Ruby called into the hospital and gave medical care to her mother as instructed by Grey Sloan Memorial hospital doctors over the phone.


Ruby and her mother went out to their cabin for a trip. After they arrived, her mom was on a chair getting hot chocolate from a cabinet when the earthquake hit and her mom fell off the chair and hit her head. Ruby tried calling 911, but they were busy, so she called the hospital instead. Owen picked up the phone and accessed her mother's status over the phone. She wasn't breathing well, so he had Ruby open her mouth to remove a potential obstruction, but there was nothing. Then she did the Heimlich, which she'd seen on TV, but that also didn't help. Owen then wanted her to tilt her mom's head back to try to re-establish breathing, but Amelia objected, saying Ruby could paralyze her mom doing that. When they determined there was no other option, they instructed Ruby to tilt her mom's head. It opened her airway, but she was still in distress. Over the phone, they diagnosed a tension pneumothorax by having Ruby listen for breath sounds on both sides of her chest and then they talked Ruby through using a skewer and a straw to place a thoracostomy.

After Ruby did that, her mom started breathing for a moment before stopping again. Ruby checked for a pulse and didn't find one, so they instructed Ruby on how to perform CPR. To keep the beat when Ruby said she was getting tired, the doctors sang "Stayin' Alive" and got her to sing along. At this point, they triangulated the cell signal and located Ruby and her mom and sent a helicopter to get them. Ruby knew the battery on the phone was low, so they told her to keep doing chest compressions and singing the song until help arrived and then use their phone to call them back. Shortly after that, the battery died and the line went dead.

The doctors then waited for Ruby and her mom to arrive at the hospital. Upon arrival, Ruby's mom was taken directly into surgery while Ruby waited, worried that she had done something wrong and hurt her mother. Amelia said she had a subdural hematoma, which she fixed in surgery. Ruby was then told that her mother would be okay.

After surgery, her mom woke up and Ruby was talking to her.



Ruby seems close with her mom. When her mother was injured falling off a chair, she got medical advice from doctors over the phone and spent hours trying to save her mom's life.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She was 11 years old at the time of the earthquake and her mother was 44.
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