Robert Fischer was a patient at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital who came in with a broken arm after being hit by a car.


Cat SurgeriesEdit

Robert was dissatisfied with who he was, so in order to change that, he began to have surgeries to look like a cat.

While his arm was being examined at the hospital, he told the doctors that the eyes were contacts, the teeth were permanent veneers, and the whiskers were piercings. In addition to those modifications, he had elaborate facial and bodily tattooing, a split upper lip, pointed ears, and claw-like fingernails.

Car AccidentEdit

Robert was hit by a car while walking along the sidewalk. A driver, distracted by his appearance, ran a red light and caused a pile up, which resulted in one of the cars jumping the curb and hitting him. The doctors examining him were shocked by his appearance. In addition to the arm fracture, he complained of abdominal tenderness, so they used a CT to rule out internal injuries before using suspension to reduce his arm fracture and splinting it.

After his arm had been splinted, he went to check on the little girl who was also in the accident and had hit her head. She was sleeping when he went in and he apologized to her for causing the accident and said that she needed to get better. The little girl suddenly woke, causing him to panic. The little girl screamed and as he tried to leave, Arizona Robbins questioned what he was doing in the girl’s room, but when she saw his face, she also screamed and he ended up moving his injured arm extensively.

X-rays revealed that the bone was still aligned and therefore, he probably hadn’t done any additional damage. While he was being re-evaluated, he expressed regret about his body modifications and said that people have been really hurtful about it. Until that day, he hadn’t left his house in a year and a half.

Since he had no money to undo the modifications, Stephanie Edwards got Jackson Avery to agree to do the reversal pro bono.



Robert said he had a girlfriend when he started the modifications and she liked it. But then their relationship ended. He said that, “The cat man gets his fair share of tail.” Then he later stated that the women who find his cat-like appearance attractive scare him.


Robert’s family questioned his decision to modify his body to look like a cat.


He stated that he has no friends.


He has worked from home in a data entry job for 16 years.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • It took 15 total surgeries to alter his appearance.