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The Rocket Explosion is an incident that led to the death of Rigo Vasquez.


Station 19 was called out for a possible aircraft crash. When they arrived, they found a gas station with a serious gas leak. Across the street, there were multiple small fires. Maya had her team set up a containment boom to keep the gas out of the street while a few team members went across to deal with the fires.

The emergency shut off was broken and a fuel tank was parked at the gas station with no driver, so they called out to the driver, but got no response. Maya sent Vic to find the driver, but before she could locate the driver, some stray sparks ignited the gasoline. Maya ordered them to spray foam over the fire. Travis said they should evacuate and let it burn itself out because the tanker could blow if it got over 500°. Maya said the tanks underground would take out the whole block, so she monitored the temperature of the truck with a thermal camera while they sprayed foam, while patients across at the food truck were treated for minor injuries.

Since they were unable to shut off the gas valve, Vic had the idea to go up to the pump and clamp off the gas. Travis said it would cause flashover when her steps exposed the gas to the air, but Maya okayed the plan. Travis followed Vic with a hose, filling in each spot as soon as she took a step. She clamped off the gas and then walked back, but she slipped and the gas re-ignited. She ran to safety as Travis sprayed her with the foam to put her out.

Over at the food truck area, Andy noticed a bit of debris that didn't look like it was from a plane. She realized it was a rocket. She tried to warn Jack, but he ignored her over the radio. They noticed Rigo running to spray a gas leak, and they tried to warn him not to because it was liquid oxygen. Jack pulled him back and he dropped the fire extinguisher, causing an explosion that threw them both back and eviscerated Rigo. He was taken into the PRT where Ben used REBOA to stabilize him and then he was taken to the hospital. Maya called in HazMat to deal with the rocket. ("Satellite of Love")

At the hospital, Rigo had surgery and then was sent to the ICU, where he was stable. He later came off the ventilator. ("Born to Run")

Because he was responsible for Rigo's accident as the owner of the rocket, Griffin Ford offered to cover all his medical expenses. ("Life on Mars?")

On the day Rigo was set to be released from the hospital, he threw a pulmonary embolism and died. ("Poor Wandering One")

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