Ruby Taylor is the daughter of Matthew and Karin Taylor.



Ruby was diagnosed in utero with coarctation of the aorta, so her mom's pregnancy was monitored by Arizona Robbins. Ruby was then born at 37 weeks after her mom had a quick and early labor. She was taken to the NICU after birth, where a heart workup showed no troubles. Her father was able to hold her after her mother died of complications of her birth. ("Personal Jesus")

Failure to ThriveEdit

Matthew brought Ruby back to the hospital when she had trouble eating and was vomiting. Arizona examined her and suspected it had something to do with her heart, but before she could run more tests, Matthew admitted that he was uncomfortable with her as Ruby's doctor, so she handed Ruby off to Owen. Owen examined her, but April went to him with a suspicion that it wasn't her heart and was actually something intestinal instead. Ruby was diagnosed with pyloric stenosis, which was easily corrected with surgery. ("Beautiful Dreamer")



Her mother died the day she was born. ("Personal Jesus")

She stays with her grandmother while her father works. ("Beautiful Dreamer")

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • She was six pounds, seven ounces at birth.[1]





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