Samuel Linden is a man who came into the ER claiming he'd accidentally shot himself in the head.

History[edit | edit source]

Samuel came into the ER saying he had accidentally shot himself in the head. But because he was sitting up and reading, the doctors didn't quite believe him. He said he pulled the trigger while cleaning his gun.

They ran a CT and found the bullet. They planned surgery to repair the torn dura and also said they wanted to call a psych consult, but both Samuel and his wife, Fara, said it wasn't necessary.

The doctors then overheard them arguing and heard Fara admit that she had actually been the one to shoot him. He'd cheated on her and she was drunk. She came in while he was cleaning his guns and she took one and shot him.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Romantic[edit | edit source]

He's been married to Fara Linden for 21 years. He cheated on her, which resulted in her taking one of his guns and shooting him.

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