Robert Avery is the estranged father of Jackson Avery.


Jackson located his father in Bozeman, Montana and went to find him while in Montana for a case. Robert didn't recognize him and simply asked if he was okay and gave him a free beer for being a new customer. Jackson proceeded to get drunk and when April came to find Jackson, she learned who he was.

Jackson went back to the diner the next night and told Robert who he was. Robert invited him inside to talk and had him try a coffee he had blended himself, which Jackson agreed was good. He then asked Jackson if he was happy. Jackson said he was and Robert said he was as well. When he told Jackson he left because he couldn't handle Catherine's expectations, Jackson left in anger.

The next day, Jackson went to Robert to say goodbye and tell him Robert wasn't his father anymore.



He was married to Catherine Fox. They first met at an annual gala for the Foundation. She ignored him half the night just to spite him.


He had a son, Jackson, with Catherine. When they divorced, he tried and failed to get sole custody of Jackson. After that, he had no contact with Jackson. When Jackson found Robert after years of estrangement, Jackson told Robert that he was not his father anymore.

As implied by Harper Avery himself, Harper wasn't a big fan of his son divorcing Catherine and abandoning his son. They were likely not on speaking terms as Harper closely worked with Catherine and Jackson, so Robert might not know of his father's passing.


He completed medical training and practiced as a surgeon until the pressure got to him and he walked away from medicine and his family. He moved to Montana and bought a diner called Jefferson Grill.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • He plays golf on the weekends.
  • A deleted scene from Roar shows Jackson telling Bailey about his father being appointed Chief of a hospital by Catherine. He mismanaged the hospital, losing millions of dollars and causing a lot of people to lose their jobs. Afterwards, he ran off and left her to raise Jackson by herself.


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