Sanjay Roy is the brother of Vikram Roy.


After his brother was fired for lying about ingesting a pot cookie and then attempting to treat a patient while high, Sanjay represented him in a wrongful termination suit against the hospital in an attempt to get him re-hired. ("Bad Reputation")

At a meeting, Sanjay said Vik wanted to return to work immediately, with pay for the weeks he missed and a formal apology from Bailey. Bailey agreed to consider it and ended the meeting. At a subsequent meeting, Bailey told him he was lucky to have the experience of learning from the doctors at Grey Sloan. She agreed to hire him back with a one-year probationary period. If he didn't screw that up, she'd make him an amazing surgeon. He accepted the apology. ("Fight For Your Mind")



When his brother was fired, Sanjay represented him as he sued the hospital.


He is a lawyer.




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