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Arizona accepts Nicole's offer to found the Center.

The Robbins-Herman Center for Women's Health is a health center founded by Drs. Arizona Robbins and Nicole Herman that focuses on the health of women and babies, particularly fetal surgery.



After discovering how much good she could do by teaching fetal surgery to other surgeons, Nicole dedicated her life to it. She started traveling around the world to teach. Eventually, she was awarded a grant from HHS. When a persistent headache led to her seeking out Amelia Shepherd's help, she insisted on reconnecting with Arizona, whom she hadn't talked to since leaving the hospital. She had followed Arizona's impressive track record as a fetal surgeon, which she stated was the reason she dedicated herself to teaching. Arizona was looking to move to New York and had to return to pediatric surgery because of it, but Nicole refused to let that happen. She then presented Arizona with her idea to found a health center dedicated to women's health using the grant money. She would teach fetal surgery to surgeons while Arizona could actually do the surgeries. Nicole agreed to create it in New York, leading to Arizona happily accepting the offer.

Arizona's Maternal Mortality Prevention Program[]

As developed by Arizona for the Grey Sloan Surgical Innovation Contest, Nicole planned to make Arizona's cart a nation-wide feature on every delivery floor.


Notes and Trivia[]

  • Nicole originally wanted to name it the Herman-Robbins Center but felt that made it sound like they were a man.