Drew is the reverend who assisted April Kepner and Matthew Taylor in their wedding preparation.


Compatibility TestEdit

Prior to their wedding, April and Matthew took a compatibility test, on which they scored 90%. Drew told them that if he hadn't known them, he would've thought that they cheated. ("Two Against One")

Marrying April and MatthewEdit

Drew was the reverend to officiate April and Matthew's wedding. He said that there was no greater example of God's power than the love between us and that April and Matthew were committing their love to each other before God and before all of the guests. He asked the guests to pray, and after a little interruption by Derek's phone, he asked God to give the couple the strength to commit their love to one another, unshakable through any storm and unbreakable in the face of any stress. "A promise, we simply refuse to break. And you, April and Matthew's closest friends and family, are here today to bear witness to their union. Will you promise to love and support their marriage in all the days to come?" he continued, asking them to respond "We will". Everyone except Jackson said this, and Drew continued the ceremony, until Jackson stood up. However, Jackson sat back down and a bit confused, Drew continued the ceremony until Jackson stood up again and confessed his love for April, leaving Drew and all the other guests speechless. ("Get Up, Stand Up")



April Kepner and Matthew TaylorEdit

By assisting them with the preparation for their wedding, Drew developed a relatively close relationship with April and Matthew. He knows them quite well, as he was sure that they didn't cheat on the compatibility test, while their score might have implied otherwise.


Drew is a reverend. Among other things, he does premarital counseling for engaged couples.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • The name of the character was based on Charles Drew (Sarah Drew's real life father), who's a reverend in real life.



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