Roberta Gibbs is a woman who believed she would die before getting a liver transplant.


Roberta was born with Wilson's disease. As a result, she'd had multiple chelation treatments and a TIPS procedure. She was waiting for a liver transplant. She was called to the hospital when a liver had become available, but due to a prior liver transplant falling through, she didn't believe she'd get it and was planning for her death. She wasn't surprised when they got the news that the liver had been redirected. However, Bailey then found out a patient who was a donor had suffered cardiac death only five minutes prior and was a match for Roberta. Desperate to save the liver, Bailey immediately started compressions and called for a reperfusion machine. They removed the liver from the donor and hooked it up to the machine and were able to restore function, giving them a healthy liver to transplant into Roberta. They called UNOS, who said it wasn't up to them. They then called the Organ Procurement Center, who said they'd get back to them. However, Alex said to shut it down. When the Center got back to them, Bailey revealed that she hadn't actually shut it down and she and Jo transplanted the liver into Roberta.



When her father died, she felt she had to write jokes for his eulogy to appease his friends. As a result, she wanted everyone at her funeral to be able to grieve her the way they needed to.


She and Denise are best friends. While she was hospitalized, she talked to Denise about what she wanted for her funeral if she didn't live.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She was 45 at the time of her liver transplant.
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