Roxie Meyers was a patient at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital who had excess skin removed after an extreme weight loss.


Weight LossEdit

Roxie lost a total of 117 pounds two years before her hospitalization.

Skin RemovalEdit

Due to her extreme weight loss, Roxie was left with excess skin in her abdomen. She was embarrassed by it and wouldn't even let her fiancé stay in the room when she had to remove her robe so they could mark her incision points. She had also developed an umbilical hernia. The two procedures were combined into one operation. After surgery, she was able to get a sneak peek at her new abdomen and she and her fiancé were both pleased by the results.



She was engaged to Frank Myers. They had been together for two years and hadn't had sex because she cringed whenever he'd grab her abdomen. As such, she was eager to know how long after surgery she'd have to wait before they could have sex.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She was 30 at the time of her hospitalization.
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