Roberta Colby is a lawyer hired to defend Pete.


Pete's Bail HearingEdit

Roberta was hired to defend Pete when he was on trial for murder. At his bail hearing, she tried to get him bail, but Evelyn Katz denied it when Pete said he wasn't sorry, to Roberta's frustration. He later cooperated and got bail and was able to go home to await his trial. ("Gone, Baby, Gone")

Pete's Preliminary HearingEdit

When Violet showed up at Pete's preliminary hearing, Roberta informed her that Pete hadn't shown up at her office like he said he would. By not showing up, his bail was forfeited and a warrant was issued for his arrest. Pete was later found dead. ("Aftershock")


She is a lawyer. She was hired to defend Pete Wilder when he was charged with the murder of Troy Davis.




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