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Remember Me is the fourth episode of the fifth season and the 80th overall episode of Private Practice.

Short Summary[]

Cooper receives the surprise of his life when a woman from his past arrives at the practice. Addison consults her patient, Jodi, who is eight and half months pregnant and suffering from severe memory loss after a traumatic car accident and Sheldon and Violet clash when their patient, Jodi's husband, Zach, considers leaving his wife and taking the baby with him.

Full Summary[]

Addison asks her therapist if he's ever read The Lady or the Tiger. He hasn't. The princess falls in love with the guard, who gets thrown into an arena. Behind one door, there's a tiger who'll rip him apart. Behind the other door is the lady he can spend the rest of his life with. The princess is forced to choose his fate. The author never tells you what she chose. The therapist asks Addison what she thinks.

Addison tells Jodi everything's looking good. Zach mentioned she had cramps. Addison tells her Zach is talking to Sheldon. Jodi then asks Addison who she is.

Zach tells Sheldon that Jodi lives in a loop. Some days, she'll forget the question while answering. She remembers people from before the car crash, but she can't make new memories. Sometimes, she bears no resemblance to the woman he married.

Addison tells Jodi she's her OB/GYN and that she's taking care of her baby. Jodi is happy to hear she's pregnant as she and Zach have been trying.

Zach sometimes wishes Jodi found out she was pregnant before the crash, because then she'd remember. Telling Jodi how they first met is what gets him through. She lights up and it's like she's still in there.

Addison tells Jodi she's about 9 months pregnant, but she keeps forgetting because her brain was injured in a car accident 8 months ago. Jodi asks Addison who she is.

Zach confesses he sometimes wishes that Jodi had died in the car accident. He wonders what that makes him. Sheldon says it makes him human.

Cooper is talking to Erica in his office. He really can't remember her. Erica is positive Mason's his. He asks why she came now. She says Mason asked about his dad a lot and he's older, so she can't just distract him anymore. Cooper wishes she would've called him when she found out she was pregnant. He wishes he'd known sooner. Erica says he knows now. She suggests he starts with a check-up and go from there, to meet his son.

Violet is at the practice, insisting that she's not here to babysit on Pete, but he doesn't believe it. Violet is there to update her charts for Sheldon, who's taken over her patients. She tries to say she understands how he's feeling, but he doesn't want to hear it. Pete walks off as Jodi and Addison exit the exam room. Violet knows Jodi and they inform her on the baby, a boy. Zach comes over and Addison tells them everything is okay for the C-section next week. Jodi is happy to hear that. Zach tells her how they first met and she smiles. That's what he wanted to see. Addison will call him to talk about how Jodi can handle the baby. Zach asks Violet to take Jodi to the lobby. When they're gone, he tells Addison he's going to leave Jodi and take the baby with him.

Violet enters the crowded kitchen and asks if he told Zach to leave Jodi. Addison updates the others on the case. Violet is concerned about her former patient. Sheldon says Zach made his own decision and he's helping him to come to terms with it. Pete says Jodi won't remember anyway, but Jake says a child needs a mother to bond too. Addison also thinks Zach can't just abandon his wife. Pete makes a remark about that and walks off. Violet says his anger is just a phase. Addison thinks he should think about his wife, but Amelia points out she's not one to preach about the sanctity of marriage. Violet thinks Sheldon talked Zach into it as he never talked about leaving Jodi when he was still her patient. Sheldon is sure he would've told her if she hadn't confused her own convictions with the patient's needs. Amelia says maybe Sheldon's in an angry phase too.

Cooper is trying to talk to Mason, but he's too focused on his Pokemon card. Mason doesn't think Cooper really knows about Pokemon, but Cooper proves him wrong. Cooper then can examine him. His last exam was a while ago as it's expensive without insurance. Cooper distracts Mason with a magic trick so that he doesn't notice he's drawing blood. Mason is amazed.

Sam walks into Addison's office, asking her to choose a bedding. He wants a bedding that's theirs. He then confesses it's actually just a sale. Addison asks him if he'd leave her the minute she had a baby if she had a brain injury. She explains she's worried about her patient. She's not even pregnant herself. Sam asks if that was a possibility, but Addison hasn't started taking fertility drugs yet. Sam asks if she's worried he's gonna leave her. She says no and says she chooses green.

Cooper enters Charlotte's office to tell her something that could potentially make her angry, but it could also be great. It's gonna change things. She tells him to say it already. He tells her about Mason and Erica. Charlotte wonders why he trusts Erica, since they were only together one night. Cooper says he does because Mason is like a mini Cooper. She wants him to take a paternity test.

Violet wants to talk to Sheldon. She resents the very public implication that she can't be impartial with her patients. He admits that was rude, but he also wants to discuss the implication he would assert to his patient what he should or shouldn't do with regard to his marriage. Violet asks if he's ever thought that maybe Zach told him because he finds it easier to talk to a man. Violet says the couple came to her for infertility and they never gave up on each other. They were truly in love and Sheldon never saw that. Sheldon says he read her very sparse notes. Violet says she's updating her notes, as she couldn't know he'd be taking over for her. Pete walks by and tells Sheldon to just keep walking, because Violet is like a dog with a bone. Sheldon tells Violet it can't be easy to be the target of Pete's anger. Violet says Zach doesn't want to leave. Sheldon says Zach is his patient now and walks off.

Cooper enters the kitchen and tells the men a scenario where a woman tells a man he has a child.

The women are gathered elsewhere, with Addison and Amelia talking about risks for Jodi during the delivery. Amelia should be in there. They both get a text about Cooper's news and turn to Charlotte. Charlotte says no as Violet comes running in. She thinks Cooper's gonna be a great dad, but Charlotte says that's a stupid thing to say.

Cooper is telling the men more about Mason.

Charlotte says she doesn't believe Erica only slept with him. Addison wonders how it's going to work. Violet asks Charlotte if it'd kill her to be a mommy. Amelia thinks it might kill the kid. Charlotte tells them to slow down as she wants a paternity test.

Cooper, meanwhile, totally sees similarities between him and Mason and he's convinced he's Mason's father. Cooper says she also didn't forget his name while they only did it once. That's got to mean something.

Sam walks into Charlotte's office, where Charlotte is shredding a paper. He gets how she's feeling. Mason could end up to become a part of her life, even though she didn't ask for him. He tells her she has a choice. She says she made that months ago when she married Cooper. That means taking everything that comes, together.

Cooper is talking to Violet about how Mason is. Cooper is really excited. Violet suggests he take the paternity test so he knows for sure. Cooper says he has no biological family, but when he looks at Mason he sees his biological son. Cooper knows blood doesn't matter as he has an amazing family. Violet understands he needs to think Mason is his just a little while longer, in case he's not.

Amelia is having coffee with Sheldon. She's 3 days sober. She notices he's keeping a secret. She tells him to let it out for once instead of letting them all put their stuff down on him. He says he wants to strangle Violet. Amelia jokes Pete might beat him to it. Violet is micromanaging and keeps bugging him about the case. Sheldon says she backed off, but he knows she's not done.

Jake finds Addison struggling to cut a bagel in the kitchen. He helps her out and they're laughing as Violet walks in. Jake walks off and Addison notices Violet's look, then assures her it's nothing between her and Jake. Violet says she's about to overstep. Addison quickly guesses she thinks she's crazy to compartmentalize the baby and Sam, but Violet wanted to talk about Zach and Jodi. She thinks Zach is making a mistake, but the law prohibits her from telling him that. She wants Addison to convince Zach to stay with Jodi.

Addison is at Zach and Jodi's home, where there are pads everywhere. They drove him crazy before the accident but now they're helpful. Jodi is sitting outside as Addison says he's helpful too. She asks if there's any way he doesn't have to leave completely. She says you never know what you sign up for you, but that doesn't mean you don't have to stick around. As Jodi comes in, he shows her what staying looks like. Zach tells Jodi she's pregnant, which makes her happy, but he immediately adds he's leaving her and taking the baby. She says she can't live without him. Zach turns to Addison, stating this is what it's like every day. He then repeats the process. Addison tells him to stop. Zach says he hates who he has become, because he hates his wife. He wants the kid to have a normal life, but that can't with Jodi. He can't take care of them both. Addison says he has to stop, because the woman he loves is still in there. Suddenly Jodi's water breaks. Addison says it's going to be okay and introduces herself yet again.

Jodi is about to give birth at the hospital with Addison and Amelia. Violet comes in. Jodi recognizes her and asks about Zach. She says he'll be there very soon. Violet tells her what's going on and who Addison is. Addison tells Jodi to push, but it hurts too much. Her heart rate drops, which Amelia says is a Cushing reflex. It's a sign that there's a critical rise in her ICP. Jodi again asks about Zach. Addison tells Violet she tried to talk to Zach, but he's made up his mind. He came to the hospital, but she hasn't seen him since. Violet tells Addison to go and get him in here, because Jodi needs him. Since she's not a therapist, she doesn't have to hold back.

Erica and Cooper are bringing lunch to the table where Mason is waiting. Erica tells him she doesn't want Mason to find out yet, so he has to pretend he's just Mason's doctor. They arrive at the table and Erica pretends she bumped into Cooper. Mason says he gets junk food because he let Cooper take his blood. He asks why Cooper is here. Cooper says he loves junk food. Mason tells his mother that even doctors eat junk food, but Cooper says he doesn't eat it often. Mason asks what flavors he got for the milkshakes. Cooper says chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. Mason wants the strawberry, which is also Cooper's favorite. Mason dips a french fry in his milkshake and enjoys it. Cooper smiles.

Cooper enters Charlotte's office and tells her that Mason also dips his fries in his milkshake, and his favorite taste is also strawberry. Cooper says only his kid would choose strawberry over chocolate and vanilla. Cooper says he'll go to the toy store as Erica said he doesn't have a lot of toys. He asks what Charlotte thinks. She says whatever he thinks.

Addison finds Zach at the nurses station. She tells him his unlucky wife is about to give birth to his child. She's not gonna understands why it hurts so much. She'll be even more petrified and confused and alone. Zach says she's not alone as she and Violet are there. Addison says he's the only one who can make her feel like she's not alone. If he ever loved Jodi, he has to be there for her for the next 12 hours. Then he can go. Zach walks off.

Charlotte is waiting on a terrace when Erica arrives. She sits down with Charlotte. Erica asks what she wants to know. Charlotte wants to know why she didn't tell Cooper about Mason. Erica says they did it in her car. A month later, she realized she was pregnant. She was scared to call him and if she did call him and he wasn't the guy, they'd be stuck in each other's lives. Charlotte wonders why she showed up now. Erica says she's here for son. Charlotte asks how much. She wants to protect her husband. She writes a check for 20 grant and she'll give her more when she runs out as long as she stays away. Erica takes the check and Charlotte walks off.

Jake and Sam are playing basketball. Sam asks him what he can tell him about women on fertility drugs. Jake can't believe he's asking about IVF here, but says it can brutal on them. It can be worse than PMS crazy. It's hard to see that, especially if it's the woman you love. And when you don't want the child, Sam adds. Jake usually tells the dads that it'll be worth it when the baby comes, but he sees it doesn't help in this case.

Cooper is playing with a ball in the lobby as Charlotte arrives. Cooper, who sits down next to a bag of toys, says Erica was gonna bring Mason by. Charlotte says she maybe changed her mind. Cooper says lunch was great. He wonders if he should call, since she's 20 minutes late. Charlotte says Erica showed up after almost a decade, and wonders why Cooper thinks she's reliable. She admits she doesn't trust Erica and she doesn't want Cooper to get heart.

Jodi's blood pressure is dangerously high. Violet tries to calm her as Zach walks in. Zach tells her she's having a baby. She needs to push. Jodi says it hurts. Zach tells her how they met and tells her to look him into his eyes. They me at the restaurant but he was too scared to ask her out. She came to the restaurant every week for two months and sat in his section, and on the busiest night of the year, she asked him out. Her blood pressure is coming down and her heart rate normalizes. Addison needs her to push. Zach tells Jodi they're having a baby, so she needs to push. Before the last big push, Zach tells Addison they need to show Jodi the baby right away so she doesn't forget. Addison delivers the baby and quickly hands him over to Jodi. Zach tells her she did it and that he loves her. They kiss. Jodi says it's a beautiful baby and asks whose it is.

Pete tells Sheldon he keeps wondering if his relationship with Violet was ever good. She can't stop shrinking him or what phase he's in. He says those are defense mechanisms, which she has the right to use these days. They see Violet sitting in the hallway and she explains she came to support Jodi as she needed a familiar face. Sheldon says she's on a very thin line. She says she had to be on that line since he convinced Zach to leave. Pete says it's not her patient. Violet says this is not his argument as he's not a therapist, and if he does have to have an opinion, he can try to side with her for once because he's her damn husband. She tells him to be her husband for a minute and takes his side. "Wow, who's in the anger phase now?" Pete says and walks off. Violet sits down and breaks down. Sheldon sits down with her and says he understands it's hard. Violet says it's impossible. It's like Pete hates her and she can't breathe. She wonders what he's saying to Pete. Sheldon says he can't break confidence so she has to stop asking him. He thinks it was great of her to hold Jodi's hand.

Erica walks into Cooper's office. He's glad to see her as he thought she had bailed. She says she thought about it. Cooper says he understands she's trying to protect Mason, but he thinks he deserves a chance. She thought he did too, until she met his wife. He shows her the check. Erica says she's not a whore, so he can't buy her off. The fact that he sent his wife to do the dirty work makes her even more angry. Cooper says he had nothing to do with this. He promises he'll never hurt Mason. Erica says he better not.

Zach is holding his son as he's sitting by Jodi's bedside. Addison comes in. Zach tells her he couldn't come in there when she was in labor because afterwards, he'd have to take the baby and leave her. Addison asks if he's not leaving. Zach says he doesn't know. He loves Jodi. Maybe Addison was right. Addison confesses she's beginning to think she wasn't. She just needed a happy ending. Zach thought it'd be easier to leave after the baby came, but he and Jodi made him. Now he gets to introduce them to each other. He'll just have to keep doing it over and over. Addison asks what he's going to do. Zach says he'll stay until he can't anymore.

Cooper angrily enters Charlotte's office to confront. Charlotte explains she had to be the adult here. Cooper says Erica gave the check back. Charlotte thinks she did because she knew he'd give her everything without taking the test. Cooper asks if Charlotte's jealous because Erica gave him something that Charlotte won't. Cooper says he's excited about being a father, but he loved her enough to put them off. She may have married an idiot, but he married a miserable bitch. He storms out.

Sheldon enters Pete's office and tells him he's being an ass to Violet. When she finally stops shrinking him, he still walks away. He's burning down Lucas's happy home. Pete says he doesn't know how to stop. He feels like he hates her. Sheldon says he has a lot of anger, but he has to search a new thing to direct it at. Violet surely is flawed, but she's not his enemy, nor his mother, and if he drives her away and breaks Lucas's home, Sheldon isn't sure Pete will ever make it back. He adds Pete needs to get a therapist. He does want to hear about Pete's problems, but he wants to be able to talk back like a friend, because Pete's gonna need one of those. Sheldon tells him to go home to his wife and make himself remember the things he loves about her.

Addison wants to ask Jake something as a male friend. She has other male friends, but given what Jake does, he can give her a male perspective but also understand the female part of it. She wants to say things to him that she hasn't even said to Sam and that feels weird because she doesn't know anything about him. Jake says he can tell her. He tells her about his family. His mother died and his father ran off, so he had put off college and work three jobs to care for his 3 sisters. At one point, he even sold sperm. He had a free ride to college and put himself through college. There's been a lot of women, but he's only been in love once. Addison now asks if Sam's gonna leave her when she goes crazy on hormones. Jake says this is just her asking how Sam's gonna take it. Jake says he's always seemed like a stand up guy to him. Addison smiles and leaves. Jake says her instinct is probably a better indication than any guess he can make. Addison thanks him.

Pete comes home. Violet is reading a magazine on the couch. He sits down next to her and says he likes her haircut. She thanks him and says it's easier to handle. Pete has to gather his words, but ultimately just goes off to bed. She wishes him a good night.

Charlotte comes home and tells Cooper she did the paternity test. She had Mason's blood and take his toothbrush. He was right. Mason is his. She lets him be.

Addison climbs into bed next to Sam. He puts down his book and lies down, facing Addison. She says she's worried he's gonna leave her when she has a baby. He says he knows she is and kisses her.

Addison tells her therapist that when she was younger, she thought the princess chose the tiger because who wants to see the love of their life spend their life with another woman? Honestly, Addison herself has been there and it's too cruel. Her therapist asks what she thinks now. Now, Addison likes to think the princess chose the lady. She's starting to think that love may mean wanting the other person to be happy, even if that means they can't be with you.


Main Cast[]

Guest Stars[]


Medical Notes[]

Addison Forbes Montgomery[]

  • Diagnosis:
  • Doctors:
    • Therapist
  • Treatment:
    • Talk therapy

Addison talked to her therapist about The Lady and the Tiger and what choice she thought she would make.


  • Diagnosis:
    • Anterograde amnesia
    • Pregnancy
  • Treatment:
    • Prenatal care
    • Vaginal delivery

Jodi had been in a car accident and sustained a brain injury that left her unable to form new memories. She was pregnant, but learned about it after the accident, so she had to be constantly reminded about it. Because of this, they scheduled a c-section because there was a danger of fluid build-up during labor causing additional brain damage. Jodi went into labor before her scheduled c-section date and while she was pushing, showed signs of increased ICP. They had to continue reminding her that she was in labor to get her to push. She successfully delivered her baby.


  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:
    • Talk therapy

Zach spoke to Sheldon about his wife's memory loss and his guilt over wishing she'd died in the accident. He also spoke to Sheldon about his decision to take the baby and leave Jodi after the baby was born. After the baby was born, Zach decided to stay, saying he'd stay until he couldn't anymore.

Mason Warner[]

  • Diagnosis:
  • Treatment:
    • Checkup

Mason, 8, met Cooper under the guise of of having a checkup. Cooper drew some blood to run some tests since it had been a while since his last checkup.


Song Performer Scene
"Civilian" Wye Oak
  • In therapy, Addison talks about the story of the lady and the tiger.
  • Addison does an ultrasound on Jodi.
  • Zach talks to Sheldon about Jodi's memory loss.
"Already Yours" Bahamas
  • Cooper tells Violet about Mason. He needs Mason to be his kid.
  • Amelia listens to Sheldon's frustrations about Violet.
"Move a Little Faster" Dionne Bromfield
  • Sam and Jake play basketball. Sam wants to know about women on fertility drugs.
"Emphasis" Sleeping at Last
  • Sheldon says Violet did good with Jodi.
  • An angry Erica tells Cooper about Charlotte's check. Cooper assures her he had nothing to do with it.
  • Zach decides to stay with Jodi until he can't anymore.
  • Cooper is angry at Charlotte about the check and wonders why Charlotte is trying to ruin it for him.
"Wires" Sleeping at Last
  • Jake tells Addison about his past. Addison wonders if Sam is going to leave her. Jake advises her to listen to her instincts.
  • Pete and Violet communicate.
  • Charlotte did the paternity test and confirms that Mason is Cooper's son.
  • Addison confesses to Sam she's worried he'll leave her.
  • Addison used to think the princess chose the tiger, but now she thinks she chose the lady. Love might mean having to accept a person can't be with you.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • This episode scored 6.38 million viewers.


Episode Stills[]


Pete: You just got to keep on walking, Sheldon.
Violet: Excuse me?
Pete: You know what I'm saying? She's like a dog with a bone. She won't stop, so at some point, you've just got to keep on walking.

Charlotte: Erica is a gold digger.
Cooper: She gave the check back!
Charlotte: Because she knew you'd be ready to give her everything without taking the test.
Cooper: Is that it? Are you jealous that Erica gave me something that you won't? Is that why you're trying to ruin this for me? Yeah, Charlotte, you married an idiot. A man who's excited about the idea of being a father, a man who loves kids more than anything, but who loved you enough to wait, to put it off. Yeah, you married an idiot. I married a miserable bitch.

Addison: I'm starting to think that love might mean wanting the other person to be happy, even if that means that they can't stay with you.

Cooper: The minute I saw him, I knew. I mean, he's a Mini Cooper.

Charlotte: I did the paternity test. You took Mason's blood, so I took your toothbrush to my lab. You were right. He's your son, Coop. You're a dad.

Addison: She is alone, okay? The whole hospital could be there, and she'd still be alone, because there's only one person who can make her not feel alone. There's only one person who can calm her down, and that is you. So if you ever loved Jodi, for the next 12 hours, be the man you promised her to be. Be there for her.

Addison: Is Sam gonna leave me if I go crazy on hormones?
Jake: Look, I can tell you what it's like for a man on the other end of that, I can also tell you what it's like for a woman. But what you're asking me is, how is Sam going to take it? Here's what I know about Sam. He's, uh, he's fast, got a pretty decent jump shot, not a great rebounder. And he's always seemed like a stand-up guy to me.
Addison: Okay.
Jake: Hey, Addison. What you're asking, your instinct is probably going to be a better guide than any guess I could make.

Jake: I am the oldest of four, three sisters. Father left when I was 9. Mother died when I was 18. College had to wait because I didn't want to split up my family. So I worked three jobs: bike courier, bellman, short-order cook. At one point, I even sold my sperm. Probably not a genius move, given Cooper's current predicament, but I did what I had to do. I had a free ride to college, put myself through med school. There have been a lot of women, but I've really only been in love once. So now you know me.

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