yourself to me.
Pruitt: You have to have that distance to lead. But I don't want to be someone people don't come to. I don't want to shut people out. And leading, it's not what I do anymore. So my advice is if you like the nice, young woman, just go to her. Bring her a new incident report since the old one was damaged. See how that goes.
Dean: Sir, her incident report wasn't damaged.
Pruitt: I think it was.

Ben: You know, when someone experiences something like, you know, blue fire, I'm sure it's not unusual for it to rattle you.
Victoria: Excuse me?
Ben: I'm just saying, you know, the way the VR got to you, your reaction at the fire today? I'm sure you can work through it, but if I can help in any way, I would...
Victoria: Oh, you have no idea what you're talking about. I do not have some fear of fire. Don't be ridiculous. You know, that is that is not the kind of thing a person works through. That's the kind of problem that turns a firefighter into a postal worker. So let's be clear. It is not a problem I have.
Ben: Okay.
Victoria: You know, I was the rookie like five minutes ago. I'm still building my reputation, and there is no coming back from something like that, not in the eyes of the team.
Ben: I didn't mean...
Victoria: And unlike you, I do not have a medical degree to fall back on. So I do not have a problem. Understood?

Jack: Andy.
Andy: Oh, no. You say my name like that, and I feel a pin in your hand about to pop the bubble. Don't pop it.
Jack: I don't think this is enough for me.
Andy: Stop. Let's just stop with the talking. This is bubble time.
Jack: And it's incredible, but...
Andy: No, no, no, no, no, no.
Jack: But it's delaying the inevitable.
Andy: Thought that was the point.
Jack: I've been going along with this. It's been fun. It definitely beats fighting. And it makes you happy. But it doesn't make me happy. And I can stand here and pretend it's something else, but I had a ring, and I wanted more. And I still do.
Andy: Why are we talking about that?
Jack: 'Cause we haven't.
Andy: Yeah, I know.
Jack: So let's talk.
Andy: I don't want to.
Jack: Why?
Andy: Because I don't want more, Jack. I don't. Not yet. Not with you. Not with anyone. I mean, maybe ever. I mean, you think about the home you'll build with someone someday. You imagine it. I have my home. I found it already. Here. With these people. At this station. I don't want something separate. This is the home I know. I'm here. I'm not looking for more. We were so good this morning. What changed?
Jack: Those sisters. Seeing how one couldn't live without the other. All I could think was, "I feel that for Andy. But she doesn't feel that way for me."
Andy: What, you think I don't care about you?
Jack: No, I did not say that.
Andy: Of course I care, Jack. God, you know I do. But I just... I can't waste time not being true to myself.
Jack: Yeah, well, I can't waste time in a bubble.
Andy: But that's who we are. We met in a bubble. We fell for each other that way. We work great in a bubble. We are so good at taking off clothes and having fun and grabbing those moments whenever we can. Can't we just be this? Us? In our incredible, happy, sexy, naked bubble?

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