Robert Anderson was in a car accident with his mother, wife, and three children.


Car AccidentEdit

On their way to go camping, their family's van hit an ambulance that was pulled over on the side of the road. ("Dark Was the Night")

When Meredith and Alex began to tend to the family, he was conscious and alerted them that there was another kid unaccounted for. Alex continued to work on Robert while Meredith went in search of Michael.

He was taken to the ER, where Callie determined that his pelvis was crushed. He was then taken into surgery. He survived the surgery, but afterward, he kept coding. When his daughter was informed that he was taking longer to get back each time and his organs were starting to fail, she signed the papers allowing them to withdraw care and she sat with him while he died. ("Suddenly")



He was married to Jessica Anderson. They had three children together.


He and his family were taking a camping trip together when they were in an accident. He, his wife, and his mother died of their injuries, but his three children, despite being injured, were expected to make full recoveries. He felt guilty about making his family come, particularly Lily, who wanted to spend her birthday with friends.




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