Rhada Douglas is the mother of Heather Douglas.


Rhada came into the hospital with her daughter, who had severe scoliosis due to VATER Syndrome. When the doctors proposed an experimental surgery to correct the spine curvature, Rhada was reluctant because it could cause paralysis if it didn't work, but agreed because Heather wanted the surgery. The surgery was scheduled, but had to be cancelled when the insurance company said they wouldn't pay for it. ("Six Days, Part 1")

The surgery was rescheduled when an anonymous donor offered to pay for Heather's medical costs. The surgery was successful and afterward, Heather was able to stand up and walk with a walker. ("Six Days, Part 2")



Her daughter, Heather, was born with VATER Syndrome.

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  • While waiting for her daughter to wake up after surgery, she spoke to Louise O'Malley in the waiting room.[1]



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