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Rick is a man who was injured in the ferry crash while attempting to save others.


Rick and his friends were in the ferry crash together. They attempted to get out, but Rick went back, figuring he could help people. While he was attempting to help, he was hit by a car on the ferry and crushed, trapping him. His friend, Vince, went to get help and brought back Izzie Stevens. Vince and Greg helped Izzie tend to Rick as best they could. She suggested that reducing his arm fracture might help with the pain, so she reduced it in the field. Izzie then sent Greg to go find Search and Rescue, but he came back alone because they were backed up. Rick started seizing and had a blown pupil, so Vince said she needed to figure out something to do for him out there because it was clear he wasn't getting out anytime soon. ("Walk on Water")

When Izzie said she couldn't think of anything else to do and admitted she was out of practice, Vince pointed out that she'd stopped the bleeding. He said he believed in Rick and begged her not to stop. She then asked for a phone so she could call the hospital. She called Richard Webber and described the situation to him. He said she needed to drill burr holes. He got a copy of a neurosurgery book and consulted with Mark Sloan in order to talk her through drilling burr holes. She drilled the holes and evacuated a clot. She then packed the holes and prepared to have Rick extracted. Rick then opened his eyes.

Rick was taken to the hospital and into surgery to have a craniotomy. ("Drowning on Dry Land")



He has five kids.


Vince says Rick is his best friend. ("Walk on Water")


He's a mechanic. He and Vince ride to work together.